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Should easily attainable Achievements or Trophies be abolished

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Over the past few weeks I have been playing a lot of games; however, I have noticed something that is not only starting to annoy me, but also make me kinda feel like I haven’t truly earned my Xbox Gamerscore or PlayStation Trophy count. (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lastofgen  +   740d ago
Doesn't bother me.
Some are easy, some are medium, and some take some work to get. Though I do wish we would get more like 'mile high club.'
Benchm4rk  +   740d ago
Oh the satisfying feeling I got when I finally got the mile high achievement. Took me forever lol
minimur12  +   740d ago
for most games, yes, but for games like little big planet, no. :D
Master-H  +   740d ago
That must have been crazy, still haven't figured out yet why the asshats at Infinity Ward chose not to patch trophy support for the ps3 version of Cod4..
lassenwolf  +   740d ago
The challenge is the game . Why do you play for trophies or to play the game? Who cares if you get all of them in 5 minutes. Sounds like you can get them on xbox1 just to watch movies or such. I can get them on my windows phones. If they are going to be used then they need new ways to move them forward or buy a wiiu and don't worry about them.Btw I have Wiiu
mochachino  +   740d ago
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gamingisnotacrime  +   740d ago
Is all fun and games, no need to be hardcore to get some trophies
feraldrgn  +   740d ago
Heck No.
You have to get harder Trophies too, to get a Platinum.
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Gster  +   740d ago
Deffo No. Not to say I don't like the more challenging trophies, and the platty's when they're not stupid hard. But the first thing that crossed my mind was the delight on a kids face when he sees a trophy bingging up on his screen. U lose the easy trophies, you lose that face!
hesido  +   740d ago
No. The point of trophies being tiered is to solve your "problem". It still gives people some satisfaction to people who don't want having to "get 4 headshots while jumping on a tramboline within 5 seconds", while the hardcore gamer can show off their gold, silver and platinum trophies.
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Benchm4rk  +   740d ago
I think they need to fix the broken/glitched ones. I think its called "If they came to hear me beg" on Halo Reach where you have to assassinate an elite from a fall that would kill you. Tried for hours and hours and it wouldn't pop.
redcar121  +   740d ago
No achievement are fine as they are thank you next post
admiralvic  +   740d ago
What kind of question is this?

Trophies / Achievements need balance, which is what easy trophies provide. Like I recently platinumed Resogun and there are several very easy trophies. There were also trophies for beating the whole game without losing all your lives on normal or higher (still hard) or holding a 15x multiplier combo (very hard). Several people are never going to do these trophies for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean they should be discouraged from having fun. Especially since difficulty is based off the users ability and will vary from person to person.
PawnSacrifice  +   740d ago
I agree to an extent.
(I love achievements, tho I won't lose sleep if I don't get them)
Take Max Payne 3 for eg, it's pretty much 3hrs in or up to chap5 that you'll get your 1st.
Simpsons game you'll get one just for pressing Start. Then suffer a drought.
Balance or a standardised formula is needed,
However as far as I know with the Xbox One, developers can change the requirements for an achievement, or something like that, which will make the full count actually achievable.
admiralvic  +   740d ago
I think Legasista ( http://psnprofiles.com/trop... ) is the best example of a drought. Outside of the 30 floor baby trophy, the first one you can obtain is one for beating the game. From there, you're looking at HOURS of grinding just to have a shot at doing the rest. It takes about 50+ hours before you can start to obtain the trophies.
Zerotino  +   740d ago
Depends what you call easy. Ones like 'Start the game for the first time' then yes, thats just stupid. But ones you earn for actually playing the game? Even for just progressing? Eh, I don't see the problem in them otherwise.
DFogz  +   740d ago
Only the ones the literally pop-up after doing nothing.

Oh boy, I pressed 'Start' on the title screen *ding*
Change the controller layout *ding*
Start a new campaign *ding*
Finish obligatory tutorial *ding*

It feels like they're not even trying when I see things like that. I don't care if they're easy, or if it's something that everyone gets at a certain point. (Finish first mission, etc.) At least you did something to get to that point.
ITFGaming  +   740d ago
^^^ Exactly.
ITFGaming  +   740d ago
It is more aimed at the ones that you get for just starting up a game... or killing your first enemy.
ShowGun901  +   740d ago
LOL i got a gold trophy for viewing the credits in Tiger Woods (some year)...

(no progression needed, could be the first thing you did when you got the game day one)
thats just lame LOL
PawnSacrifice  +   740d ago
A bigger debate may be: should Achievements / Trophies be single or multi player.

I hate it when I hire/buy an older game only to find the MP section of the game a ghost town, or every member a self proclaimed pro at it.
But like I said above, at least the Xbox One can change the requirements for theirs to make the full list obtainable over time.
(Don't know if same is true for ps4)
lassenwolf  +   740d ago
I have amost 1000 trophies and no plat. don't care, never play online for a trophy . But if someone wants them that's cool too in single or mp. But I also know players that are great mp in cod and others and in gaming that have no plat. Same for xbox I have that too. The Nintendo route is best, you play to play the game. Now a days I'm sure if Nin. put them in they would sell more units though
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SpinalRemains138  +   740d ago
Get rid of all of them.

Let us game the way we want and stop rewarding your preferred playstyle.

Trophies and achievements are awful and fascist
SilentGuard  +   740d ago
Agree 100%. Along with being to easy there are also too many, and I see they are giving more away on Xbone. Achievements have become meaningless with so many easy and pointless gimme achievements. They should be a representation of accomplishment or skill. They should be a compliment to a game as something to work towards and show off with pride and satisfaction. Halo 4 is one of the awefull offenders that come to mind with pointless ones like PWND and Badge and the ability to get a handfull of achievements in the first 5 minutes. If any change were to be made with nex gen consoles it should be the establishing a trueskill system such as what TrueAchievements has. At least the PS4 shows % of people that have a given achievement.
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Stuart81  +   740d ago
Its not the easy achievements that annoy me its the secret ones. I can understand them being secret if their discription gives away plot points or some such but when its something stupid like "Blow up 10 chickens with an RPG" its just silly
pabadamus1  +   740d ago
No. That's the only way i'd ever get any...I jest. I am not an achievements junkie but I do like to see my level status improve. I have a lot of games but no interest I chasing down every achievement or trophy. I say let them stand.
thricetold  +   740d ago
Does it really matter? It's not like they have ANY worth whatsoever, none. You don't get any in-game rewards nor do you get any type of reward to be used outside of a damn ding. All the rewards are sold via dlc, but hey who cares right?
Lets all spend time doing crap that doesn't affect gameplay, at all. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about how many folks are so adamant about NOTHING. Do you folks really compare trophies/achievements? For what? How old are you guys that you are even interested in something so worthless? Smh...
Dasteru  +   740d ago
Yes, You aren't achieving anything if all you have to do to get it is start up the game. They should be challenging to obtain, hence the name "Achievment"


I agree they shouldn't all be extremely hard but none should be overly easy either, they should all require some level of skill or luck. I have seen a few games where simply starting up the game for the first time or accessing a certain function of the gameplay gave a trohpy, it is completely idiotic and purpose defeating when they are like that.
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tweet75  +   740d ago
devolopers should be allowed to do whatever they want usually the easy ones give you a little chuckle. What would be cool though is for a new set of trophies or other groups of trophies downloaded from gamers for the game.

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