Fortune: The top 10 PS4 launch games

While many of the most anticipated games will be coming to PlayStation 4 next year (Infamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Fortune: Driveclub, Destiny), Sony (SNE) has solid games available at launch for those who manage to find a PS4. Gamers who don't want to fork over $400 for the new hardware can play current-gen versions of many of these titles.

But the next-gen visuals and features for these games make them worth the price of admission, especially since publishers are allowing owners of current-gen games to upgrade for $10. The future looks bright with over 180 PS4 games in development for the system.

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gamerlive1854d ago

PS4 does have a lot of quality launch games compared to PS3 and PS2.

PS4isKing_821854d ago

Ps2 launch had better variety IMO. Ridge racer 5, tekken tag tournament, dynasty warriors 2, ssx, madden (when it was still good), smugglers run and a couple more.

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

Love tekkeen tag tournament

Madderz1854d ago

Mannnnn i used to bum SSX.

Good game, good memories.

blitz06231854d ago

They put Contrast and not KZ. Wtf?

kewlkat0071854d ago

"PS4 does have a lot of quality launch games compared to PS3 and PS2."


DivineAssault 1854d ago

really good launch imo.. It wasnt great but it was good.. Driveclub, diablo, & infamous wouldve bumped it up to me but its all good.. Im thankful i even got one & there hasnt been any issues.. Not clicking through 10 pages to see the games but it was a good launch to me

GreenRanger1854d ago

@ DivineAssault.
Battlefield 4.
Call of Duty: Ghosts.
DC Universe Online.
FIFA 14.
Madden NFL 25.
Need for Speed: Rivals.
War Thunder.

Fil1011854d ago

Lol that's the top 10 and there's no shawdow fall

warczar1854d ago

I'm not saying the list sucks or anything but the author could have left Ghosts and Madden off the list and no one would have noticed.

Madderz1854d ago

I'm sorry but Killzone isn't above Contrast?

Whats that about? Fair enough it didn't live up to some of the hype but with all due respect to Contrast devs, its gotta be better than a small indie game?

Its like there is some conspiracy regarding Killzone. It looks great! I don't get it! I can't wait to get it!

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

Hater gonna hate xb1 got better lineup.Ms should have save gear jugdement for x1 just like sony should have with gt6

BitbyDeath1854d ago

Your opinion.
KZ alone kills everything Xbone has IMO

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

With the mix review is getting idk about that kz is 9 for me but with games like forza 5 Which turn 10 has never made a wack forza game before i doubt that

BitbyDeath1854d ago

@Masterchief_KOK, i'm not into racers unless they have takedowns like Burnout/Motorstorm.

Also Forza hasn't taken it to the next level from what I have heard. KZ stepped up with open sandbox like levels and added some destructibility. Forza is just more of the same with better graphics.

Madderz1854d ago


Totally agree with you there, however i did almost buy Forza (i forget which one) last gen to try out the drifting aspect online, my mates always used to bang on about it.

Never did though.

Anyone know if its any good?

warczar1854d ago

If you think that Forza 5 is gonna be better than Forza 4 you haven't been keeping track of just how badly they have gimped the game. It should be called Forza 5: Prologue, which is very WACK.


How about the top 10 places to find a that I can play the top 10 games available for the system?

ElementX1854d ago

There aren't currently 10 games worth playing. I am not a fan of Resogun, I haven't tried Contrast yet or the f2p titles. I did buy KZ and I'm having fun with that.

Bordel_19001854d ago

Not interested in any of the launch games. The multiplats I'd rather have on my PC and there are no exclusives that I like at launch. Canceled my pre-order. I'll wait till something worthwhile comes along and save my money for then.

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