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PlayStation 4: Top 5 Exclusive Games To Look Forward To

Unigamesity writes: "The PlayStation 4 has been released in North America, and in a couple of weeks the rest of the world will follow. While the console itself looks pretty sweet, there is one deciding factor that can make or break it – the games. It is time to take a look at the Top 5 PS4 exclusives to keep a watchful eye on!" (inFamous: Second Son, Lily Bergamo, PS4, Rime, Shadow of the Beast, The Order: 1886)

mafiahajeri  +   497d ago
The Order: 1886 is the best looking game.
Sirlancealot  +   497d ago
I disagree. The Order is an amazing game, but drive club easily takes the crown for best looking game.
mafiahajeri  +   497d ago
Sorry if you misunderstood me but I meant as in funnest/coolest looking game not the graphics...
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   497d ago
Drive Club may be the most photo realistic (as we would expect from a racing game based on real cars) but "best looking" is completelly subjective (so nothing you can really agree or disagree, it's just an opinion).

Personally for me the best looking is InFamous, loving the setting. Also I can't wait 'till the 29 to see Killzone personally, I'm not watching any video of it since US release to avoid possible spoilers but everything before looked like a beautiful sci-fi universe.
ZBlacktt  +   497d ago
Uncharted 4
InFamous SS
The Order 1886
christrules0041  +   497d ago
I hope Uncharted 4 comes out late next year.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   497d ago
Infamous SS
The Order 1886
Uncharted 4
Whatever Santa Monica are working on right now.
remanutd55  +   497d ago
my current top 5
1. Rime
2. The Order 1886
3. inFAMOUS Second Son
4. Uncharted
5. DriveClub
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dcj0524  +   497d ago
I know for a fact that I'll be playing RIME A LOT!.
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Sayai jin  +   497d ago
Uncharted 4
InFamous SS
The Order 1886

Dark11  +   497d ago
For me
2- New God of War
3- SSM new IP
4- Lily Bergamo
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Sathur  +   497d ago
I have got to say I have not seen any games yet that I would like to play on PS4. I intend to wait until at least the summer of 2014. then we will see games.
Now however the games I am looking forward to are on other systems. Titanfall on Xbox 360, Zelda on my 3DS and boy oh boy I will be picking up Assassins Creed 4 on my Wii U. That will be fantastic. The Gamepad on Wii U is stunning.
Chuk5  +   497d ago
Titanfall on 360?
C'mon son.
Sathur  +   497d ago
yeah on 360. I have already decided that my support for Xbox will end in the summer of 2014. (about the time Microsoft will drop support for 360). I do not intend to buy a Xbox ONE
Chuk5  +   497d ago
It's not so much that I'm being snobbish. It's just that, Idk man no one has even seen screens of the 360 version. Can the 360 even handle the mutliplayer/single player structure they are proposing? It might be a current gen watch dogs situation where we never saw anything. But back on topic, between Wiiu and 3ds this november, you'd be playing some of the best games of 2013.
Chuk5  +   497d ago
I got a PS4 at launch because I bought the Playstation promise in February and June. But also, there are a ton of indie games coming between now and infamous. This year I have spent more time in playing addictive smaller steam games than on my 360 (35 hours in mercenary kings alone). So the PS4 kills two stones for me. I only got a laptop and it struggles even to play smaller indie games like rogue legacy and has hang ups in Hotline Miami. Well, with all the indies coming to PS4 in the winter, I'm solid. And then with Infamous and 1886, I'll be perpetually playing games.
level 360  +   497d ago
The Order 1886 won't be out till Dec 2014.

And Uncharted on PS4 just had teaser release.

Project C.A.R.S. would make the jump straightaway onto the PS4/XBox ONE and wish it to be A.S.A.P. - read somewhere it now won't be making it onto PS3/XBox360.

But those are the games I'm really looking forward to.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   497d ago
Dec. 2014? Huh?
Jaces  +   497d ago
Dec 2014 is just a placeholder until the actual date is revealed, and I expect to see Uncharted 4 sometime next year, can't say for sure when but it will be next year.
SolidGear3  +   497d ago
Anyone think SSM will make a reveal for their new PS4 game at VGX?!
Sirlancealot  +   497d ago
Drive CLub is the best looking game period ever to date on any platform. Correction its not a game, it real.


I love Uncharted as much the next guy but I don't think anything will surpass the quality of drive club. I'll wait to see what happens however.
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I-L-L-I-N-O-I-S  +   497d ago
Uncharted, Order 1886, Infamous Second Son, Drive Club, MLB the Show 14, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Shadow of the Beast, Rime, Primal Carnage:Genesis, Galak-Z, Outlast, Planetside 2, Don't Starve, Deep Down, War Thunder, and many more. PS4 is going to be going strong for a very long time.

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