Xbox One World Tour Hits Dublin - Pics and Impressions

Clickonline writes: "The Xbox One World Tour is an unprecedented showcase of what the Xbox One has to offer, visiting a mind boggling 75 cities all over the globe between October 1st and November 24th 2013. And this weekend, the Tour hit Dublin."

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1733d ago
josephayal1733d ago

it will rock, lucky dubliners

byeGollum1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I was there :D, twice. couldn't get enough of Ryse, and I can't touch current gen battlefield and Fifa after playing the next gen ones. That new controller tho' it feels so good to use. The d-pad was one of my concerns and it's been vastly improved... perfected. *sigh*

monkey6021733d ago

The controller felt nice in my hands but I didn't take to the triggers. It's the way I hold them at the back end of the trigger I just don't like the gap.
I wanted to like Ryse myself. I got excited from its reveal but hated every second of playing it. Twice! The camera locked into the characters back, the horrific control set up. It's like a broken batman Arkham knockoff. It was dull.
Dead rising was fantastic! Killer Instinct was fun! And Zoo tycoon was impressive

byeGollum1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

to each their own I guess :) so long as there was something fun for you, it's all good :)

monkey6021733d ago

I was there last night. Some pleasant surprises. Dead rising is fantastic! I really envy that game getting a ps4. I was looking forward to Ryse but it's true what they are saying the game plays like dog s€&t. I would also like some extended time with zoo tycoon, I liked what I played

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