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Hundreds of PlayStation fans all lined up in the chilly weather, waiting for up to 20 hours, to get their hands on this much anticipated next generation gaming console and so far gamers have reported having a better gaming experience on different platforms.

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Belking1793d ago

Totally bogus review. It's not even a full review. All they did was mention stuff we already know. No hands on at all.

Ezz20131793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Belking when he see Sony article

PoSTedUP1793d ago

LOL! i laughed so hard im wide awake now. grrr... >_>

DivineAssault 1793d ago

Seems to be the case with all xb fans cuz they want to have something to debate against PS4 but cant find it.. Everyday theres great news for PS4 & luke warm xb1 info.. The fanboy war will end soon with sony being the undisputed king of home consoles..s

svoulis1793d ago



Totally bogus, that your opinion is a 9/10. WHY U DO DIS..

-_- Seriously is there a way to remove all bubbles?

On Topic.

I love my PS4, The controller is amazing Playing practically 6+ hours a session with no breaks, and no hand fatigue.

prodg521793d ago

I played Injustice for hours and had the same result. Controller feels amazing. To be able to play a fighting game this long is great!

Masterchief_KOK1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

the system is cool the games is nice expect for knack as much the fanboy wanna talk and trying to defend knack the game is trash. Is for the kids lbp, mario, skylanders spyro's adventure, harvest moon 3D & lego star wars III: the clone wars is for kids and all of them all much more fun as knack.

svoulis1793d ago

Just out of curiosity...

Have you even played Knack and if so, whats your PSN ID :D so I can add ya.

PS4isKing_821793d ago

You say knack is trash but so far it's been sold out in two or three diff stores I've been to over the weekend. Although personally, I just wish they would make a new jak and daxter.

Visiblemarc1793d ago

You know, I actually like Knack a lot. It's not what it seems to be at first though. It's actually more of an adult's game. I think some people getting it for young kids might be surprised that the combat requires strategy and is unforgiving.

I respect people's opinions and don't think everyone will love it, but I encouraging people to give a try for themselves, they might like it.

Hicken1793d ago

Geez, created a new account just for the PS4 launch, so you could troll without losing bubbles on your main, huh?

Masterchief_KOK1793d ago

@ svoulis I send that shit back to gamefly i been playing black light

ps4king sold out does not change the fact is boring and repetitive

kratos_TheGoat1793d ago

everybody look at his history he not trolling

svoulis1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


Hm wow gamefly..

Console comes out on a Friday (Thursday night if you go at midnight)
You get the game the same day and return it the day after?

Hmmmm last I checked mail doesn't go out on Sunday

That's gotta be some great service.... could be lying which is cool too. Just sayin it may not be your cup of tea but it's very similar to old games like Crash and Jak. Also LBP was by no means just for little kids.

EDIT: this guy has some infinite hatred for knack he's going around comparing every game to it. Lol that's funny

Themba761793d ago

actually i rented knack and played it for 8 hours straight yesterday and I have BF4, Killzone, AC4, rented NFS Rivals as well. and knack is not a bad game at all pretty tough actually.

thereapersson1793d ago

What I love about comments from people like Masterchief is that they make determining trolling behavior really easy. Thanks!


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raheelmushtaq1793d ago

PS4 is not selling just because it's a big brand. I've always been a fan of PS4 just because i like it better than other consoles and it's exclusive games are enough to buy it..!!! Waiting for Uncharted 4..!!!

classic191793d ago

agreed, sony exclusives is a notch up on the competitor in my opinion. i just don't buy new consoles on release day, i will have mines in march when infamous SS drops. that game looks dame good.

imrankapadia1793d ago

Well the comments here are quite bias according to me.
PS4 is selling like hot cakes.

fpshooter21793d ago

Im loving my ps4. Its cool how the whats new tab shows me everything so quickly. Ive been playing pretty much constantly since I got it home and havent had any problems.
I know its gonna get better from here out.