MythBusters Released Episode 2: Battlefield 4

The guys from Mythbusters, produced by Australia’s Beyond Television Productions DefendTheHouse have released the second video for the recently released first-person shooter “Battlefield 4″. As usual, you go in detail various issues on the ground.

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dieforgame1618d ago

The shutters crush player, IF I am not mistaken.

JonahNL1617d ago

I lol'd so hard when the guy just slipped forward. The jeep was even more ridiculous.

Majin-vegeta1618d ago

Is it possible to play this game with no crashes?

MWong1617d ago

Nope ... I would say hopefully the PS4 server patch will fix that. But, the game sometimes crashes while on the main screen.

alexkoepp1617d ago

Don't think the ps4 can handle the game

MWong1617d ago

@ alexkoepp
Seriously?? All versions of the game have been crashing too so does that mean you don't think the PC/PS3/XB360 can handle it either?

The PS4 handles the game just fine. EA needs to stop rushing DICE to release games.

kazuma9991617d ago

Not yet but EA anounced it gotz a patch in a couple of days.

famoussasjohn1617d ago

Currently, nope. I play on PC and have had numerous crashes. 48 player servers seem to work the best for me, but when there's a lot going on like explosives and whatnot, the game will freeze up and loop the sound. All that ranking up lost if I end program in task manager. It's so damn frustrating when it crashes.

EA needs to pull their head out of their ass and act like they give a damn instead of pushing games out before they're ready.

ChrisW1617d ago

Helicopter blades! FTW!!!