Pier Solar HD releasing on PS3 & PS4, Xbox announcements on the way

Indie developers WaterMelon Co. had been having trouble contacting Microsoft about getting the Kickstarter funded Pier Solar HD published for XBLA. It appears now that they have finally touched base, and will be making more official announcements soon. The other good news is that Sony is also officially on board, so the game will be coming to PS3 and PS4.

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DarkBlood1854d ago

well i got the ten dollar gift from my ps4 box so i may use that for this on my ps4 or get it on steam when its on sale this seems like its going to be 14 dollars anyway but can't wait to play this game.

RandomGamer1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Ah finally some more news about this game.

Can't wait to play this .

leahcim1854d ago

ouch!! this game was going exclusive to wii U, now we all can see how dead is this poor console, I hope Mario 3DW gives new hopes on terms of sales to nintendo.

Moncole1854d ago

I think you posted in the wrong topic.

McScroggz1854d ago

This is great news. Ever since I heard about this game, back when it was a Genesis only game (I think) I hoped it would come to a PlayStation platform. I hope I really like this game, and I think I will, but regardless I'm going to support these guys by buying their game because I can tell the passion they put into this project.

Just wish I knew a release date.

phantomexe1854d ago

nice i'm so happy about this going be picking it up on the ps4.