Kingdom Under Fire II G-Star media, details

Gematsu offers up new screenshots of Kingdom Under Fire 2 from the G-Star media event.

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SlavisH21773d ago

Love all this KUF info, finally!

ATiElite1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

My Goodness!

Are you sure there were enough Enemies on the screen? I think I saw the ground a few times which means you could of stuffed at least 200 more enemy NPC's there.

There is absolutely way too much chaos and action going on at the same time in this game.

Kingdom Under fire 2 is now on my to get list.

Action MMO-RTS this game ROCKS!

(The Devs stated a PS4 version is in development)

1773d ago
urwifeminder1773d ago

Was a big fan of the other games on xbox I kind of got sick of waiting for this but will be getting pc version day one amazing game series.

BobbytheBuilder1773d ago

i'll definitely check this out on the ps4

Snookies121773d ago

Dang that looks sick! Never played this series before, but that looks really freaking interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on this one.

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