Pornhub pledges to fully support the PS4

The PS4 has been out for a day or so now and people seem to be having a good time with the handful of launch titles. What about next week, when they've beaten all their.. PS4 games? What will they get a handful of then?

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MakiManPR1704d ago

No wonder why the PS4 get too hot. Highness Awaits, The Red Line of High

Bigpappy1704d ago

secret sauce. Killer App.

MajorJackHoff1704d ago

I don't know what they would have done without Pornhub's full support. Thank you, Pornhub... *salutes*

UltimateMaster1704d ago

Who really wants porn on their console?
Doesn't PCs already do that?

Gster1703d ago

yes "KILLER" is right!

Ares84HU1703d ago

Not games but this is what will win next gen for sony just like when the porn inistry sided with blu-ray, in a few months after HDDVD just threw in the towel.

MotoDot1703d ago

Something's rising, and it ain't Jesus :D

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NarooN1704d ago

PlayStation 4. It only does Everything (including pr0nzors)

Stallion1703d ago

Check and mate.
hehe... mate.

ATiElite1703d ago

PS4 "Sticky Palms Awaits"

solid_snake36561703d ago

Pornhub instant system seller =======D

bornsinner1703d ago

they can also send pics to kids without getting caught by the nsa

showtimefolks1703d ago

ok forgive me for asking who is that girl in the twitter page that's on the left side wearing all back

thanks in advance lol

DontShoot-Me-Bro1703d ago


and now


TAURUS-5551703d ago

its a very good site.

only on PS4 ¡¡¡¡

LackTrue4K1703d ago

then need to add Move support with this app!!!

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Majin-vegeta1704d ago

Well looks like we found the cause of overheating PS4'S ;)

Dee_911704d ago

our prayers have been answered.

FullmetalAlchemist1704d ago

I predict Sony is going to sell a lot of white dualshock 4's in their future

nukeitall1704d ago


I suppose the touch pad and the rumble would be handy features of the DS4.

NarooN1704d ago


White controllers can hide all of them spermz~

TheBossMan1703d ago

Pro tip: White doesn't actually mask semen in the long run... or so I've heard.

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Kemistri1703d ago

As silly as some of you may think this is or as absolutely fantastic as some of you think this definitely is, this just makes me oh so happy they developed a WebKit based browser to go along all the other fantastic features.

Thank you sony for making so many right moves so far this generation.

stuna11704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

1000 degrees guaranteed!

Well I guess the 40% failure due to overheating could be considered to be true! It's good that we have this article to clarify why this is happening though!

JunoDivided1704d ago

Not sure if joking or really thinks the ps4 has a 40% failure rate

(Its a 0.4% failure rate)

stuna11704d ago

I'm joking! Seems my humor doesn't translate very well when written down? Lol.

a_squirrel1704d ago

It's easy to tell he was joking. Some people just get offended too quickly and slam the disagree button.

busytoad1703d ago

40% wtf are you high on meth? oh you must be reffering to the xbox 360,your 20% below the 360 failure rate,its(60%).

Alduin1704d ago

Lol. Future big headline...

"PS4 hackers steal credit card info, charge up porn subscriptions"