Xbox One Arrives At ShopTo Warehouse, Images Leaked

Some images from retailer ShopTo Warehouse was leaked on internet showing Xbox One retail unit has already arrived just a last minute preparation related to delivering process is going.

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Pisque1853d ago

Can't wait to pick up mine! Hope it wont be as messy as the 360 launch with all the Rrods and other problems that we all know

Jeedai Infidel1853d ago

You knocked on wood after that statement, right?

SITH1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

You know, there is a lot of people hoping the opposite given what is going on. But something I noticed might put you at ease. Microsoft has done numerous bus tours with the Xbox one, and hosted a room filled with dozens 64 Xbox ones playing bf4. What did you not hear? No issues. They all worked. We already know the Xbox one has numerous redundancies built in it to avoid over heating and catastrophic hardware failures. Microsoft made a billion dollar mistake, and they have stated they are making sure they do not repeat it. I believe them. That is why I will resume my xbox live gaming career on Xbox one very soon.

Kingthrash3601853d ago

new generations final piece arrives...let the games begin.
grabs popcorn this gen gunna be guuuuud

MorePowerOfGreen1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Going to be so tired on the 21st/22nd after getting the console home only to do this and more :(

lastofgen1853d ago

I normally don't take days off from work, even for game releases, but I just had to. Took off a day for the x1. :D
It's going to be me, a few friends, and x1 all day and night. Crack open a few beers, order a few pizzas, should be an awesome time.

SITH1852d ago

I am retired now. But when I was working in the Air Force, I took leave for games and after I got my xbox 36o. Everyone knew I was a hardcore gamer and was well aware of why I took leave. Even my commander knew. Hell, he tried to buy my launch 36o from me.

psych1852d ago

I'll be bringing mine home from a midnight launch, doing a basic setup and starting my games to download before going to bed and getting my last full night of sleep for the foreseeable future.

4 days 6 hours...

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