PlayStation 4 Launch Day impressions, which game did you play first?

PS4Daily interviews gamers getting their PlayStation 4 on launch day.

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HelpfulGamer1650d ago

My Japanese PS4 launch day is February 22, 2014 and I'll play MGS5 first! :D

ABeastNamedTariq1650d ago

Killzone, since I can't friggin redeem the PS+ 1-month trial w/o a credit card on file. Like, seriously.... What the funnel cake?

As for future games I shall play, I don't know just yet. Either Injustice, 2K14, or Infamous.

Sayai jin1649d ago

That sucks. I was able to w/out credit card. Infamous FTW!

ABeastNamedTariq1649d ago

You were?

B-but... How?

Lol what is going on? I'm going to try again a little later.

swishersweets200311650d ago

Resogun is what i played, then i put in the hobbit.

Intentions1650d ago

Ps4 doesn't exist where I live. :(

PersonaCat1649d ago

Played resogun first. I bought AC4 yesterday, but now that warframe has become stable it's all that I play.

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The story is too old to be commented.