Leading News Agency Publishes News on PS4′s Launch, Uses Xbox One Picture

A few hours ago ANSA, the biggest Italian news agency and one of the leading worldwide wire services, published the news on the launch of the PS4. Normally there wouldn’t be anything strange about that, despite the fact that they’re dreadfully late, but the hilariously funny part is that they used the picture of an Xbox One instead of a PS4.

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whoyouwit041826d ago

Just show anybody can make a mistake.

Abriael1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Funny thing is that it's been a few hours, and no one thought to update it.

dasbeer881826d ago

No worries, I'm going to pick up my apps-and-services console next week.

ATiElite1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Microsoft is behind this......

Behind this curtain LAUGHING their BUTTS off!

PS4 = Worst console launch EVER!

even the Neo Geo at $600 and $250 per game in the year 1990 went smoother than this!

Also I would NO longer call this News Agency a News Agency. Everyone involved with this story needs to be fired.

HammadTheBeast1826d ago

Wait wait.... so an Italian news agency posting a picture of an Xbox instead of a PS makes it the worst launch ever?

Despite it breaking records for sales? What...

PsylentKiller1826d ago

The problems Sony is having with the launch are expected problems. When producing millions of units, there is bound to be a few issues. Especially with electronics. Sony is having a great launch. So much so that MS congratulated them.

Abriael1826d ago

Having a leading news agency, on which several tens of newspapers and TV news depend for their own news, mistake an Xbox One for a PS4?

Yes, it is.

AilonTrusk1826d ago

And how would this affect people?

Abriael1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Besides spreading over relevant mainstream channels the idea that the PS4 looks like an Xbox One and causing potential mistakes in recognition between the uneducated mainstream public, I didn't know "it affects people" was part of the definition of "news."

Probably because it isn't.

That said, it's also pretty funny, but I guess someone lacks a sense of humor.

Langkasuka1826d ago

I hope some folks shopping for a gaming console for the first time does better Internet research than the news agency. Else, I predict some deflated Christmas expectations :D

wooferine1826d ago

It is newsworthy because a pillar of a news agency's credibility is its accuracy, its fact checking abilities. An error this fundamental tarnishes credibility -- not a good thing for any news agency.

Hicken1826d ago

How is it NOT news when a news agency gets the news wrong?

Xxlegend215xX1826d ago

U know what's so funny n also true that when I got my ps4 I had problems with it the very first day I could not go online at all it froze In I gave up on it got my money back in now waiting for the xbox one which I hope it will not have problems like the ps4 did so I rate the ps4 a 5 out of 10 !!

Chug1826d ago

Yeah that's hilarious!

Langkasuka1826d ago

Other than this is off-topic, your credibility is somewhat dubious with the part where it says you've joined 9 minutes ago.

But if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry for your bad luck. Hope you'll try PS4 again someday~

Enemy1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Hilarious without a doubt when members who just registered 14 minutes ago create an account just to spew BS.

MRMagoo1231826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

And they say the sony fans are sad on this site and will do anything to make the xbone look bad, yet we have had an influx of "new" members that have gotten PS4s that they have had to return, the xbone fanboys on this site are beyond broken in the head, whats gonna happen to them when they see the same problems at launch on the xbone as every other electrical device in history like the ps4.

Enemy1826d ago

It's almost here, Mr. Magoo. The meltdowns are less than a week away.

cabbitwithscissors1826d ago

Poor thing doesn't have a PS4 to play with so s/he has to troll on n4g to pass the time until the xbone launches.

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Xxlegend215xX1826d ago

Y would I play trash for? It's like playing a game that I thought it's was gonna be awesome that everybody hype up in it was trash in saying u know what let me try to play trash again smh who do that.

Xxlegend215xX1826d ago

I do it to keep it real not real fake get it together enemy

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