PlayStation 4 is Awesome

Greatness is here! Let’s bust this baby open and suck on the sweet sweet game juice inside!

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SpinalRemains1381773d ago

Yes. Yes it is.

It is the sweetest machine I have ever played.. Best controller hands down. The Xbox controller used to be the king by consensus, but dualshock 4 is the new standard.

GarrusVakarian1773d ago

Looking forward to the many years of awesome PS exclusives. If the PS3 is anything to go by, we are in for a right treat.

voodoogts1773d ago

Playing online is horrible. I get nothing but drop connection. Anyone have issues playing BF4 and KZ?

I also notice after five of boot my PS4 fan screams and runs hot. It has reset on me a few times!

JoGam1773d ago

Battlefield 4 yes. Killzone no. Delete Battlefield and reinstall. Problem fixed.

thorstein1773d ago

Ignore this troll. His comment history says it all: "Slavestation 4 for the lose"

"Slavestation. Delayness awaits."

Sorry, voodoogts, but on N4G, anyone can read your comments.

OsirisBlack1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

not having any issues playing online and I am on BF4 constantly. Also about the fan issues I have had no such issues lay the console down flat if you are standing it up. Where is your system? Everyone keeps posting about heating issues and loud fans when I literally played BF4 for 8 hours and the machine was still cool .... Is there that much disparity between systems?

Edited to add: I am not using the WiFi though so that may be the difference in connection.

CaEsAr-1773d ago

Are you talking about your old PC? Cuz you don't own a PS4.

amiga-man1773d ago

voodoogts your comment history says everything we need to know about you, it's sad people like you exist in gaming.

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WeAreLegion1773d ago

It's so fast! And have you SEEN Killzone?

fpshooter21773d ago

I agree this thing is ridiculously fast. Tapping the PS button on the controller to jump back and forth is just awesome. Works better than i thought it would.

josephayal1773d ago

Super awesome I've met a lot of great guys on my PS4 (Secondary Processor & 2Gb %10+ %60 more raw power)

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