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Submitted by Smurf1 819d ago | news

PS4 has sold through over 1 million units within 24 hours of the launch in North America

Yoshida: PS4 has sold through over 1 million units within 24 hours of the launch in North America (PS4)

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Crossbones  +   819d ago | Well said
Congratulations Sony PlayStation!!!!!
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BBBirdistheWord  +   819d ago
wow good numbers!

Dare I say it... shipped or sold?
Chug  +   819d ago
Glad to say I contributed to that number. This gen is going to be awesome.
FlunkinMonkey  +   819d ago | Well said
'sold' as in 'sold'. got it?
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majiebeast  +   819d ago
Sold through means sold to consumer.
Brugal  +   819d ago | Well said
The easiest way to answer that question is to go to your local retailer and see if there's any available.
TopDudeMan  +   819d ago
Yeah, I'm sure they shipped at least twice that amount, if not more. 1 million sounds like a reasonable amount for them to have sold. With more on the horizon, no doubt.
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shoddy  +   819d ago
Then come the rest of the world.

that would be $400mil one day
Studio-YaMi  +   819d ago
You don't know the meaning of the word "sold"?
Or maybe it's your fanboism blinding you as always?

Why not throw a couple of "Dat _______" phrases you like to troll with so much? maybe you're out of material already?

Hmmmm ..
Hatsune-Miku  +   819d ago
Glorious. Such a powerful and quality console. Sony deserves good sales because they made a proper console for core gamers.
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BBBirdistheWord  +   819d ago
@ studio

What's with the personal attacks?

I can't even ask a serious question without getting attacked by you?

Dat fanboy mad
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FlunkinMonkey  +   819d ago
Dat second account.

Not fooling anyone.
amiga-man  +   819d ago
The only reason it isn't more and a lot more by the look of things is that Sony can't build them quick enough.

PS4s are going to be hard to find this christmas.
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vishmarx  +   819d ago
its gonna beat wii u sales with the japanese launch
kydrice  +   819d ago
I'm pretty sure it's sold since they're sold out everywhere and will most likely continue to be sold out throughout the holidays.
Ezz2013  +   819d ago
1,000,000+ console sold in just 24 hours ?! and only in NA ?! @_@

when ps4 launch in the rest of the world
the world wide numbers will be scary
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ChrisW  +   819d ago
The difference between 'numbers sold' and 'numbers shipped' are completely different. 'Numbers sold' are those that have been purchased by customers, whereas 'numbers shipped' are those purchased by retailers and are sitting in a warehouse... waiting to be 'sold' to consumers.

Let's just assume that the 1 million are 'numbers sold.'
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AsimLeonheart  +   819d ago
Even if they are shipped, there isn't any stock lying on the shelves. There are already news of stocks sold out across the country and people shopping for ps4 being returned so they are sold any way.
Gamer1982  +   819d ago
hahahahaha Shipped or sold? Seriously? That doesnt even come into the equation purely because we know all these consoles are sold out until 2014.
MazzingerZ  +   819d ago
Some dares to guess how many in PAL territories day one?

I can't wait!!
Ezz2013  +   819d ago | Interesting
Playstation 4 - 24hr - over 1 million console sold

PS2 took 3 days to ship 1 million units,

Wii U - 1 week(168hr) - 400 000 console sold

Wii - 8 days(192hr) - 600 000 console sold

Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold

Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold

It should Pass the Wii U within a few weeks (1.75m NA) 1.39M sold through.
NewAgeisHere  +   819d ago
They will sell as much as they can produce......
RyuCloudStrife  +   819d ago
Congrats to SONY they deserve it the goal of 5 million by years end looks like its going to be demolished! Good for SONY!
boneso82  +   819d ago
They sold out of preorders, so right now, shipped is the same as sold.
abzdine  +   819d ago
PS2 times are definitely back.
Now keep good games coming Sony
NewMonday  +   819d ago

+ bubble for interesting
Aceman18  +   819d ago
are you saying you believe none of these systems were sold and are just sitting on store shelves?

i was at my brothers Gamestop yesterday and they kept telling people they didnt have any extra PS4 to sell, and only had the ones for people who reserved them.

these are sell through to customers just deal with the fact that the launch was a success just like X1 will be.
gaffyh  +   819d ago
Sell through = sold to consumer
Sell in = shipped.

Impressive numbers even if it was the latter.
pyramidshead  +   819d ago
Well deserved. Without a shadow of doubt what so ever.
zeee  +   819d ago
wow! good job sony.
nix  +   819d ago
it's safe to say sold, in this case.
FamilyGuy  +   818d ago
"sold-through" = Sold by retailers, as in these are in the hands of consumers. Sold in = to retailers.

Btw, Walmart is supposedly getting their next shipment of PS4s on november 22nd! LOL, direct competition with the X1 launch.
PeaSFor  +   818d ago
and i was one of the buyer.
President  +   818d ago
Sold. Do you even know what sell-through means?
SnotyTheRocket  +   818d ago
@BBBirdistheWord Well, seeing as I can't even find the damn console, "Shipped" and "Sold" are pretty much the same thing.
johndoe11211  +   818d ago

I'm thinking they're gonna hit that 5 million mark a lot sooner than they were predicting.
solidjun5  +   818d ago
Dat trolling attempt. TTTrollistheWord
iiwii  +   818d ago
It would have to be "sold" since they are out of stock everywhere.
Magicite  +   818d ago
does that mean this is first launch that havent been sold out on launch?
ScorpianusNoir  +   818d ago
Wow, I think he was kidding guys. This is very good news for Sony and Playstation fans. The 3rd party developers will take notice of these numbers and the Playstation will continue to get great games. This is also good news for Microsoft because it means that there is still a big console market and I am sure that they will have very good numbers next week.
DialgaMarine  +   818d ago
I can almost guarentee that a lot more than 1 million were shipped. This is 100% sold in the hands of the consumer figures.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   818d ago
you're getting "attacked" because this is a tired question by now. No company in the world can track the amount of unit sold to customers, EVER!!

every single company that post "sales numbers" posts the amount shipped.
UltimateMaster  +   818d ago
1 million sold.
It's sold out everywhere.
Dee_91  +   818d ago
I assume it would be sold because all the shipped consoles are sold out....

Still regardless, if you have a high shipped number its because the demand for it is also high.
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Boody-Bandit  +   818d ago
Once again sold vs shipped doesn't matter to Sony. It only matters to fans wanting to use it as fodder.

Once Sony ships units out of their distributor they already got their bank. They don't sell product on consignment. You have to pay Sony to have them ship them to you. I highly doubt vendors will be able to keep the PS4 on the store shelves or online dealers for the 1st few to several months.

So again shipped = sold by the manufacturer or publisher. They sell it to vendors under MSRP and then the vendor (retail or online) sell it for full MSRP to make what money they can.

Business 101
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Panthers  +   818d ago
Sold Through = Sold to Customer, not retailers....

Why dont people realize this?
ChrisW  +   818d ago

Yes... I accidently omitted an important word; "sold out."

It's only when something is not sold out that there is a great difference between 'shipped' and 'sold.'
pixelsword  +   818d ago
Just to make a comparison, how many WiiU consoles were sold on the first day? Also a million? I'm not sure myself, but I wanted to gauge if this is good or a good start that could go either way.
grimmweisse  +   818d ago
Did you even read the quote, it stated sold as in SOLD. What other definition do you need?

The mind baffles!
malokevi  +   818d ago
Wow, BBB.... the fanboys really jumped all over you. I saw absolutely nothing negative whatsoever about your comment.

"shipped or sold?"

Legitimate questions, seeing as how reports always fail to specify. You didn't attack, you qualified it with "dare I say it...", and you said "Wow good numbers!"

You people are insane! Can't even take a compliment. They are indeed great numbers, and it's awesome for Sony and gamers. How this thread turned so negative so quickly is unbelievable.

It's as if people were so threatened by what might have been a valid point that they felt some strange urge to shut you down and insult you. A simple clarification would have been much less childish.

I can proudly say my PS4 is one of those 1mil.
BBBirdistheWord  +   818d ago
@ malokevi

Yeah. agreed.

Those fanboys have some serious issues.
Dat ps4 neurosis.
MightyNoX  +   819d ago
Why are you getting Disagrees? O_o
Crossbones  +   819d ago
*Cough* Angry Xbox Fans *Cough*
Ezz2013  +   819d ago
do you really have to ask ?
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Tony-A  +   818d ago
For comparison's sake, in case no one knew:

The PS4 sold over 1 million units within 24 hours in the US alone (obviously).

The PS3 reached 1 million units SHIPPED in the US nearly two whole months after launch in 2006.

Granted, they were allegedly plagued with delays despite everyone saying it was easy to find in stores, but it's still a remarkable difference. I hope they can keep up with demand.
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Ultimax  +   818d ago
The world isn't perfect , whenever you go you will see some idiots living a conspiracy life .
malokevi  +   818d ago
18/261 disagrees! Of course some random fanboys are going to come through and disagree. All things considered, the ratio is NOTHING! I came into this article expecting all positivity, but instead playstation fans have made a point of jumping all over the negativity.

How hard would it be to ignore those 18 disagrees? Is it necessary to dwell on negativity? Why must you all continue to do this?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Sci0n  +   819d ago
damn that's amazing!!
Jughead3416  +   819d ago
And soon we will see if Microsoft's claims of selling just as many consoles will hold true. But it's great to see Sony bounce back. When you're about the gamers, gamers will buy the product.
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Triella  +   819d ago
Well Xbox One is launching simultaneously in 13 countries which will maybe (not even sure now seeing how well PS4 sold day 1 in the US) might give it a slight advantage in launch sales.

One thing's for sure though, with european launch included I think we will see PS4 outselling the Xbox One 3:1 by the end of the month.
Masterchief_KOK  +   819d ago
ms is going ship 1 million as well
n4rc  +   819d ago
I thinking it won't be that bad... 1.5:1 most likely... Maybe 2:1

Id love to see it equal but feel ps4 will hold a slight lead with price being the main factor
DialgaMarine  +   818d ago
Microsoft has never exactly been honest with their figures, so I'd take their word with a grain of salt.

For those inevitable disagrees, remember back in 2012, when they said they had the best selling console worldwide? mmmhmmm
showtimefolks  +   819d ago
congrats sony and hopefully ms will have a great launch too


shipped from ms or sony's end means sold. So for this Generation let's leave that argument behind.

next gen is off to a great start, here is hoping both sony and ms can carry on the momentum and have great competition throughout next gen to deliver us the gamers great content
Prophet-Gamer  +   818d ago
I should hope MS has a better launch, they're going out in 13 countries vs. the PS4's one, if MS can't even match the PS4 like that then it'd be seriously troubling. Especially since the Ps4 will launch in 30 or so countries on the 29th.
black0o  +   819d ago
the faster the base install gets bigger the better software support we'll get from 2nd and 3rd-parties
NateCole  +   819d ago
Which already is. Diablo Reaper and Kingdom undefire 2 is confirmed to be comming to the PS4 only and not others.

Yes there will be even more soon with the way the PS4 is selling.
-Superman-  +   819d ago
Playstation 4 - 24hr - over 1 million console sold
PS2 took 3 days to ship 1 million units,
Wii U - 1 week(168hr) - 400 000 console sold
Wii - 8 days(192hr) - 600 000 console sold
Playstation 3 - 2 months - 1 million console sold
Xbox 360 - 2 weeks - 326,000 console sold
imt558  +   819d ago
Best launch in console history! Period!
Sci0n  +   818d ago
Glad to be apart of such a historic gaming event picking up a glorious launch power house PS4, once again playstation reigns supreme in the console world.
ZBlacktt  +   819d ago
And again, tell me about this number of people with issues? Again, such a LOW amount to the grand total sold. Like some of us have been saying over and over. But then again, we get it.
Eddie20101  +   819d ago
If you find one buy it because it really is a great console. You can't keep a good console down.

Congrat's Sony and all those involved in it's very successful launch, albeit with a few mishaps.
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HammerKong  +   819d ago
wow ,1 million only in usa ,what about the other world ,may be more more 1 or 2 million ps4's ,realy ps4 have created history in console world ,i dont hope xbox one will sold this much consoles at day 1,we dont know how much good it is but we get to know that how much faith people in them after bad reviews to its games still people belived them and bad reviws were also able to stop people to buy ps4 ,i also contributed in but my piece was defected but will get it back soon.
LordMaim  +   818d ago
USA and Canada, don't forget us. ;)
x5exotic  +   818d ago
PS4: 1 million
Xbone: Zero

yeah, Ps4 is infinitely better.
HammerKong  +   818d ago
yeah ps4 sales wre strong but this thus not means that ps4 have or win the war ,yeah e3 was an big shot for sony and they achieved and tlou and uncharted like exclusives were also the reason ,but competition is still very strong and ms is there we must not ignore that ps3 was also one to sell around 1 million consoles in 1 and half day but throught the gen xbox 360 leaded ,yeah there werer not much exclisves or exclusives level to the ps3 ,but still they acieved more than sony,and yeah we also must not ignore the hard work of ms towards it exclusvies and the newly opened 1st party studios filled with best game devlopers collected from around the world who all are working for games on xb1 ,and yeah the exclusives from 3rd party devs which all look amazing and at this time are more liked than ps4 exclusives ,we will seee more exclsives on ps4 but now they are not at their strongest part ,we will see it in future nut ms is throuing amazing exclusives to us and there are also much more unannouncd exclusives from ms which we may can see on launch day or at e3 especialy those from newly formed 6 studios and ther were news last year that ms is making an quad-A title and many AAA titles with their newly formed studios like black tuk studios and european studios.
iKenny  +   818d ago
Huge congrats to SONY! Job well done.
TBONEJF  +   818d ago
Like to see if XB1 can top that number ;) highly doubt they can't beat the almighty PS4
#1.14 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Goku781  +   818d ago
Sony definately just laid down a 1,000,000 plus ultra combo hit.
techiesnetpromo   818d ago | Spam
paul-p1988  +   819d ago
Amazing achievement in such a small time frame, can't wait for it to launch in the UK :)
OlgerO  +   819d ago | Intelligent
Truly amazing number, that also puts the faulty units in perspective. If there was really a problem the outcry would have been much higher!!
JoeReno  +   819d ago added for intelligent
HammadTheBeast  +   818d ago
The main issue was that Kotaku and IGN received the defected consoles, which is probably coincidence, and because of this, they raised it to be more of an issue than it was.
come_bom  +   819d ago
Yep, that's quite good numbers.
Pandemic  +   819d ago
Quite good? I think you mean outstanding figures for North America alone.
lelo2play  +   819d ago
Considering all (or most) of those numbers are from preorders since February, 1 million units sold on launch are very good numbers, but not outstanding. This is November and in this month consoles like the Wii, X360 and PS3 used to sell 2-3 million consoles. If the PS4 (or Xbox One) sell more then 3 million this month, then i would call them outstanding numbers.
#3.1.1 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(50) | Report
JoeReno  +   819d ago
@lelo you must be trolling. We are talking about a launch, a north american launch to be exact. Not world wide numbers. Sony sold all that they made for the NA launch. Thats fantastic, and if you think other wise, Well, im at a loss.
tiffac008  +   819d ago

I think its asking to much for the PS4 or any console to sell 3 million in its first month. There will be demand and supply issues to consider and I think a lot of people considered that 1 million pre-order to be a combination of NA + EU but this is only NA not counting the pre-orders in EU.
Eddie20101  +   818d ago

Some people never think before they speak, 1 million is launch Day number as in one day of sales as in the 15th of November with nearly a month and a half before Christmas as in One continent. The PS4 will probably sell 3 Million this holiday when it launches in Europe that is if they have manufactured enough to do so, which they probably have.

The biggest launch day number ever, one of gaming biggest achievements and some people have nothing better to do than try to discredit it.

It's a shame.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   819d ago
Called it
GamersRulz  +   819d ago
Holy sh*t, impressive number! and EU will be even better.
MRMagoo123  +   819d ago
its not just europe tho we aussies are getting it on the 29th as well :)
crinale  +   819d ago
Holy shit.
ElementX  +   819d ago
So everyone is going to start playing the numbers game again? BTW why doesn't Sony release monthly numbers?
#7 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(77) | Report | Reply
AdmiralSnake  +   819d ago
They will.....and when the Xbox drop..I'll be avoiding N4G for quite a while..or at least commenting and just read.
Bathyj  +   819d ago
Jesus Christ, were just giving congratulation for a job well down. Why so bothered?
ElementX  +   819d ago
I bought one of those million however I don't congratulate corporations who are just out to get my money. They are doing what they do, no need for cheering.
ElementX  +   819d ago
I don't own Sony stock and it doesn't matter to me how many Sony, Nintendo, or MS sells. I'm happy with my purchase and that's enough for me. Too many people on N4G talk as though they have something to gain/lose by playing the numbers game. Regardless of whether Sony sells 1 million or 500,000 the first day, developers will still release games on the console.
Mr_Writer85  +   819d ago
"Regardless of whether Sony sells 1 million or 500,000 the first day, developers will still release games on the console."

*looks at WiiU and Vita*

Yes selling hardly any hardware won't effect support.
#7.2.3 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(1) | Report
ElementX  +   819d ago
@Mr_Writer85, oh sorry, I thought this was an article about the PS4... which is why I didn't mention WiiU or Vita... Nintendo home console sales are down and so are Sony portable sales... but this is PS4 we're talking about, developers aren't going to walk away
#7.2.4 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(38) | Report
G20WLY  +   818d ago
Oh dear element, whether you bought the thing or not...the salt is strong with this one :(

The sales have gone as good as they can have done. Like it or not, Sony did well and that is good news for gamers. XBone could do great too and that would be celebrated too, so quit whining like a Debbie Downer! :P

BTW some people DO have shares in Sony/MS/Nintendo. Also there's nothing wrong with backing a team, just so long as you don't start abusing the other teams. Do you back any sports teams? You know they're businesses, right? We buy their tickets/merchandise and celebrate wins - SAME!
Kryptix  +   818d ago
"I bought one of those million however I don't congratulate corporations who are just out to get my money. They are doing what they do, no need for cheering."

lol I don't know why you have to be bitter, they made the PS4 how the gamers wanted it and in return, we give them our cash. Of course they do it for the money, but it's not as easy as you think. As long as we get what we want out of it, we're satisfied and we give them our thanks and our money. That's how it always works, we only buy electronics when it meets our demands so stop acting like they're always against the consumer.
insomnium2  +   818d ago

Would you kindly just stfu. Straight to my ignore list thank you.
Stsonic  +   819d ago
Maybe because the conse has been out 3 days and not a month.
#7.3 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Lulz_Boat  +   819d ago
so, the numbers of defective units are really low.

1.000.000 sold, ~5000 defectives = 0.5%!

I want go for the worse, 10.000 defectives, it's still only 1%!

#8 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(55) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ezz2013  +   819d ago
5000 bricked consoles ?!

i think the numbers are way lower than that
more like 500 or 1000 console max out of 1,000,000+ console

EDIT: no info sorry
just a guess
but is there is any info about the numbers of bricked ps4 out there ?
#8.1 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Bladesfist  +   819d ago
Any information behind that?
Lulz_Boat  +   819d ago
nope, it's just a number that i saw multiple times on GAF..
#8.1.2 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
n4rc  +   819d ago
No real way to know for sure...

Sony may be getting an idea based on calls/emails etc.. But its still too soon to tell

Could be a few hundred or a hundred thousand... Time will tell..looks like its on the low side tho..
HammerKong  +   819d ago
no many found defective ,numbers are realy less than the sales which are 50,000 around but most of them will be repaired soon ,so will not be able to but sony will replace them,their repairing service is realy good atleast in terms of ps4,becuase it has just launched in market and make sure everything goes right.
MasterCornholio  +   819d ago


I wonder why 500,000 people didnt report defective consoles yet?

Because there are not 500,000 people with DOA consoles thats why.

P.S A million for the US is really great and i wonder how many will be sold in Europe at launch.
#9 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(47) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Gamer1982  +   819d ago
There are only around 200 DOA reports on amazon and less than half of them are verified (meaning they actually bought one from amazon so they might not even have one). So the DOA consoles are vastly over-rated well under 1%.
Pintheshadows  +   818d ago
I have seen the copy and paste review technique from Metacritic popping up in quite a few places.
BG11579  +   819d ago
Holy crap!!! That's a lot of consoles.
Is this a new record or something? Can't wait to have mine!
a08andan  +   819d ago
Ye it is a record I believe. I think the Wii held the earlier record of biggest console launch at around 600k units if I'm not mistaken. Don't remember the source though :)
Masterchief_KOK  +   819d ago
they did after that nintendo for some reason fell off
HyperBear  +   819d ago
Proud to be one of those million who has loved every minute of the PS4 :D

Thanks Sony for a great system and great opening weekend!
MightyNoX  +   819d ago
Woot! Congrats, Sony! Hope you break more records by 2014!
1nsomniac  +   819d ago
I can see them now, rubbing their hands together with grins from ear to ear as they watch the bank balance increase by the second.

Try your very best to make good, powerful, future proof products & the good rewards will automatically follow.

Let this be a lesson to company's that scrimp on those values!
BBBirdistheWord  +   819d ago
but isn't Sony losing money on each and every one of those ps4's sold in NA?

wouldn't that decrease the bank balance?
JoeReno  +   819d ago
Where did you hear that. I believe i just saw something here on N4g that said sony was making a hundred bucks (profit) each unit sold
1nsomniac  +   818d ago
BBBirdistheword & Redfirm are both correct in a sense.

The console itself is making a loss reportedly somewhere between $30-$50 so again reportedly 1 game purchase will put them in profit.

Also, although they're reporting a loss on each product sold you'll find this is marketing commercial talk based on marketing commercial figures. The truth is the internal actual real life financial cost is usually well below.

Seeing how everybody is buying at very least 1 game at launch, most people are buying more than 1 game as well. That's already millions of dollars profit, day 1!
#13.1.2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
mushroomwig  +   818d ago
They're losing around $30-40 for each console sold but that doesn't take software, accessories or PS+ sales into consideration, so they're definitely looking at a profit overall.
SoulSercher620  +   818d ago
They profit from things such as games sold, PSN, etc. So seeing that they ony lose out on $30-$50 per console isn't really that big a deal.
#13.1.4 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
redfirm  +   819d ago
they are losing round 30 to 50 bucks per console sold. you have to take into account all the other costs beside the hardware too which playes a role

BUTTTTT if you keep in mind that ps+ is needed to play online and that no person buys a new console without a game. then YES, they are making profit :)
#13.2 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
imXify  +   818d ago
I highly doubt that since it's an AMD powered console. AMD doesn't charge much for hardware.
FlunkinMonkey  +   819d ago
Awesome.. Numbers are looking good and the ridiculous claims of defective consoles are actually a very small percentage.

To be fair it was expected that it would get blown out of proportion by the media and Xbox fans considering they have been getting savaged by the media and Sony fans for months on end (a fair amount of it justified in my view).

Don't think it helps the MS cause though as this backlash will only be served back to you next week upon Xone release.
Octo1  +   819d ago
Do you think EA and Respawn are now thinking that Tital Fall should have been multi plat. Thats potentially a million lost sales right there and its just after 24 hours after the launch of the PS4.
IHassounah  +   819d ago
Unfortunately the deal was made infront of a full room of government or something like that so they can't make the change o anything cause it's impossible to , expect Titanfall 2 to be on the PS4
Bathyj  +   819d ago
Don't worry, they were paid well. Probably the same amount that 2 or 3 million copies sold on ps4 would have got them.
majiebeast  +   819d ago
Respawn was already thinking that but EA sold it as a permanent exclsuive to microsoft without telling respawn.
Funantic1  +   819d ago
Not really. Titanfall will be on the Xbone, PC, and 360. There were over 80 million 360s sold just by themselves. EA and Respawn have no worries about Titanfall sales. Besides that in the beginning Respawn went to Sony and MS with ideas and about Titanfall having dedicated servers but only MS offered a solution.
Gamer1982  +   819d ago
EA dont care about Titanfall as MS will have give them a MASSIVE cheque for that to cover losses. The more PS4s sell the more they will have to pay no doubt.
Octo1  +   819d ago
The only game that makes me want to get an Xbone. Just like Gears of War made me want to get a 360. Ahh well. Will have to wait for the sequel to come out.
IHassounah  +   819d ago
How much did the Wii sell on day one ? Just asking cause if it sold not that much then Sony just got a record done
Masterchief_KOK  +   819d ago
i believe 1 million
Triella  +   819d ago
Actually it was 600K the first WEEK for North AND South America. Which means Wii record is pulverized.
#16.1.1 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dude Dutch  +   819d ago
Just joined and believing that it can speak with the grown ups...
a08andan  +   819d ago
Think it was around 600k, so its a new record :)
IHassounah  +   819d ago
I just found out that the Wii was released approximately world wide on launch day , in Japan the console sold 300k units , in US it sold 700k units , in Europe it sold 400k units , looks like Sony didn't break the record but they could if they add the other other sales world wide
Triella  +   819d ago

No no the Wii launched first in the Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Peru, etc.) and almost a month later in Japan and other territories.
#16.2.2 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(0) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   818d ago
Yes sony have made a record in sales and it will only get better when they release in the rest of the world in 2 weeks :)


The previous record was the wii with 600k not even close to the ps4.
imt558  +   819d ago
Gold Trophy unlocked - reach over 1 mil. units in 1st day in US

Platinum trophy - reach 30 mil. units in US
BG11579  +   819d ago
"reach 30 mil. units in US", is only a Gold trophy if you don't add a time limit.

Platinum trophy - reach over 155 mil. sold worldwide. Trophy name: "To overcome the legend."
JoeReno  +   819d ago
"ultra rare 0.1%"
weekev15  +   819d ago
Nice numbers. Ill get mine next year with an Uncharted bundle. Well done Sony. Lets hope there arent massive numbers of defective units. Noone wants that at this time of year.
#18 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   819d ago
These are Apple hardware kind of numbers. Good to see Sony back on its game.
TomahawkX  +   819d ago
It's happening isn't it?
azshorty2003  +   819d ago
It's already begun. Sit back and brace yourself for the wild ride.

#20.1 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DeletedAcc  +   819d ago
I hope it will sell better than the legendary PS2! PS4 & sony deserve it...
GentlemenRUs  +   819d ago
Wait till we here in the UK/EU get our hands on it!

The KING is back baby!
#22 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   819d ago
I didn't know the KING had left...
G20WLY  +   818d ago
Well said, my friend - PlayStation beat the competition in every regard these past 2 gens and they're poised to do the same this gen!

Long live the KING! :P

Fun times ahead :)
shadowT  +   819d ago
1 Mio in only 24h? Wowwww!!!!
Sarobi  +   819d ago
Impressive start for them in NA.
Ggame  +   819d ago
I'm waiting here for you in Asia.
Langkasuka  +   819d ago
Asia's got 34 days to go~!!!
My store is only today start selling the DS4.
Ggame  +   818d ago
what a sad story to me. TT
nutcrackr  +   819d ago
Includes preorders
JoeReno  +   818d ago
Of course it "includes preorders" other than a few lucky people that got one om launch with out, THEY WERE ALL PREORDERED!
Pintheshadows  +   818d ago
What difference does that make? The consoles are still sold through. 1 million of them.
Mister_G  +   819d ago
Great news! Well done Sony :)
Idba  +   819d ago
Just think of it, 1 million + sold and about 5000 people are having issues. 5000 = 0.5%!!
#28 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Brugal  +   819d ago
Wasn't the Vita TV released in Japan this week as well? It'll be interesting to gauge those numbers.
imt558  +   819d ago
Btw. PS4 beat the record of PS2 launch day in Japan which sold 980 000 units in 24 hours!
DrJones  +   819d ago
Consider that Japan has a much smaller population than the US. That means that 980.000 sold is greater sales in proportion.
DrJones  +   819d ago
1 million sales in 24 hours is still outstanding though.
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