BPD: Replica Gun Used To Rob Owner Of New Playstation 4

Someone bought a new Playstation 4 gaming console Friday morning, but didn't have it for long. Bakersfield Police said the owner was robbed at gunpoint -- with what turned out to be a replica gun -- at about 12:25 a.m. at Valley Plaza.

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Nujabes_1854d ago

Not sure this belongs here. The only thing connecting this story with gaming is the console.

ATiElite1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

PS4 "Getting Mugged Awaits"

Just read this story on another site and it looks like the Thieves were caught.

YEAH and hopefully the kid gets his PS4 back.

This has happened with every PS release. Sad but true!

Evil_Abed1854d ago

Only to get home and discover he has one of those foxconn sabotage ones.

DCfan1853d ago

I just LOVE how you made this story from a dude gettin robbed to a console war. Nice work. Maturity at its finest.

Evil_Abed1853d ago

Thank you? Also, it was a joke

Ashunderfire861853d ago

Yup your right and I heard when PS3 launch someone got shot in line.

Army_of_Darkness1853d ago

I hope the thief gets what he deserves in prison for robbing an innocent dude for his hard earned ps4 like that. What a cunt.

FamilyGuy1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Suspected thieves and actual proof of who it was are two different things. The guy was robbed by one guy, the police arrested two guys. They didn't both commit the crime.

"YEAH and hopefully the kid gets his PS4 back."

I can't remember the exact phrasing but cops once told me that they keep stolen objects as evidence till trial or some bs like that so he might still be out of luck for a while.

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Shadonic1854d ago

wow that's just messed up

Blackdeath_6631853d ago

happens with every midnight launch of anything popular ever, even at midnight launches for game like call of duty. same thing in the uk except instead of guns its knifes

Mikelarry1854d ago

This is why I ordered mine for delivery. People these days what if the person they robbed had a weapon on him and decided to use it to protect himslf,lose your life over s video game SMH

Reborn1854d ago

What if the postman is a bit annoyed that he missed his chance to pre-order one?

A few words from said postman son could result in a failed delivery for a certain customer.

No names though. jk.

But yeah, I pre-order for delivery, as I dont want to go through the hassle of going to stores, and dealing with other potential issues.

PoSTedUP1854d ago

better than a real gun, or a murder... hmmm *looks for his airsoft gun*

Chuk51854d ago

Damn scum. people earn their money to get a console jacked by awful excuses for humans. Hope the thief gets his due, and the owner gets their PS4 back or something to alleviate the situation.

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