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Choi Seul Ki Cosplays as DOTA 2's Lina at G-STAR 2013 Video Game Expo

Korean model Choi Seul Ki was hired for the G-STAR 2013 video game expo to promote DOTA 2. She cosplayed as Lina the Slayer. (Dota 2, G-Star 2013, PC)

LordHiggens  +   283d ago
I'll be back in 5 minutes.
Dagobert  +   283d ago
Dat plastic surgery.
aiBreeze  +   283d ago
*insert "how dare you question their beauty, they're all unique and beautiful" message here*
FullmetalRoyale  +   283d ago
What do you mean by "they're all"?


LordHiggens  +   283d ago
Who cares? Would still bang.
Dagobert  +   283d ago
I do. It's about it being real or not. Would you bang a mannequin if it looked hot? If not, is it cause it's not real? It's just weird wanting to bang someone that has more than 5% body surgery done. Just looking at her I can tell where exactly the surgeries are done and what was done. This is like wanting to fap to Anime porn. It's fake.
FamilyGuy  +   283d ago
She's really pretty in this one.

Dagobert  +   283d ago
ATiElite  +   283d ago
I actually like the Lady in the blue Cosplay better!

but both have nice outfits!
cabbitwithscissors  +   283d ago
How much of her is really her ?
LordHiggens  +   283d ago
Who bloody cares she's freakin hot as hell.
The_Truth_24_7  +   283d ago
Jizzed in my pants.

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