Kojima on MGSV storytelling and acting: Snake is not the same person anymore

Hideo Kojima talks about Kiefer Sutherland, characters and cutscenes, and how MGSV will use new ways to tell a story.

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CocoWolfie1770d ago

ive said this in a previous article but i think keifer isnt that great :/ if snakes not the same person it might be due to his acting but this is just from what ive seen so far so he could still surprise us :p

Blacktric1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

In all the promotinal material released so far, he comes off as a flat line. I seriously hope the voice ends up sounding better in the final game.

blind-reaper1770d ago

Kojima is just bullshittin, this is a just a marketing strategy "Let's go big by using a big name actor as Snake's voice".

Maldread1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Yeah i think that`s the reason as well. Maybe they want Keifer to star as Snake in the upcoming movie, and why not use him i MGS5 then.

I got to say it sounds weird to hear him as Snake. I don`t Jack Bauer god damnit. I want Snaaaakkkkeeee!!! Keifer just sounds like a cheap knock-off so far.

I actually think i`ll pass on the game because of the voice change. It would just ruin the experience for me unfortunately :(

Imalwaysright1770d ago

"I actually think i`ll pass on the game because of the voice change. It would just ruin the experience for me unfortunately :("

That is because you're a Hayter fan, not a MGS fan.

blind-reaper1770d ago

I won't pass on the game, but I will admit I'm not as hyped as I was with previous Metal Gears.

Maldread1769d ago

Imalwaysright, great you again. I don`t know if you realise this - but it is actually possible to not like stuff Kojima does. Not everything he says or does is right for the series. Raiden cough cough.

I`ve played every single MGS game since MGS1, so please don`t say i`m not a fan. That`s just rediculous. The only time i care about Hayter is as Snake, bacuase that`s how the character is supposed to sound like. Imagine them changing up Darth Vader`s voice before one of the films came out and how cool that would be.

I think a fan has the right to say when he feels something`s wrong with the series he likes. How bad George Lucas new Star Wars films are and how he butchered the old ones, or how the Resident Evil-series is turning out, for example.

blind-reaper, yeah that`s kind of how i`m feeling too. I`m not saying i won`t get it, but hearing Keifers voice would irritate me through the entire game, so i`m very unsure at the moment. Hope it ends up as a great game though :)

Imalwaysright1769d ago

Oh yeah the voice of a character is really the most important part of a game especially in games with as much quality as the MGS ones. It is mindboggling to me that someone that calls himself a MGS fan is reducing the greatness of the series to a voice actor as if the overall quality of MSGS was riding on Hayter's voice. What about the story, the characters, the production values, the gameplay, the musical score and the detail that Kojima and his team puts in their games?

If you're reducing the quality of MGS to a voice actor to the point that you don't want to play MGS 5 I can't help but to question the reason why you played the MGS series in the 1st place. Sure it may suck to not have Hayter voicing snake and that is ok and understandable but what I don't understand is people that call themselves MGS fans questioning Kojima's talent and reducing the quality of his games down to a voice actor.

Maldread1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

No, the overall quality of MGS isn`t riding on David Hayter. But in a game that`s so storydriven as the MGS-games the Snake character is. For many he is the very reason why people play the games. I mean why do you think so many people was pissed with MGS2?

It`s the same with other games (DMC, Cole in Infamous etc) and movies. I would say it`s esspecially important with such an iconic character as Snake. A big part of what makes him so cool and awesome is his voice. Without it he`s not the same character any more. Sure you can say it won`t matter because Kojima is writing the character and he`s Snake (as you claimed before). But the difference is that he won`t sound or act the same. When i hear Keifer it just sounds so wrong in my ears. For me he just isn`t Snake anymore. I think a lot of people feel the same way - which is why so many are against it.

I imagine i would feel the same way if they changed the voice actor from Uncharted too. Because the character is so important to the game.

"what I don't understand is people that call themselves MGS fans questioning Kojima's talent and reducing the quality of his games down to a voice actor".

No it`s not. But the thing is Kojima isn`t perfect. You seem to act like he can`t do anything wrong with the MGS-games, which is far from true. MSG2`s Patriots storyline and Raiden, and his cheap explanations for everything that happened in MGS4 (nanos), way too long cutscenes without meaning etc.

I think this is another mistake from him and it screams "let`s bring in a Hollywood actor to sell more". Kind of how the whole Quiet situation happend. Kind of how they`re splitting up the game in two to sell more? I think people should question Kojima`s decisions when they seem wrong. And i think the explainations we`ve gotten so far, just dosn`t sound right. Why should people speak up against that? To voice your concerns is important you know ;)

Imalwaysright1769d ago

"For many he is the very reason why people play the games."

Stopped reading right there. Like I said you're a Hayter fan, not a MGS fan. Instead of playing MGS you might just as well give Hayter a call to listen to his voice.

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Maldread1768d ago

You are just ignoring my post because it dosn`t fit with your definition of what a MGS-fan is? Grow up kid. Not everyone is blindly defending Kojima`s every choice, like you do. I`m very impressed you can`t come up with any other reason to why people are pissed about this, than that they`re Hayter fans.

Look at the other comments here and in other protests. Ohh, wait you dosn`t like it when people dosn`t have the same opinion as you.

People dosn`t like it because it ruins the Snake character. You know the character you controll and intract with through the entire game. Why do so many people start pertitions to change it? Why do people hate the new voice if he still seems like the same character? Because who Snake is damn important to the story and gameplay. I think MGS2 shows just how important he is to the overall enjoyment fans get from the MGS. Without the main character, it just dosn`t feel right. As is the case with this game.

feraldrgn1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I could see a few people having problems with that, but it's good to see these evolutions in games.
For example in TLOU, so many facial expressions that told us what they were experiencing, I often turned the camera round to watch Joel/Ellie's face while they listened/talked to their colleagues in game.

Similar to what Cage was talking about, I guess.
Understandable then, why Hayter was left out.

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