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Submitted by B-radical 818d ago | news

PS4 'Blue Light Of Death' Has No Clear Fix Yet

A number of PlayStation 4 owners appear to have non-functional units that all suffer the same problem, a so-called blue light — or blue pulse — of death. We can’t tell how many and assume it’s a small but noteworthy minority. (PlayStation, PS4)

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neocores  +   818d ago
Ummm they already found a fix for it but nice way to troll need to do some research before u submit again
HelpfulGamer  +   818d ago
Kotaku Australia( should have waited for the Australian PS4 Launch. By then, they'll be no problem.
Elzer  +   818d ago
PS4 can't handle knack or something lmao
0ut1awed  +   817d ago
Come on guys, use some critical logic. It's probably no more a problem than any other electronic that's been made.

They already said they expect .04% to fail. They also said they sold over 1 million in the first 24 hours. That leaves 4,000 people will failed systems. Even if it was up to 1% (which is still an acceptable number of failures for electronics) that's 10,000 people. That's only first 24 hours and we are at almost at 72 hours.

Now also think about this. Social media really wasn't around when the 360/PS3 launched. Now everyone has the ability to voice their opinion instantly. it would seem like a crap ton of systems are failing even if half of those 4,000 people go post their troubles. That's 2,000 individual documented reports of failed systems within the first 48 hours.

Not to mention it took PS3 months to hit one million sales and the 360 only had 360,000 units sold two weeks after launch. People that can't understand the ratio of these numbers see 2,000 reports and say "OMG PS4 SUKZ!"

Now don't get me wrong, it sucks ass for those people. I would be pissed too and defiantly be posting all around the net.

You just need to keep these reports in perspective. There is always the possibility that it's a much bigger issue. If you sit back and review all the facts, nothing really points to that yet.

Don't believe me? Wait for the X1 launch. They're set to ship similar numbers as the PS4 so they should have thousands of failed units too that the internet also blows out of proportion.
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The Killer  +   817d ago
even if the issue is big, sony will simply fix it with the one year warranty.

the big issue if the issue remains and occurs after the one year warranty.

knowing sony products, they are quality products. so am sure they will fix it this small issue.
OpieWinston  +   817d ago
@The Killer

I'd agree with you about the warranty...But the funny part is the Sony sales rep were trying to get people to extend their warranty($79.99) when they called them with their PS4 problems.

That's just sad that you've got someone's money for a DOA console and they want to take more from you.
-Mika-  +   818d ago
Im surprised you have 6 disagrees. I thought it would be the opposite knowing this site.
EZMickey  +   818d ago
They've found fixes for the "Red Line of Death", yes, but users experiencing the Blue Light of Death are only successful in exchanging their faulty console directly with Sony or their retailer.
neocores  +   818d ago
The pulsing blue light was due to a little metal part sticking up in the HDMI slot all u had to do was push it dwn go to IGN they will tell u its been fixed once u do that the system will work
joe90  +   818d ago
neocores....Yeh right just poke down a piece of metal on your PS4 to make it work. WOW. I am having a great laugh on this issue as "TEH GREATNESS" is actually just a broken piece of plastic HAHAHA

All these months of Piss Stinking Sony Fanboys saying that Microsoft are a bunch of 180 scum bags have been landed with a melting piece of Sony SHIT. Failure rates are well into 30% now after releasing the full console to the public. I have maybe 3 or 4 friends out of the 10 PS4 buyers having to return it....OUCH

I am a PC gamer so do NOT accuse me of been and "Xbot" it's just you shouldn't have trolled the RROD and Xbox One so hard for so long as it was always going to turn around and bite you on your Piss Stinking Sony Fanboy Arse.

Do NOT reply as you will only look stupid and i will bring up your old posts about how good the PS4 is + this will get removed and a bubble loss.

I am happy to lose a bubble or be banned just laughing at your poor pathetic kind who thought the PS4 was "TEH GREATNEZZZZZ"

LOL OMG i am still in stitches over how you hardcore trolled every Xbox One article, to be losing shares and customers over broken consoles.

LOL please please PLEASE don't reply you will just look like a Sony Defence Force fucking pecker.
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Pintheshadows  +   818d ago
More amusing is that Kotaku US posted a video yesterday addressing this. If you ram the HDMI cable in like a oaf it isn't going to work. The pulsing blue light is the PS4 trying and failing to get an output signal as the HDMI cable isn't connected properly.
ZeroX9876  +   818d ago
yeah PC parts never breaks, never ever. never happened and never will.

no more bubbles?, ahhhh
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Ares84HU  +   818d ago

Where did you get that 30% failure rate?? 3 out of your 10 friends had to return it??

I feel like you are pulling this out of your ass and you don't even have 10 friends, let alone 10 with PS4 systems.
Everyone that I know who has gotten a PS4 has no problems what so ever.

Show me an official source that confirms 30% failure rate. If you can't, you'll just look like an asshole and an xbox fanboy. Which you are because we all know that xbox fanboys #1 scapegoat is to call themselves PC gamers and on PC we all know everything works and runs smoothly and nothing EVER brakes. Maybe you want to look at nvidia's lates flop, the almost $1000 video card that is faulty by design. You dumbass.
scott182  +   818d ago

wow man, it's ok.
4Sh0w  +   818d ago
joe90 you make xbox fans and ALL gamers look like immature spoiled punk kids, you're the epitome of what's bad about the internet.
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itBourne  +   818d ago
I cannot understand how an hdmi port would cause a flashing blue light. I unplugged my hdmi and guess what, it still started up fine. An hdmi problem should result in the system still starting you just cannot see it right? Unless the ps4 can recognize its there just messed up. I think that hdmi thing was a more isolated thing. Who knows tho with the internet, some things get blown up others do not.
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EZMickey  +   818d ago
Guys, this is different from the HDMI thing.

@Pintheshadows Kotaku actually investigated this quite thoroughly and found no solution beyond direct exchange with Sony or the retailer. death-has-no-clear-fix-yet-1465 979487

All it takes is a little reading sweg. -_-
ChrisW  +   818d ago
I've got to agree with one thing Joe90 said, "you shouldn't have trolled the RROD and Xbox One so hard for so long as it was always going to turn around and bite you..."

Yup, what comes around, goes around.
Eddie20101  +   818d ago

The Xbots got as good as they give, there's no saints on either side of the fanboy war. Just loud mouthed belligerent fanboys that think they are saints.

I build PC"s and I have gotten my fair share of bad PC parts and I have fixed my fare share of store bought PC's. Failure rate on PC's is pretty darn high.
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Panthers  +   817d ago
Is this a joke? The PS4 issues are minimal. I do feel bad for anyone with a broken console as there is no bigger mood killer during a new launch.

I have a lot of friends with one, not one broke. None of us, however, got it off Amazon.

Mine is working great. Now I just need EA to fix BF4. The game is a blast when I can play, but Conquest doesnt work :(
joe90  +   818d ago
RROD....Sorry i meant BLOD seems to be a major issue right now with the PS4. Glad i canceled my pre-order and bought the Bone.

Kingthrash360 .....0.4% was the stats 4 days ago before actual customer reports. Bring new news please.
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memots  +   818d ago
reading your comments history, it sure did sound like you ever were going to buy a ps4 ...
twdll  +   818d ago
I have heard that workers at Foxcon (who were mad at Foxcon) sabotaged some of the PS4's that were going out from there. They were supposedly shipped from Amazon. But I also heard that Foxcon puts together the XBox one as well so watch out. As for my PS4 it is running without incident. Purchased from Best Buy at Launch.
HammadTheBeast  +   818d ago
Wow you bought the bone... nice to know you trust MS after a 50%+ failure rate, seems legit.
Kingthrash360  +   818d ago
you may be speaking too soon though...also a out of over 1,000,000 sold and out...0.4% was reported as faulty. if this was a major problem we would know by now. it is a problem though but the x1 hasnt come out yet...its predecessor had over a 50.0% fail rate ps3 just 3.0#.
not to say ps4 will not have over 3.0% OR that x1 will have over 50.0% just saying nothing is safe from faulty launch mass produced consoles.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   818d ago
HAHA. sure you did man…sure you did.
GezForce  +   818d ago
Hope that works out well for you
punisher99  +   818d ago

This has got to be the most retarded thing I've ever read in my life. You canceled your PS4 preorder because of an unproven failure rate, and you go back to the company that just recently had the highest failure rate for a console in history?? What ever it is you are smoking. I want some of it!
ZeroX9876  +   818d ago
the 360 had problems, the PS2 had dvd lens problem, the Xbox (original) the dvd drive wouldn't open, PS3 YLOD, windows BSOD.....

I think we all saw what early releases are like. GTA5 online anyone?

already got my PS4, not a problem yet. I wish everyone had a great launch day and I sure hope X1 users won't have problems either.

we're all gamers and enjoy playing those masterpieces, whatever system your playing on.
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itBourne  +   818d ago
Well have fun with your X1 and I will have fun playing Infamous SS, The Order, and all the ND, SSM, MM, and the plethora of other developer's games, exclusive to ps4 = P
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itBourne  +   818d ago
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knoxin  +   818d ago
joe90 your a troll, looking at your past history proves that
Seraphim  +   818d ago
you killed it. All this trolling and bashing and yet it appears you are spot on yet you lack the intelligence to notice it so I'll make it clear for you. You said, "Seems to be a major issue." Yes it Only seems to be a major issue because all you're reading are the 1/1000 cry about having a problem, a bricked console out the box or one that worked for minutes-day then suddenly crapped out. The other 999 of us with working systems aren't online raving about how we got a system that works. No we're waiting to write an informative review that will actually help others make a decision if they're on the fence. So you are correct Sir, it only seems to be a major issue but in reality it's nothing more than common failure like any other electronic device.
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CannonB8  +   818d ago
@Seraphim. Well said. But if I can just correct you on one small point. The other 999 aren't waiting on writing a review. They're sitting playing their PS4 with absolutely no problems at all. Having worked in retail electronics, I can tell you that every new piece of technology that comes out has teething problems. No exceptions. The PS4's problems just now are minor setbacks caused by a manufacturing industry run by money-grabbers and by a workforce who are over-worked and underpaid. Sony deserve a great deal of credit for the minimal amount of returns there have been.
The only reason the issue become so wide-spread and well-known over a short period of time was because of a few high-profile cases. The Taco Bell winner and IGN being two of the biggest.
Eddie20101  +   818d ago
Another liar. Never were going to buy a PS4.
Ares84HU  +   818d ago
And there we are ladies and gentleman. The alleged PC gamer who swore he isn't an xbot just proved himself to be an xbot. You are a bad troll joe90! Try harder next time. You might need to register a new account though because this one will be destroyed thanks to your limitless stupidity.

You NEVER had a PS4 on preorder buddy. Not in your dreams. You always had an Xbone preordered and I don't even think you ever gamed on PC. Maybe on your Surface tabled. That hardcore Candy Crush man. The awesome PC gaming moments you must've had.
RAGE91  +   817d ago
@Twdll. 10% of xbox ones were made by foxconn the other 90% built in brasil
Cyfyxtfg  +   818d ago
Lol yay xbox!! I knew i made the right choice
scott182  +   818d ago
Seeing as how it's not out yet and we have no idea what the failure rate for it will be...
MorePowerOfGreen  +   818d ago

MSFT has been upfront with showing many consoles running and allowing people to play them at many gaming events. No XB1 problems have been reported yet Sony hardly publically allowed their console to be played at pre launch gaming events.
When PS4 was at gaming events PS4 has had issues every time(every show)

MSFT has done QC like no other after RROD($1 Billion) so fail rate will be low.

XB1 was designed better on the software and hardware side. Sony months ago were leaked MSFT secrets and Sony changed PS4 specs to match XB1 and they also copied leaked features.

XB1 is powerful bro.

Sony may have many people fooled in thinking PS4 is powerful due to it's GPU memory but as a next gen gaming multimedia home theater PC, XB1 is a beast.

XB1 has a powerful CPU with many co-processors for offloading and >over 16 gigs of various memory< running all this stuff(RAM/FLASH/ESRAM)plus hyper-visor / move- engines

PS4 will not be able to follow XB1 into the cloud compute future, XB1 was built from the ground up for nextgen applications and you can see PS4 is having trouble out of the gate.
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CannonB8  +   818d ago
Yeah, fair enough. But you have to question if Microsoft would be doing the same things regarding QC had they not been burnt (badly) by the failure rate of the 360.
At least it looks like they have learnt from mistakes in the past.
Ares84HU  +   818d ago

What the hell are you talking about buddy?? It was the other way around. I found PS kiosks all over GameStops and Best Buys yet I couldn't find a single Xbox One on display untill 3 days ago and that wasn't even turned on. You have your facts upside down.

The Xbone isn't as powerful as the PS4, are you out of your mind? Xbox one is a 720p system and PS4 is 1080p. What GPU are you talking about?? The PS4 is is more powerful in every area. Cloud you say?? Hahahahahah funny. If that will ever work it can be just as easily be applied to the PS4 but you forget about people with monthly data limitations. If the Xbone will be using cloud and some games can only run because they need the extra horse power of the cloud than those people with montly data limitations can play their games for half a month than have to stop because they exceed their limits?? That's just fucking stupid. Also, you keep on forgeting about people who don't even have internet connection at home. What about them? They will be able to buy some games for a year or two than the Xbone won't have the power to play games after that because it needs to cloud to do so?? You can't be that stupid to believe this cloud bullshit. It won't make the Xbone more powerful. I know you like to believe it but it just won't. The Xbone will always be behind the PS4 in terms of power and this was even stated by almost all of the developers you dumbass.
GoodnessGreatness  +   818d ago
Nah still wrong choice. What people tend to forget that there's a more huge number of consoles that are running fine.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   817d ago

Only thing I seen Microsoft be upfront about is banning anyone who gets the console early and having embargo dates on the day before release...yeah really upfront right there!
#1.5.6 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
static5245  +   817d ago

What are you talking about man?? Half the time the games weren't even running on X1 but a PC. And X1 has it's problems too. Like not being able to get passed the boot-up screen. Stop talking about things that you obviously have no knowledge about or facts to back it up
Sony_Fan  +   818d ago
Thank god i cancelled my pre order after the launch games ended up being mediocre/bad. don't have to go through the massive chance of a failed system.
scott182  +   818d ago
Dude, seriously? just seriously....
Kryptix  +   818d ago
The guy thinks the launch games are the only games a next gen console offers. lol I can spot an attention seeking fool easily with idiotic comments like that.
Ares84HU  +   818d ago

You think if you register with that name we won't see who you really are Xbot?

You never had a PS4 preordered.

You Xbots make it too easy. You don't even try anymore.

All that shit talk from last gen is coming back right in your faces and you just can't take it. Don't worry, you Xbots got what you deserve.
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BX81  +   818d ago
@neocores having to fix your band new console before you can use it is the wrong answer, so stop acting like it's no big deal. I was gonna get one next week but I'm passing till Sony comes out and says we have this under control, I don't want to play the is my console made correctly?, game. I played that game last gen.
BG11579  +   818d ago
@Neocores I got both of your comments bubble up has helpful.
Nice of you sharing the info.
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JUDALATION  +   817d ago
The_Villager  +   818d ago
Sony really need to get their act together and find a fix this before the holidays. This is unacceptable especially for a company as big as sony.
4lc4pon3  +   818d ago
So u expected a major launch to be perfect. They already told amazon to stop selling units and have already stopped production. I'm sure there working on it. U act like it has to be 100% news flash its impossible to get 100%
hellzsupernova  +   818d ago
wait what. they stopped production?!
MRMagoo123  +   818d ago
they havent stopped production.
supes_24  +   818d ago
I am living my PS4! It's not all bad news out there. There's more working than non working consoles, you just hear about the bad ones more, that's all that's happening here. You better believe the Xbox will have failures too when it launces, question is will it worse? Only time will tell.
rainslacker  +   818d ago
wow. I hope you have some links to back up that statement, because I'm pretty sure that would be number one front page news here on N4G.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   818d ago
That's the thing, though; they had issues with the PS3 launch as well.
Issues they should have caught just like now.
They should have learned better, but they haven't.
awesomeperson  +   818d ago
Judging by your comment history - you really don't care for Sony's position.

And your argument is flawed, any electronic launch will have problems. We live in an age where social media is all too readily accessible - and hence, those with problems are able to make a large noise.

It is simply unfortunate that there was obviously some problems in the manufacturing, and there are still some software issues to be ironed out - but it should be expected.
Mosiac77  +   818d ago
I guess everybody voting down on The Villager don't want sony to fix this.
HammadTheBeast  +   818d ago
No, they just find it hypocritical that he is quick to criticize Sony, yet not MS over their 50%+ RROD rate.
JasonKCK  +   818d ago
To be fair this is a new generation. Talking about fail rates for a console that was fixed years ago compared to one that just released is different. I don't think anyone in their right mind would dismiss the 360 fail rate but that was then, this is now.
Chevalier  +   818d ago
Really we've sold over 200 ps4 and only 2 came back so honestly this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. I work in a store where is everyone else getting these numbers? Our 9 stores have sold over 1000 combined and not even a dozen have come back.
Mikeyy  +   818d ago
Its just fanboys with 1 or 2 bubbles making a big deal out of it, they dont even bother to check the facts.

They want the PS4 to look as bad as possible.
GrandpaSnake  +   818d ago
I have a good friend who is a manager at gamespot and he knows all the managers in the area, he also told me they have sold over a thousand and less than 4 were sent back for repair.
GreenRanger  +   818d ago
If Sony don't fix this, I'll fix them!
#3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Cyfyxtfg  +   818d ago
kennyg3739  +   818d ago
Shuhei Yoshida needs come out comment about these issue, he's has been cheerledering for the last 6 months. It's not time to hide now.
live2play  +   818d ago
please understand
iiwii  +   818d ago
I don't think he is one to hide. I'm sure they want to get the specific (facts) about what is causing problems for those who have experienced it. Better to make an informed statement, which can only come after some research and troubleshooting from Sony's part. Personally, I think this is all being blown WAY out of proportion. People need to be patient and follow through with their warranty procedure.

Not saying some people are not having issues, but I don't think it's anywhere near the number some people would like to make the general public think. Some complaints are real, and some are people with an agenda trying to add fuel to a small flicker. I mean, I've been around long enough to know what normal consumers do, and they either:

1- Return the item to the store of purchase for an exchange, or
2- Contact the manufacturer to get a resolution / replacement.

Normal consumers do not immediately jump onto social media and start trying to create a s#it storm over something without even trying to get a resolution. If it had been weeks and Sony were not replying to them, yeah, I could see it. Those who are making the most noise are known to have an agenda.
LOL_WUT  +   818d ago
Not looking good on Sonys part hopefully a software update can fix some issues going on ;)
Funantic1  +   818d ago
I hope a software update can quiet this fan down on my PS4.
ELpork  +   818d ago
Red light, blue light, Noodle, don't noodle.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   818d ago
not to hate
but ive been playing it almost all night and it just feels like an updated ps3

the OS is so basic

graphics are awesome though for bf 4
plus my bf4 keeps crashing and corrupting data
ELpork  +   818d ago
Launch games buddy. I tell people but they no listen.

Every launch is like this. Remember Kameo? or Perfect Dark? Give it... a year or two on the outside. Once we see stuff that's only made for these systems. Division, Destiny, Titian Fall, Fallout 4, Uncharted, The new Mass Effect...

I feel like I'm repeating myself... Ehh, cheese n' hamburgers, Time will make the system worth it... but by then there will be a price drop for those of us who don't need one right this second.
Sitdown  +   818d ago
I don't remember, what happened with Kameo and Perfect Dark?
Silly gameAr  +   818d ago
Oh, so you got you're PS4 to work huh? I remember you on here ranting like a mad man about how your PS4 was DOA.
#7.2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   818d ago
No he fixed it himself apparently, he worked out reading the online manual that actually plugging it in made it work 100% better.
Majin-vegeta  +   818d ago
Bf4 is Ea fault not Sony.God damn does no one do their damn research around here???.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   818d ago
hello sdf
i didnt say it was sonys fault

relax...its like you have stocks in sony or something

why should something so trivial bother you
you dont have a life outside of the internet?

calm down
kewlkat007  +   818d ago
Yup, users with broken PS4s are not looking to do much damage control research obviously..
chaosdemon09  +   818d ago
If your PS4 gets hung up at the pulsing blue light while rebooting after the 1.50 update, DO NOT UNPLUG THE PS4 TO TURN IT OFF! Doing this could run the risk of bricking your console.

Sony support had us go into Safe Mode to reset to factory defaults and re-initialize to fix the problem.

1. Hold down power button until the unit powers off and the light goes out. This took about 10 seconds.
2. Enter Safe Mode by holding down the power button until you hear 2 beeps. Release power button after the second beep. The Safe Mode menu will appear with a list of options.
3. Select Option 4 to restore PS4 to factory defaults. Once it's done, the system will restart.
4. In our case, after the reboot, the PS4 automatically entered Safe Mode. This time, they had us select Option 6 to Initialize the PS4. Note that by doing this, you will lose profiles and settings so just be aware that you are basically starting over. Once it's done, the system will restart.
5. When the PS4 comes back up, it will take you through the initial setup again as if it's being booted for the first time.

After that, we were back in business to play our games.

They had us go to the System Settings to see if the software version shows 1.5 and it does so we're up to date. We just hope this won't happen on every update.

Anyway, we hope this post will help out others having the same problem.

Happy gaming! Credit to EvilDP
FanboysAreGimps  +   818d ago
I feel sorry for those people with faulty PS4 units, I'd be so mad if my launch unit was faulty, as for those people saying "did you expect a perfect launch" or "its only a few", you wouldn't be thinking that way if you had an issue with your console, so stop the fanboy protecting your purchase speech and the fanboy Sony love, this shouldn't be happening, I know for a fact as soon as the other company get a single report you same people will be preaching the death of said manufacturer.

You guys with faulty PS4's I hope you get it fixed fast and free, sorry to hear of your problems
#9 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Thank you for such a warm comment. I'm one of those with a faulty system with a blinking blue light but no video output.

I appreciate the supportive comment you made for those of us who were unfortunate to go through this issue.
Madderz  +   818d ago

Very well said mate.

Have a bubble.

This place needs more people like you.
SEAN1617  +   818d ago



SEAN1617  +   818d ago
See here is proof in your eye boys, hope the xbone launch goes well.
BrianG  +   818d ago
While I agree it's nice to see this fix, you know every gamer doesn't go to gaming websites or would think it was an HDMI issue.

My PS4 was working fine, but because I visit N4G I knew to check my HDMI port before plugging in my wire, just in case.

But everyone else who doesn't frequent these sites are likely lost and don't know what the heck is going on, good reason to be worried.

Bottom line these things happen, just a shame it's a physical defect that good quality assurance could have caught before shipping.
Majin-vegeta  +   818d ago
Quick question did you use the HDMi cable that came with your PS4?When i touched it it just didnt feel right so i used my PS3 one instead.
BrianG  +   817d ago
I did not vegeta,

I work at a specific retailer and get a discount on things, like HDMI cables, so I got a AudioQuest Vodka cable for my PS4.
#12.1.2 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Felonycarclub8  +   818d ago
Am just glad I have never experienced anything with my day 1 PS1 PS2 PS3 and now PS4, been playing all day and no issues and it's so quiet.
ElementX  +   818d ago
I can only speak for my unit and it works fine
hemmo1986   818d ago | Offensive
Belking  +   818d ago
So far this launch has been a disaster for sony. They are getting ready to have a bad week starting Monday when all the press start reporting this stuff. This is gonna be costly for sony. MS ended up paying over a billion and sony will end up paying too.....and to make matters worse MS is gonna announce that they have the most powerful console next week.
Majin-vegeta  +   818d ago
Lol cuz we all know the xbone is more powerful than the you need to lay off the meds son.
Mikeyy  +   818d ago
You love in a fantasy world Belking. The problem isnt as big as you are hoping sorry to break it to you.
Madderz  +   818d ago
I want whatever he's on. Now.
SpinalRemains138  +   818d ago
Breaking records.

Lol what a horrible disaster.
ziggurcat  +   817d ago
"MS is gonna announce that they have the most powerful console next week."

Most of the games at 720p says otherwise, troll.
joeyisback  +   818d ago
my system is working fine and if u notice even that hot porn star PS4 wouldnt work but damn shes sexi :-P

@ below Alana Evans but shes getting her replacement tuesday :-D
#17 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   818d ago
yarbie1000  +   818d ago
Porn Star

Genna Bain - CEO of CynicalBrit and wife of TotalBiscuit also received ong
Bowzabub  +   818d ago
Good to go here.
Themba76  +   818d ago
nothin happened to me yet and ive been gaming 8 hours straight today playing knack, killzone,nfsrivals,bf4,contras t,warframe,resogun and ac4. mostly knack though today fun game. but yea no problems for me and if do have problems thats what my gamestop 2 year warranty is for.
#19 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dboyman  +   817d ago
My EB Games (Canadian Gamestop) never offered any warrenty options for PS4, told an excuse that we must deal directly with Sony for issues. So I paid extra for Sony's Protection plan...
Tzuno  +   817d ago
Take that you X1 hatters. Payback is a B!tch.
xJumpManx  +   817d ago
This is going to make the ps4 eve harder to find this year. I would also expect it to impact release dates for other countries.
beereal360  +   817d ago
My ps4 does not work either. I took it back to best buy for a refund. The good news i pre ordered two xbox ones and I can use the next week on them. c
Gamerita  +   817d ago
Ashunderfire86  +   817d ago
I got a working PS4, but I got to tell you, if Xbox One gets alot of system failures then the Wii U will be the only new console with little to no failure. Just stating the facts. Nintendo will take advantage of this in a conversation to win over gamers.
#24 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bart  +   817d ago
when the ps4 is actually running correctly what colour is the light supposed to be on top
Themba76  +   817d ago
JoseV76  +   817d ago
Well I'm happy I waited before getting mine I'm sure they will have fixes done in several months.
Mr-Dude  +   817d ago
Well, they are adressing the problem...

A little off topic...

I was reading reviews on Amazon and its sad to see so many bad reviews. But after looking at some of the people who posted the reviews this is what I found

1) They never bought anything on amazon before
2) The people who bought a ps4, when u check to see what else they bought .. guest what only xbox 360 games `
3) have seen some of the same name 3 to 4 times posting bad reviews
4) People saying xbox one would be better :-----
a) Get an XBOX ONE instead! It works perfectly ( how can they know that if it's not released )
b) Nothing works, faulty from the start. Xbox one is better. Save your money and wait for better times
c) Heading back to Xbox One - where they have far more better care towards their customers, better hardware, better games.
d) I should have stayed with xbox. The PS4 system seems cheap and rushed as do the games
e) Absolutely gutted sold a dud! Sony messed up! Pulsating blue light. Not happy. Avoid at all costs. Xbox here for I come
f) Sony you really screw it, just like obama care web site. hate it hate it hate it. Americans should buy XBOX ONE.

I dont think 485 system get red light of dead or a broken hdmi port.Sadly enough if u didn't buy a ps4 on amazon u can still leave a reviews about it , so trolls are going to be everywhere. I hoped this gen it would all change to more postive..
JoseV76  +   817d ago
People are funny here they call themselves gamers but argue each systems is best this and that,bunch of babies god, I'm getting both and enjoying gaming !!
#28 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingPoS  +   817d ago
For newcomers to n4g: It was just the same in 2006. I kid you not. lol
Now that's entertainment!

Gateway MT6706 2008
TBONEJF  +   817d ago
This is why i would never buy the first batch of a new gaming console either sony/ms usually the first batch have glitches in em so I'm waiting till either next spring or summer to by my PS4. Just to Play it safe
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