Amazon delivering broken PS4 consoles in poorly packaged boxes?

PS4Daily: "The bubble wrap on the top is loosely sprinkled on the box, offering absolutely no support. Furthermore, there is zero bubble wrap on the bottom, leaving the PS4 vulnerable to any considering drop."

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gamesR4fun1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

bet this is one of those loosers who smashed their ps4's trying to scam their money back

whoyouwit041731d ago

where does the console looks smashed?

Mosiac771731d ago

It seems like he is trying to find an excuse for Sony. This article shouldn't even be up.

gamesR4fun1731d ago

naw just guessing

also the pics from a reddit user who says amazon packed it that way one of many the article claims...

chk the article about foxcon sabotaging ps4'3 if you think I'm jus a blind sony fanboi...

bigbearsack1731d ago

That's exactly how my ps4 came packaged.

Ray1861731d ago

Yep, mine did too. I was kind of nervous when I first turned mine on.

Big-Bruizzer1730d ago

I don't see where you have the right to call someone a loser when you can't even spell loser. Loser.

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Mikelarry1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

whats the point of the bubble wrap at all if you don't wrap it securely, and also don't they have supervisors that checks the boxes before they are dispatched to prospective customers.

Neonridr1731d ago

with the amount of shipments that had to be made, I am sure QC was at the bottom of the totem pole.

Sucks for this guy that some idiot didn't do his job right.


the point of the bubble wrap is so you can pop the bubbles after you are done with the box:)

TripC501731d ago

I'm working seasonal shift at an Amazon. Even if they were packed like that.. which they are not.. they are stored and handled with the best care.

Hicken1731d ago

This isn't the first time I've heard of this, though.

Not to mention: Amazon likely uses UPS or someone else for their shipping, meaning they're not in control of the quality of that transfer.

NexGen1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

@trip BS. While mine works fine, it was from amazon and packaged just as described. Bubble packing on top, nothing on the bottom.

It came from Indiana if that matters.

lennonisgod1731d ago

Mine also came from Indiana and was shipped just like this.

TripC501731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

@NexGen I do temp work at the Whitestown Amazon building which is in Indiana. There is also an Indianapolis, and Planefield warehouse. You can call my comments BS if you want but I don't really care. We don't pack them like that.

Hicken1730d ago

Okay, so whoever works with you doesn't pack them like that. Great.

You can't automatically assume that EVERYONE does the same as you, everywhere else. Obviously, people are getting their Amazon-shipped consoles in the way described. Maybe your comment isn't BS, but it's bad of you to treat the situation like it's BS because you aren't a part of the cause.

TripC501730d ago

I'm not upset or anything.. just saying.. jeez

inf3cted11731d ago

No, thats not the cause of faulty HDMI ports. Some might have a bad packaging though.

THamm1731d ago

You should've seen my expression when the girl at BB dropped the case of PS4s on the ground before handing me one, OUCH!! I got one from Amazon too with wrap on top but both work fine, whew!

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