PS4 Defection Rate

There has been some reports around the internet about PS4 units having hardware problems but the fact of the matter is, many websites are starting a commotion to report about every defected unit they can find.

What these websites don’t tell you is that there are already a lot of PS4 units out there, and they are in working, stable conditions and there are a lot of these units, more than you would expect.

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Kingthrash3601827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

you lost me at "reports around the INTERNET"
lol naw i read on but over a million ps4 are out there and compared to the say 300 consoles reported on amazon so far thats very little. but this is the internet age so information like this will spread and sound larger than it really is....non the less its scarier and any horror movie to see such reports hell just 5 would have me worried.

GamingSoup1827d ago

How should I make it easier to read?

PeaSFor1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

easier to read?lolwut?
a loud minority will always make it look worst than reality since the silent majority are simply playing without problems, stories are always ridiculously emplified and blown out of proportion because of it... and you are pretty much repeating the same regurgitated overblown crap another time..

EZMickey1827d ago

I think he was just yanking your chain.

Truth is, most people know that the negative news is getting more press than the positive.

Kingthrash3601827d ago

chain unsuccessfully yanked i guess lol

GamingSoup1827d ago

He (kingthrash) edited his comment, he originally made it sound like he didn't understand. Also, I understand it was only a few, I was just talking about the defects in this post ;)

Eonjay1827d ago

Wow, your calculated defect rate is less than Sony's. I see you updated at the end but even .4 sounds ridiculously good. If they can keep it under 1 percent, that would be outstanding.

Boody-Bandit1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

So let me get this straight. Some one created a site called gamingsoup (good name since you're stirring the pot right out of the gate) just to further this horrendous, massive, simply out of control problems with the PS4 even though we have absolutely no idea how minuscule or widespread these problems really are?

I know a couple dozen gamers that all picked up a PS4 and not one of them had a single issue other then PSN having maintenance the 1st day.

My wife and I just dropped my sons PS4 off to his fraternity house today to save him the train ride home and he told me the same thing I'm saying here. He knows a ton of college kids, including a few from his frat house, that picked up PS4s at the midnight launch and he hasn't heard of anyone having a single issue. That college of his is on lock down. That's all they've been doing since the PS4 was released. I just hope he keeps his grades up.

But yeah let's create a site to further blow this up into something that might not be a high percentage issue.

I said it earlier today and I will say it again. Another console is being launched very soon and it has all eyes on it after it's last launch. What goes around comes around. Think about it because you never know what could happen.

Anyone that rubs salt in the wounds of a gamer that had his console go bad is just filled with petty ignorance. I've been there and it's beyond frustrating but yet some actually get pleasure out of this. SMH - clicked
story quality? - WTF?
like this site? - No

ChrisW1827d ago

We will never know the true percentage... just like the numbers for PS2's DRE.

insomnium21827d ago


"Another console is being launched very soon and it has all eyes on it after it's last launch."

I wonder how many news we will get telling us we have a RROD 2 fiasco in our hand. SMH just play the damn games people. I'm in europe and don't have a PS4 but I'm still too occupied with PS3 and Vita games to bother with all this unnecessary BS.

FamilyGuy1827d ago

A man will tell 10 people about a bad experience while only praising a good experience to one person. Something like that. Basically you're always gonna hear people be more vocal about problems than they are about something meeting or exceeding their expectations.

I feel bad for the group experiencing problems though, it's like winning a raffle in Bizzarro world, the "prize" is something negative.

Sono4211827d ago

I'm not understanding these "issues"... like seriously? Can someone post an actual video to these issues? Because so far this just seems to be blowing smoke... and as for PSN being under maintenance.. unless you actually got a PS4 this would sound bad.. but it wasn't at all.

When you would connect your PS4 right on the Home screen it would say "Playstation Network under maintenance" but then you go to the store and it works just fine.. downloads and all.. then you go to play online and that works just fine as well.. so did the live streams.. and the linking with facebook.. everything. Well except call of duty ghosts was for some reason taking forever to install (not just me having this problem) but other than that the experience has been flawless and even though it was "Under Maintenance" everything worked just fine.. it all worked fine the night I got it at launch and it's worked fine since.. I feel like Sony just made it say that just in case people had problems? but that's just my theory :p

but seriously I would like atleast 2 videos showing these so called "issues"

Soc51826d ago

By not using the term "defection rate"
Lol don't think that's the appropriate term.
Sounds like you're talking about the rate of people switching their loyalty to a cause than a malfunctioning console.

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Kingthrash3601827d ago

i was joking then too..i erased nothing it was the first sentance only at first..and if i took it seroiusly i wouldnt have read on...c'mon man its a coo article mabad if i pulled the chain too hard.

ZBlacktt1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Love playing my PS4!!! It rocks! God help MS next Friday, lol.

AngelicIceDiamond1827d ago

@Black I'm sure they'll do fine.

ZBlacktt1827d ago

and who are you? Nobody awh... ok. Thanks they were fine last launch too right?

AngelicIceDiamond1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Wow you instantly got defensive not sure why. You bought your PS4 at launch not sure what else could be your problem at this point.

I just made simple assumption and you blew it out proportion for no reason.

I just said I'm sure MS will be fine next week that's it.

ZBlacktt1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

No, try more like got factual. My whole point was the same drama will unfold for MS as well come Friday and into the weekend. It's just what the Internet brings. That was my assumption based off history.

Now that the word is out that the PS4 sold 1 million consoles in 24hrs ( world record ). Now everyone understands what some of us have been saying all along. That there really wasn't no issue when you look at the total sales.

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joe901827d ago ShowReplies(5)
TAURUS-5551827d ago

its a lie.

theres no way you can buy a broken ps4

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ATiElite1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I know SOME Sony fans are in Spin Mode or Damage Control mode but when FORBES starts writing stories of WIDESPREAD PS4 issues then you can not deny the problem.

well i guess you can deny the problem but it's time to be realistic and realize Sony has an issue.

Screw AMAZON as I feel that that is people at AMAZON doing intentional damage.

I'm talking about the HDMI poor manufacturing port and the Software issues.

Forbes know the Business Magazine who is ALL about Business and how things effect a Companies bottom line. The Magazine trusted by investors.

Not some silly Gamers site written by kids who can't use spell check. Forbes and a few other LEGIT sites is why I started taking this Sony thing serious.

all in all I hope Gamers get working PS4's. They spent money waiting on something and it should work when it arrives.

No one should receive faulty hardware.

GamingSoup1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I agree!

Nitrowolf21827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Eh, Forbse has had it's fair shares of idiotic posts. They called SOny out of the game after the PS3 $299 price cut and look where the PS3 is now.

Forbse is basically in the same boat as any other site here. Just going based off the Internet. Not saying the PS4 issues are fake or anything, cause i have a friend who has a faulty console. It is a real issue indeed, I just wouldn't make it comign from Forbe a big deal

Sony_Fan1827d ago

A prediction and discussing failure rates are a different thing.

Nitrowolf21827d ago

@ Sony_Fan

Isn't this failure Rate basically a prediction? They are gathering info and using math, sure, but no where does this amount for the mass shipped. It's an educated Guess at best

Visiblemarc1827d ago

I worked in computers. Hardware bricking is a FACT of the consumer electronics industry. 0.4% is incredibly low. You expect perfection? The processes required, if it was at all possible, would DRAMATICALLLY effect console pricing. Do you realize how much more consoles would cost of they had to extensively stess test millions of units?

The vast majority of gamers would rather buy a console for $399 and have a 1 in 300 chance of needing to have it replaced for free rather than paying $599 for a machine that is almost guaranteed 100% to work. Don't think it would effect cost? Just consider the space, infrastructure, staff and volume-limiting factors.

I don't care about your fanboy wars, but hell...can we stop warping people's expectations of what normal is?

jessupj1827d ago

Even me, someone that rationally and logically questions issues instead of blindly believing everything I'm told was getting a little scared when there's really nothing to be worried about.

So I could imagine many casual gamers would of believed the FUD. Fortunately casual gamers don't visit gaming news sites.

scott1821827d ago

What Sony fan is trying to spin anything? Everyone acknowledges systems will fail, nobody is denying that or saying they wont or haven't. I think the people that are doing the real spinning are the xbots coming out of the wood works drooling over any negative press about Sony... So far there is no failure rate out of the ordinary, especially for launch hardware, is that not correct! holy hell.

LordDhampire1827d ago

Lol forbes knows nothing about gaming, forbes has no clue what they are talking about, out of the 100,000 or more units they shipped....200 bad reviews?

Really? That's amazing...just wait til people have had this console long enough to actually write reviews on it

givemeshelter1827d ago

You are going to see massive damage control on this site LOL

scott1821827d ago

In 1080p, because it's for playstation...

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NateCole1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Can we just wait until the dust settles and know for sure the actual failure rate?.

This is silly. Its been out for less than 2 days and we are seeing constant articles about this.

Even if there is total of 4 thousand bricked PS4 its probably only 1 percent of PS4 out now.

We are arguing over something we really don't know for sure.

I advise the same for next week when the x1 launches. Wait until 2 week or even a month to get a clear idea.

In the meantime it is pointless to argue over something we don't know yet.

smashcrashbash1827d ago

Forget it.You are trying to pitch logic on N4G and on a Sony article no less.Anything defense just makes you a damage controlling Sony fanboy and nothing less.

whoyouwit041827d ago

I don't think the faulty consoles are a mall incident, because if they were there wolud be any reason for sony to ask amazone not to allow sale until they can figure out whats goin on.

Nitrowolf21827d ago

They already shipped though, it's kind of hard to ask that back if it was a mailing issue

josephayal1827d ago

Think all consoles launched were all fine? cmon