Battlefield 4: China Rising & Second Assault maps, vehicles & modes confirmed

DICE has revealed new details on Battlefield 4 expansion packs China Rising and Second Assault, confirming the full list of maps, vehicles, gadgets and modes included in the two DLCs.

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ArchangelMike1771d ago

DICE had better sort out the crashing and freezing issues with BF4 before they start releasing Map packs. It'll just make a bad situation worse.

iistuii1770d ago

Agree.. Also..I really wish people would just NOT buy any DLC map packs or premium or any other ways of getting extra money for a game.If people just stood their ground, played the vanilla maps, they'd soon give up on the sorry idea or DLC/Premium. They take the piss by releasing patches that make the problem that they tried to fix worse. Stop giving them any more money, make them sort out the problems. Next week they are patching the PS4 version i hear, NEXT WEEK, sort it out.....Ahh that's off my chest.

TheFutureIsBlue1770d ago


Buy Killzone Shadow Fall. That will ease your pain with the incoming free map dlc =p

malokevi1770d ago

Hoping it all goes well on X1 at launch. I wanna play all night!

Can't wait to dabble in some Metro, 64 players, looking like sex on the swings. Also, Operation Lockout, which I hear is like the new Metro.


titletownrelo1770d ago

What pisses me off the most is that they already had these DLCs basically finished before launch! Meaning they could have included them in the final game but chose not to. Evidence to support this is that the most recent patch accidentally released some DLC guns to the public that can be unlocked and used!


xxxsiegezzz1770d ago

DLC:s are made by another studio, so they have been working on them before release, but the main Dice team have just been making the vanilla game.

3-4-51770d ago

Both sound good.

Good to know I'll have a ton of new maps to play once I eventually get this game.

First next gen game I'm getting.

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Fasttrack761770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

^^^^ hopefully if all go's well I'll see you on the battlefield. : )

younglj011770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I blame EA and DICE with the problems of BF4.Trying too complete with CoD is reflecting their product.BF:BC2 was an underdog and once they achieved success in the FPS market on consoles.Think about this BC2 an PS3/360 titles had full destructive environment,and you telling me ya'll could not achieve this with next-gen titles.Levolution is an clever gimmick don't get me wrong it is fun but I think we deserve more as gamers.

This milking DLC is complete bs no matter what couple is doing it.In the PS2 days we got the complete game on ONE disc.Now we get charged $60 then after $45-$50 on DLC packs.China Rising and Second Assault should have been on the Final Copy of BF4 for PS4 and XB1.Think about the amount of sales that could have generated for BF4.

BF4 w/ China Rising and Second Assault would have bury the CoD:Ghost.H

Philoctetes1770d ago

I actually don't mind DLC for this game. BF4 shipped with plenty of vanilla maps, and map packs really do provide some spice for when the original maps start to get stale.

Obviously EA and DICE deserve all kinds of criticism for shipping a broken game. I would have already bought Premium by now if the game was working right.

jdktech20101770d ago

BF4 is launching with 10 maps which is about the same or more than most fps games however bf maps are generally massive compared to most fps games. I'm fine with this dlc as its more substantial than any other fps games dlc.

everyone has their opinion but I know ill have new maps to play for the next year or two and I'm pefectly fine paying 50 for that.

Spinal1770d ago

This^ and anyway this dlc comes free for those who pre ordered the game like me.

younglj011770d ago

Yea their is nothing wrong with spending the extra bucks if the give us an reliable product.It seems like EA have an history of bad launches.My worst experience was with an Madden and BC2...Once they get the bugs fix BF4 will be the king on consoles.I will enjoying the amazing 64 players battles but I think we all deserve more for our money...

xxxsiegezzz1770d ago

It's not Ea:s fault battlefields have never been great at launch, and the current competition with Cod have made it even worse.

dcj05241770d ago

I blame EA for trying to maximize profits and making DICE rush BF4.

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venom061770d ago

the amount of crashes on the consoles are DEFINITELY diminishing.... and one thing's for sure, when this game is working as intended (which is MUCH MUCH more the past few weeks), it world's better than CoD.. especially from a gameplay/graphics standpoint..

Harmonizer1770d ago

Different people are working on different things. The baker doesn't do least i hope not :)

Let the coders fix the game and artists make some great new maps. Keep them coming

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