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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been out for roughly 45 hours now; the launch crowds are all at home enjoying their new, sleek boxes for the weekend. Hopefully, the folks who expected their PS4’s to arrive by mail, got their console and are diving into the launch games. So, what have we found out in the hours post launch? If you search around the web a bit, the answer to that question is as follows: It’s great! It sucks! Mine’s broken!

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ATiElite1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Went to neighbors house to eat pizza and watch college football and while there i looked at his PS4. AGAIN!

The HDMI port is made kinda Poorly. He has good connection after bending the hdmi inner case so i can see how this is effecting PS4 gamers having the "NO video to tv issue"

He had an issue trying to update firmware but that was most likely due to PSN being overwhelmed with people.

other than the typical PSN issues his PS4 is good.

BF4 PS4 looks good. It's PC setting would be Med/High settings at 900p. The majority of eye candy is ON in the PS4 version, but a few seem to be on Medium and the 900p resolution is obvious compared to Ultra 1080p but PS4 BF4 still looks good.

I brought one of my PC's over to do MY own comparison. I'm sick of Youtube video and sites saying they are using Ultra when in fact they are using High PC settings.

He wont open up Killzone......until Sunday when he knows I'll be away gaming. LOL!

LTwriting1850d ago

haha well I'm glad his PS4 isn't having some of the reported issues! Hopefully the problems aren't very wide spread!

Naga1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

When it comes to system failures, I don't think people really consider the math. There were over 1,000,000 PS4s sold. Even if Sony has a good failure rate of only 4%, that is still 40,000 customers out there with defective consoles. That is A LOT of people. It would naturally follow that we would see a comparably large number of reports. And that's with an acceptable failure rate for a launch.

I don't think it's wise for us to jump to any conclusions about the PS4's reliability until we have some updated statistics. Just my two cents on that matter.

thorstein1849d ago

The rate was reported as .4%. Just FYI. It is a different magnitude of 10. Which would mean that the failures would be closer to 4000. But I saw some speculation that the rate is closer to 1% which would be about 10000 consoles.

I haven't heard 40,000 as of yet, that would be pretty significant.

Naga1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I know the 0.4% figure, but that was posited for the early release systems - not post-launch. I picked 4% because that is a reasonable number on the lower side of the acceptable launch failure rate for the industry. So my point is that even if the rate falls well within statistical norms, we should still expect there to be high volumes of reports, since we are talking about such a high volume of sales.

thehitman1849d ago

I think most of hte issues are from bad HDMI ports so far which can be fixed w/o sending it in. Those that have that HDMI issue and can fix it and still play I would hold on to it until closer where warranty is up before replacing it. Maybe during a time your not gaming that much so you wont miss it.

Nobody really knows what the failure rate of launch consoles will be until after a few months of them being out but I would say that they will be fairly low and not out the norm. I feel sorry for my fellow gamers that got a bad pick but you cant go on any electronic website and look at reviews of a product and there aren't any DOA or ones that stop working after awhile.

Ju1849d ago

4% is still a big number, IMO. Should be lower than 1% and that was actually reported. But even with .4% = 4,000 people. Still a lot of noise. Mine works like a charm; no issue other than the PSN troubles first day. But seems to be OK now.

gobluesamg1849d ago

Wow this author laid out a non-biased, concise, and common sense evaluation of both the consoles launch and future. How rare for a gaming journalist.

thorstein1849d ago

So there is A gaming journalist out there...

Hipflask1849d ago

Good article. In relation to the problems experienced with malfunctioning units - we must remember that in the good old days before social media, none of these gripes really made it out to broader community, let alone internationally.

Malfunctioning units are expected and I feel sorry for the people who have to go through the process of getting things right; however, I feel that the problems with the PS4 are relatively minimal when looking at how many units were sold - it is purely a case where social media has acted as a force multiplier to FUD stories.

Yes there are people experiencing technical difficulties, but unfortunately these stories have been re-used, rehashed and blown out of proportion on a host of websites. We should wait until the PS4 is released in other regions to see what the extent of this hardware failure is. I still think it will be relatively minimal.

Belking1849d ago

Most people I know are having some sort of issue with theirs. Games crashing, loudness,ejecting disc in middle of game, PSN trouble. The list goes on and on