Iron Brigade (Xbox 360) for Free (Xbox LIVE Gold Members)


"Grab Iron Brigade (Xbox 360) for Free (Xbox LIVE Gold Members)!"

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Excalibur1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Ya know it's really hard to gripe about something free but here we are again with yet another 2 1/2 year old XBL ARCADE game.
I guess Microsoft feels like if no one wants buy it they might as well give it away for free.

Come on Microsoft, here is yet another wasted opportunity to treat your Gold members to something decent.

coolbeans1856d ago

I'm personally glad this one slipped under my radar. Regardless of age, getting a free Double Fine (non-Kinect) game certainly feels like a treat to me.

Cueil1855d ago

a free Double Fine game... sign me the eff up