5 Reasons You Should Have Already Pre-Ordered Titanfall

"2013 has been an extremely eventful year for video-games. From the long awaited Bioshock Infinite by Irrational Games to The Last of Us by Naughty Dog to Pokemon X and Y by Game Freak, gamers everywhere have had more than enough reason to hype themselves up for the latest releases. That hype culminates in what is the pre-order. The mark that you have absolute faith in your chosen developer to deliver a quality product that is going to be worth every penny of your $60 or £40 respectively.

Well next year is going to be no different, and [Whatculture is] kicking it off with a big one, Titanfall. Titanfall has been sweeping the gaming Industry by storm with its high ambition and extremely impressive game-play demos, winning awards from every media outlet under the sun."

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Dragonborn3121831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Got it pre-ordered already for my Xbox One. Super excited for it. All the press for it has been extremely positive and the videos I have seen demonstrate why. The game just looks like so much fun.

HelpfulGamer1831d ago

I'm gonna play it on the PC!

coolbeans1831d ago

And I'm probably going to snag the 360 version!


decrypt1831d ago

Not preordering anything. With the way games are released these days, just better to wait until they are out and the bugs are patched. By which time Prices are cut down too, specially on the PC where prices go down within weeks.

Just better to get a fixed game than to preorder a bugged one.

ATiElite1831d ago

Waiting to see if I can get Titanfall FREE with a GPU purchase.

I really DO NOT want to have to buy Titanfall from ORIGIN! if so then I will wait!

PC Gamers go sign Petition to move Titanfall to Steam!

(Even though it's an EA Game and EA and their YUCKIE Origin)

urwifeminder1831d ago

May get both versions depends if I get more friends on origin if not will get xb1 version first.