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Xbox One World Tour Hits Dublin - Pics and Impressions

Clickonline writes: "The Xbox One World Tour is an unprecedented showcase of what the Xbox One has to offer, visiting a mind boggling 75 cities all over the globe between October 1st and November 24th 2013. And this weekend, the Tour hit Dublin." (Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Loco Cycle, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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MorePowerOfGreen  +   619d ago
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josephayal  +   619d ago
it will rock, lucky dubliners
byeGollum  +   619d ago
I was there :D, twice. couldn't get enough of Ryse, and I can't touch current gen battlefield and Fifa after playing the next gen ones. That new controller tho' it feels so good to use. The d-pad was one of my concerns and it's been vastly improved... perfected. *sigh*
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monkey602  +   619d ago
The controller felt nice in my hands but I didn't take to the triggers. It's the way I hold them at the back end of the trigger I just don't like the gap.
I wanted to like Ryse myself. I got excited from its reveal but hated every second of playing it. Twice! The camera locked into the characters back, the horrific control set up. It's like a broken batman Arkham knockoff. It was dull.
Dead rising was fantastic! Killer Instinct was fun! And Zoo tycoon was impressive
byeGollum  +   619d ago
to each their own I guess :) so long as there was something fun for you, it's all good :)
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monkey602  +   619d ago
I was there last night. Some pleasant surprises. Dead rising is fantastic! I really envy that game getting a ps4. I was looking forward to Ryse but it's true what they are saying the game plays like dog s€&t. I would also like some extended time with zoo tycoon, I liked what I played
SITH  +   619d ago
They do not seem one bit worried about console failures. MS is letting it all hang out.
aviator189  +   619d ago
Yup, I'm definitely seeing that.
Their confidence in showing off the xbox one on the road at all of these events gets my hopes up that we won't have another rrod situation (of course, knock on wood).
SITH  +   619d ago
This should reinforce those hopes. http://m.ign.com/articles/2...
Dragonborn312  +   619d ago
Im glad to see someone has enjoyed LocoCycle. Most impressions have been negative so far so its nice to see some that are positive. I will still try it out because I have loved Twisted Pixel's previous games.
danand82  +   619d ago
Peggle FTW!
ongbakurhead  +   618d ago
Loved Dead Rising. Driving through a horde of zombies in a JCB, great craic!

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