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Submitted by GodisaGeek 815d ago | opinion piece

Opinion: I Won't be Getting a Next-Gen Console at Launch and Neither Should You

Lee Garbutt: "Why get in on the ground floor and have to wait for new games, when you can wait a mere 6-9 months and have a lovely selection of games to choose from? On top of that, why even choose a system at launch? One system could have far better exclusives than the other, why not wait until some of those are announced before picking a horse?" (PS4, Xbox One)

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GribbleGrunger  +   815d ago
A million people didn't take notice of articles like this and neither should you. Buy the console, drive the market and help build a bigger games library. Articles like this are asking you to kill next gen support. Buy those consoles people, be it Wiiu, PS4 or X1.

If lots of people DO take notice of advice like this, expect follow up articles from the same sites telling us next gen has failed: 'Wait, don't buy yet!" then "Wait ... next gen consoles aren't selling?" Do you see how stupid this is?
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tdogchristy90  +   815d ago
To be fair it works both ways. For those that argue that we shouldn't be told not to buy a console are just as guilty for dictating we should. each to his own.
GribbleGrunger  +   815d ago
Where are my articles telling everyone on the internet to buy a console?
tdogchristy90  +   815d ago

Sorry, I'm not saying they are, I haven't read your articles. I'm just speaking in general terms, not you specifically. just that it works both ways.
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admiralvic  +   815d ago
To be fair, all of these articles are paradoxical in nature.

We should not buy next gen, because it will get better over time. - Assumes that companies are willing to take massive risks in hopes of getting you to buy a console and then their game or it assumes that many people will ignore the article and support the system anyway.
We should buy next gen, because it will show companies we have more faith. - The Wii was the highest selling system last gen, but it was largely ignored. There are some logical reasons for this, but companies were still willing neglect this huge segment of gaming.

The thing is, if you have the money to buy a console and you want to experience it, then just do so. If you don't have the money and don't have the desire, then don't do so. I can't imagine there are many gamers sub 18 who can afford to throw down $400 of their own hard earned (this is important, because you generally don't value money till you know how hard it's to earn it) and haven't been around long enough to know that things always start off rocky and then, with luck, get better. However, none of these improvements are guaranteed.
evilbart  +   815d ago
This article makes no sense at all,why would I wait? If I buy the console now I will still be able to play the games released in 9 months time
SCThor  +   815d ago
Guess what, anybody have to buy the first batch before they produce a new one....Jesus, some people
ikkokucrisis  +   815d ago
I picked up BF4, COD, and AC4, but guess which game I've played the most so far?
WARFRAME. My god, how can this game be free?
MidnytRain  +   815d ago
By the same token, companies like Sony and EA should give me a product that isn't malfunctioning and giving me errors out the box. So no, I won't buy broken products day 1 because they haven't deserved it, and I like my ish to work. Especially when I can get a better version later for cheaper.

This is a general statement btw, so y'all keep your long johns out of a twist.
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king_george  +   815d ago
Exactly how i feel. Ive rarely ever bought a console at launch. Theres just always a few kinks to work out so i almost always tend to wait a bit. Plus, theres always better deals later on
Eddie20101  +   815d ago
The huge majority are not having problems, me being one of them. Most of the people buying a console on release day are die hard gamers, and most should know the in's and out's of a console launch, there has never been a perfect console launch, I know cause I have been through many of them. Guess what we have gotten through all of them pretty well even the Xbox 360's Huge launch problems.

The internet and the media by nature blows most everything out of proportion. Gaming media being the worst for being rumor mongers.

Almost all of the article written about the PS4 failure rate say at the end of the article that they don't know the extent of the failures, many reporting over and over with basically the same information and no hard facts. How about you wait till the facts are in, then report. Even with that said most do say that the problem is probably minimal.

Gaming media, entertainment media are so f$$%ing tabloid these days. they bitch about the fanboys but they created the fanboy mentality or at the least feed it.
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MidnytRain  +   815d ago

I said I was speaking generally, but I understand your sentiment.
Hicken  +   815d ago
Odds are- historically speaking- the errors won't go up or down by much from the launch models. There have been one or two cases in the history of gaming where the failure rate at launch was unacceptable. Actually, I think just one, and we all know what that one was.

Every company is going to have a given percentage of defective products at launch. It sucks for those who are affected, but that risk will exist as long as humans are imperfect and make things.

If everybody thought, "I'll just wait until the version with no bugs comes out," then that version would never exist, and they'd never buy anything. I hope I don't have to explain the mechanics behind WHY that would happen.
MidnytRain  +   815d ago

Lol, of course not everyone will do that. I'm taking advantage of being in the patient minority while the other saps throw themselves onto the frontline.

I'm picking up the inevitable revised/slim version for less. Like a boss.
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Hicken  +   814d ago
So it'll be a couple of years before you get one, then?
Rabid_Tadpole   815d ago | Spam
Visiblemarc  +   815d ago
Yep! No early adopters mean the death of console gaming. Period. There is literally no discussion necessary.

To those that don't believe this: you don't have a "perspective," you are wrong.

Without sales no games will be made, without games, no consoles will be sold.

Don't call yourself a gamer and then be too cheap to invest in industry. People have gone overboard with this bs about being "practical," it's just cheapness really...or brokeness, which is FINE, money doesn't grow on trees, but don't mask with tsk-tsking and acting high and mighty:
admiralvic  +   815d ago
The funny thing is how people trash the Wii U for these concepts, but fail to realize these concepts exist. The Wii U is very much so in a chicken/egg situation, which is a horrible place to be.

Gamer side:

I'll wait for games I want, since I can't justify a $300+ dollar system for Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin and Platinum Games (though I could totally do so for the last one).

Company side:

We'll wait till the market is large enough to get enough sales to actually cover our costs.

What happens in the end? No one buys it (leading to doom / gloom articles that discourage further support) and no games are made.
ZombieKiller  +   815d ago
I say buy if you want to. If you want a PS4 now, GET ONE! It's worth it. If it dies, send it out for warranty for free and play your PS3! You would be doing that if you didn't get a PS4 anyway!

I LOVE my PS4....everything about it! I barely have games yet and the system is still amazing! I realize the potential for the future. Greatness truly does await. Thank you Sony for creating a fanboy in me due to your awesome products.
MikeGdaGod  +   815d ago
picked mine up midnight launch and i'm having a ball.

i bought a 2 year warranty for $60 from Gamestop (just in case) so no worries about hardware.

no shortage of games as i bought Killzone, 2K14, and Madden...add free PS Plus games Resogun and to play games DC Online, Warframe, and games i'll get as a Gamefly member AC4, BF4, CoD4, Knack, and Need for Speed.

i've got a full plate! why wait?!?!?!

edit: another reason i buy the warranty is in 1 year and 11 months i will walk into Gamestop and get a brand new PS4 with no questions asked.
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ZBlacktt  +   815d ago
I've been loving this machine to death since launch night. As much as I game, this machine is a blessing. Super fast at preforming everything. I'm making share videos as well. The graphics for Next Gen is just worlds ahead of the last Gen. I've put about 30 hours into AC4 already. Just a really really good game.

Edit: btw, your deleted you other same story as this just to post it again. All to get rid of what people were posting/saying. Nice.... you fail again.
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Nyxus  +   815d ago
Another one of these? I'm getting one at launch...
punkandlizard  +   815d ago
agree, day one for me too.
j-blaze  +   815d ago
I was planning on getting a PS4, but I'll wait for a better version...
I don't remember buying an electronic device that was DoA in my life, this really embarrassing for a giant company like Sony
oh not mention the average launch exclusives meh
Nyxus  +   815d ago
How many failed consoles have there been, compared to those 1 million sold? Electronics can always fail, same goes for the PS4, now or in two years.
j-blaze  +   815d ago
electronics can fail maybe after constant use, a year, a month or a freaking week, but DoA or after first try? never happened to me, and this is just an issue among other issues PS4 is suffering
this Sony we are talking about, one of the leading electronic makers and this is embarrassing!
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yezz  +   815d ago

Oh come on!

There are loads of phones and TVs from big companies with straight from the box issues but they are usually very small percentage just like the case is with ps4.

It's just that these kind of sites are more common nowadays and the word from faulty ones gets more recognition so it might feel like there is a lot of them..
DK_Kithuni_71  +   815d ago
You should just buy an Xbox One then. Last launch their failure rate was at least 23.7%. I wonder how high it will be this time. Good luck.

I'm getting the Sony Playstation 4. Launch day. Europe.
LOGICWINS  +   815d ago
Guy decides to wait for a better version of the PS4, must be interested in buying an Xbox One.

Don't like hamburgers? Probably a hot dog fanboy.

Mustard isn't your thing? Probably a Mayo warrior.

Internet logic.
ZombieKiller  +   815d ago
Blaze youre doing yourself a disservice unless you are a xbox fan in disquise. They aren't bricking as much as people make them out to be. Mine is fine. Runs fast and as smooth as hell
Dark_Overlord  +   815d ago
Purchased every Killzone (and played them) on launch day, I'd hate to break tradition ;)
EXVirtual  +   815d ago
Look, I'm not getting a PS4 at launch (and I'm not getting the XBO), but we have our reasons. A lot of people wanna get Killzone SF as soon as possible. A lot of people want to play next-gen multiplats as soon as possible.

For me, next year is when the VERY good stuff comes out, like Tom Clancy's: The Division (seriously, have you seen that game?), The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, inFamous: Second Son and hopefully Mirror's Edge next gen. But for the people who are getting a launch console: Have fun.
Next year, my wallet is gonna be empty.
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Majin-vegeta  +   815d ago
Too late already got.mine and been enjoying the hell out of it :).
mushroomwig  +   815d ago
In my opinion there are already some lovely games to choose from, I cant wait to get my system when it launches here in the UK.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   815d ago
I bought my favorite console at launch... and I guarantee I spent the same $400 on it that you will... so whats the point?
OrangePowerz  +   815d ago
I should and I will and I have like 6-8 launch games to play. Thats enough till the second batch of games comes out early next year.
listenkids  +   815d ago
Opinion: I will be getting a console on launch, and that shouldn't hurt anyone, as your choices don't hurt me but you can't force someone to go with them.
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inf3cted1  +   815d ago
I might buy a 3DS because of pokemon X Y. Then ill decide which console to pick
feraldrgn  +   815d ago
If everyone paid attention to articles like this & nobody bought a console, the problems would not be reported & fixed.

All products have a failure rate.
Those of us who are enthusiastic enough to purchase on day one, have a higher chance of experiencing a failure, but through that we get fixes.

The PS4 failure rate is well within what's expected of a new electronic product, so it's safe.
Hellsvacancy  +   815d ago
The launch line up isn't appealing enough for me, I'm waiting for an rpg or two

Otherwise i'd buy one day 1
Lionalliance  +   815d ago
I advice to people to not order a ps4 from amazon, get it from gamestop and best buy.
n4rc  +   815d ago
For some reason, when I see a title like this all I see is

"I can't afford a next gen console so you shouldn't get one to make me feel better"
JessiePinkmanYo  +   815d ago
N4RC, agreed 100%. Guy I work with never preordered and is SOL on getting a console. This SAME guy took the day off work to watch E3, and was eager to get an X1. Now he parrots to me "there are no games" etc. also, I can't WAIT to hear this clown tomorrow about my PS4, which works flawless, but he'll be putting it down, lol
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k2d  +   815d ago
Who is this guy to tell anyone how to spend their money?
monkeyDzoro  +   815d ago
I do want I want with my money.
Watari321  +   815d ago
I think the PS4 looks good.
secretcode  +   815d ago
daedra   815d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
SaveFerris  +   815d ago
To everyone buying a PS4 or Xbox One on launch day, Happy gaming!
Sokol  +   815d ago
I hope those people who were unfortunate to receive broken system from their online pre-orders receive as soon as possible new working hardware.

I highly, highly doubt PS4 issues are nearly as strong as some of those websites state. None of them have any actual proof of affected system and instead are looking for their own website hits an attention.

Every hardware has failure rate, however I don't believe the PlayStation 4 problems are nothing more then few isolated cases.

I would recommend anyone thinking about purchasing PS4 not to get affected by online negativity (without proof anyway to back it up) and simple enjoy the new console. I did, as did my friends and co-workers. ;P
hano  +   815d ago
Next Gen Consoles are a gimmick kids.
Just buy a PC.

The only consoles that are really worth it are handhelds or something like the Wii U.

At least those devices offer different experiences from what you can find on a PC.
yezz  +   815d ago
Dude you have no idea what you're talking about..

Ps4 gives me cheap, easy and good quality gaming with my friends. I don't like to play with mouse&keyboard and stare at screen from foot away.
Oh_Yeah  +   814d ago
You have the same outlook I had about PC gaming until I got into it..the options are endless. You can also use your dualshock, and its not true that you'll be beat out by keyboard and mouse players. I do just fine with a controller in bf4 and ghosts. plus no need to pay for online man...and if you don't like your graphics performance which might happen in a few years, all you have to do is sell your card buy a newer one, throw it in and vwalla better graphics + performance whenever you want and your older games just keep lookimg better and better, plus mods...your getting more out of your games. Consoles lack all this , whatever you are given is what your stuck with. A 800$ gaming rig will perform on par with consoles, plus it does SOOOO much more. Its 20+ gaming systems all in one with emulators,and a multimedia monster with the program xbmc, any movie/ tv show you could want, no subscription fees . Can't go wrong, a gaming rig is worth the investment for gamers, of course get the ps4 for exclusives but multiplats? PC is the way bro.
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yezz  +   814d ago
Well even if I would be intrested in those things all my friends are on Playstation and I'm more than happy playing it. There were very few games that were underperforming for me last gen for example BF3 and now BF4 looks good on next gen..

I'm just not into best graphics that much, it's a great plus but if I can have fun it's enough for me.

I was a bit angry to the mandatory PS+ first but I bought it for a year in june and I've already gotten for example BF3, AC3, Mafia2, FarCry3, NFS most wanted, Uncharted 3 and Payday for free so it has become a great service that is actually quite cheap for under 5€/month :)
Oh_Yeah  +   814d ago
You can use a 360 controller with PC ....and hook your PC up to the TV and run it in steam big piture mode...its just like a console, just a lot more powerful, customizable, and useful.
yezz  +   814d ago
I know that but I prefer wireless dualschock and you get annihialated in fps games on pc if you play with a controller. Plus you get bigger input lag if you hook it to your TV.

It seems to be just so hard for you guys to understand that for some people there are cons in PC gaming and we are probably not intrested upgrading the parts and having machine with high energy consumption..
JessiePinkmanYo  +   815d ago
The hell with it...with this guys logic why not wait till the twilight of the PS4 and X1. I'm an early adopter and fine with what's available. I'll also be growing my PS4 and X1 library sooner. I spent more on my iPhone than either console.
JackB99  +   815d ago
Didn't even read the article. Title say's it all. Complete fail to tell others what they should do.

If you think the PS4 or Xbox One isn't worth it for "you" then that's great, but you can take a flying leap if you're going to tell me whether it's worth it to me.

blakstarz  +   815d ago
Ok, like I'm gonna take the advice of someone with last name "Gar-butt".
eferreira  +   815d ago
How about everyone buys what they want
CaulkSlap  +   815d ago
And on the flip side why wait 6-9 months when there's good games now and you get to experience the excitement of a new system. The AAA games will come later regardless. Waiting for something specific to come out is just stupid imo. Price isn't coming down in the next year so if you've got the money, might as well get one asap.
dennett316  +   815d ago
Yay....a title telling people how they should be spending THEIR OWN money. That's not a click-bait tactic at all.

Yes, of course early adoption is a risk. But frankly, any launch that has games like Assassin's Creed 4 and Battlefield 4 as a part of it is not exactly a weak one. Yes, they're on other consoles and on PC, but that matters little when you want the latest hardware.

Without early adopters, consoles fail. As for the stuff about announced games....well, people know roughly what to expect from both camps. Both have their exclusives, both have laid their strategies out, and both had a 7-8 year current gen in order to gauge their future approach. For me, Sony has the first party studios that create excellent and varied exclusives, and that remained a strong focus for them while MS chose to rely on 3rd party games and exclusive DLC content as their primary focus.
Combine that with the indie and F2P focus of the PS4's initial line up, and you have a console providing a variety of approaches in a way that MS are not at the moment...their focus is on TV and multi-tasking with Snap.

By all means wait, but don't pull the "I'm soooo smart" crap.
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