PS4 "BLOD" Analysis

An in depth report on the various problems currently troubling the PlayStation 4 launch in a logical and meaningful way, providing advice to those experiencing issues with their launch hardware.

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Chuk51830d ago

Very reasonable analysis.
The hdd analysis sounds very, very plausible really.

Thatguy-3101830d ago

My UI was working perfectly last night. However today though I'm able to navigate perfectly the info portion of the game tiles doesn't show up or the what's new section that keeps me updated on what my friends are doing. Is anyone having the same problem?

Nivalis1830d ago

I would advise contacting the authors of the article, they have stated on the last page they're willing to help people directly.

BBBirdistheWord1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


what a great article.
Rather than post damage control, this site offers solutions for what appear to be real launch problems of the ps4.

You can upvote this article by clicking on the blue 'lvlzero' link underneath the bit where it says 'read full story'

ssean2271830d ago

Mine and my friends are doing the same thing. I am thinking it's a network thing.

gaffyh1829d ago

Really great article, nice to see someone actually look into the causes of the issues, and then provide possible solutions.

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Eddie201011830d ago

Very helpful and very educational, and all around good article, everyone should read completely.

DeforMAKulizer1830d ago

This is brilliant.

Sony, hire him in your QA team ASAP

AsimLeonheart1830d ago

Excellent article. This is real journalism right here guys. Instead of fishing for hits, the author went in the search of truth. That is what journalism is actually about.

iamnsuperman1830d ago

I wish on N4G you can have a favourites bar. Save websites like this (the ones who go out of their way to find out why) and ignore the ones who don't (quick report with no depth).

Phoenix761830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Adding this page to my list of Favs. could coming in handy when I get my PS4 start of next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.