Forza 5: Turn 10 on next gen physics and beating the launch game curse

"The design of Forza is that you can play it how you want."

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dirigiblebill1854d ago

Of the 360's launch games, I'd say Condemned has stood the test of time the best. I think DR3 will be the one we look back on most fondly of the Xbox One's launch line-up.

Bigpappy1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Wasn't Gears of War a launch title? If so, that is the game that defined 360 and is still the most memorable.

@ abzdine: Don't be too hasty on your decision. Just like that game snuck up on you, one of these game, that you have not played yet, might do the same.

abzdine1854d ago

sure, i was amazed one day i went to a gaming shop and it was running there in 2006. I loved the blur effect but i never heard of that game at that time.
But the line up of xbox one no games really blows my mind.

colt-of-tipton1854d ago

no gears came after launch , that game seriously ushered in next gen graphics .

coolbeans1854d ago

Yeah, despite having a few gripes with it, Condemned is really still showing how to keep first-person melee-focused combat tense and interesting.

I'd still give best 360 launch title to Call of Duty 2 though. It just felt like everything it succeeded at everything it was trying to accomplish: pure WWII action focus layered with open areas and some cinematic sequences. The formula's definitely improved since but 2's remains my favorite.

urwifeminder1854d ago

Four more days I get my hands on Forza woot.

N4realGMRZ1854d ago

Forza will be the go to game, so happy it's launching with this game, a game i can sink tons of hours into!

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

x1 has the best lineup outta the original xbox and 360 that outstanding

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