Xbox One: Xbox Market Share May Rise To 40 Percent In Germany

Germany is a PlayStation lovers country, but with the launch of Xbox One Microsoft wants to raise the market share in Germany significantly. Oliver Kaltner pointed out Germany was the head of the Xbox division in a recent statement.

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dieforgame1774d ago

Have 30% market share at the moment? okay .. that's a lot, I would not have thought of.

majiebeast1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Because it isnt true.
These are the official numbers from media control.
Wii: 4.6M (42%)
PS3: 3.9M (36%)
Xbox 360: 2.4M (22%)

PS4 is gonna take the wii marketshare for the most part.

Its gonna be.

PS4 65%
Xbone 25%
WiiU 10%

black0o1774d ago

didnt x360 had a 18 months ahead start ??
did that help?
wasn't it cheaper as well?

Chrono1774d ago

If you disregard the Wii, it's 62% PS3, 38% Xbox using the numbers you listed.

abzdine1774d ago

good luck microsoft, looking forward to the games they are gonna bring next year cause we dont know much about that

forcefullpower1774d ago

I think they will go down to about a 10% share. They dont have the 18 month advantage and have a significantly underpowered console.

come_bom1774d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Gaming market share is not only consoles sold. Game sales, online, digital content, among other things, also counts.

... and since the Wii hardly sells games, i wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft holds 30% of the gaming market share.

DiRtY1774d ago

"looking forward to the games they are gonna bring next year cause we dont know much about that"

Quantum Break
Halo 5
Sunset Overdrive
Project Spark

so far.

Can't argue with that, can you?

forcefullpower1773d ago


I can actually. The only game that I will miss will be Quantum break and sunset will jsut be a shit version of TF and titan fall I will wait for a sequel on PS4 where all my friends will play.

But my group of friends have decided to all chip in and buy just one xbox one and share it around for just the exclusives as we want to give Microsoft as little money as possible.

mhunterjr1773d ago

Uh.. Those things did help. Compared to the original xbox's marketshare, MS made a ton of progress...

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showtimefolks1774d ago

But better question I have is how much market share is MS gonna loose in the USA?

Xbox360 dominated but now Sony with PS4 has gotten a great start.

It will be very interesting to see moving forward. I expect nothing but great competition from both and hopefully both will have a lot of success

Bigpappy1773d ago

PS4 may win launch numbers in the US, but year end number wouldn't necessarily match the pre-order numbers. Holiday shopping is where most consoles are sold in the US. See you year end to have this debate. You may be right or you may be wrong. Don't try to predict what others will do off your emotions. Wait for the numbers.

NateCole1774d ago

lol! they can try but the Germans have called kinetic an evil device. NSA tapping inot Merkels phone will not help the x1 in germans minds.

Priest881774d ago

Its true, i'm from Europe myself and most people here exclusively buy sony's playstation.

I could name alot of reasons for this but one reason that sticks out right away is the fact that a MS product in the EU (Mainly the smaller countries) lack features but you still pay the full priced XBL bill. (On the 360 no access to indie games or some apps, all actions/prizes are US/CA/UK only.)

I'm one of the few that has an Xbox simply because i prefer playing with english speaking players.. whenever i play on my PS (for the exclusives) theres always French, German, Dutch etc people in game chat, a huge mess in my opinion.

On XBL however most of the time i run into brits or yanks, which i personally prefer since i can communicate with them. Now my friends are all there and staying its hard to move.

jimbobbeers1773d ago

Whilst it's true for the majority of Europe, it doesn't relate to the second biggest market in the world... The UK. Xbox dominates here.

DontShoot-Me-Bro1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Xbox does not 'dominate' in the UK.

The market share is pretty split between PlayStation and XBOX in the UK, you could say it might be slightly more towards XBOX like 55%-45%, but it hardly dominates.

This is from September 2010:

"The PlayStation 3 can still catch the Xbox 360 in terms of sales, EA has predicted.

The publisher's European senior vice president Uwe Intat told MCV, "We could certainly see Sony come back – in the UK it's still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft.

"But we're very happy to watch the competition, because as long as they're competing to get more consumers in, there are more people we can sell games to."

jimbobbeers1773d ago


The 360 had sold 8.4m units in the UK as of June 2013, this time last year the PS3 had sold 5m. If you put that into realistic figures as of now, we are talking at least a 2m difference in consoles. Its quite significant, and to add on top the 360 has a huge attach ratio in the UK compared to any other console. We're talking almost double the amount of games being sold per console on 360 compared to any other platform.

So yes, for me, it dominates.

Sleepless1773d ago

Xbox live is full of french, italian and german people....I play with them all the time. Dont know what xbox live do you play?

NewAgeisHere1773d ago

You're a bit arrogant aint you? Prefer playing with English speaking players?Majority of playstation gamers in Europe are English speaking - there are strong playstation communities in virtually all European countries.I myself am from Eastern Europe and am part of a multinational clan with players from the Balkans region (google it), UK, Germany, Italy, etc etc....nationality is never an issue.....most of us learned to speak English, haven't seen many US or UK gamers being able to speak other languages.......this sort of arrogance is also displayed by Xbox who only supports US and Uk market and neglects the rest of the world - as long as this is the case Xbox will never gain ground in Europe or elsewhere....

Hanso1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I live in Germany and just by looking at the top entertainment products- in ps4 is at 1st and Xbone not even in top 30 I CAN ONLY LMAO

MRMagoo1231774d ago

they dont have a chance lol.

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