Dead Rising 3's Robotic Sentry Cat Will Betray You, Mike Finds

The combo weapons of Xbox One launch game Dead Rising 3 are silly as they are deadly. Among them is the Sentry Cat: a robotic feline made of sawblades and oil drums that could have cleaned up on Robot Wars. It would be the perfect pet if it didn't sometimes explode. Come see it betray Mike in this new Dead Rising 3 gameplay.

also at 5:40 it shows how the xbox automatically records great gaming moments

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colt-of-tipton1853d ago

Love the zombie deformation in this game , like when he hits one around the 1:30 mark and his arm flies off awesome stuff .

JokesOnYou1853d ago

Vid quality isn't great but you can see with all those ridiculous weapons this game is going to be insanely fun.

lastofgen1853d ago

Haha, this game looks pretty crazy.
Should be a fun sandbox time.

urwifeminder1853d ago

Crazy fun will be havin a blast on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.