Here's how to use ESPN on Xbox One

"Sports will never be the same," according to this trailer, which showcases how to get started with ESPN's unique features on the Xbox One. The service will provide live programming via WatchESPN alongside clips and highlights from If you have an account, you'll also be able to create custom channels based on your favorite leagues and teams.

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JokesOnYou1854d ago

Yep, going to make a channel just for my 9ers.

Neoninja1854d ago

I'm not the biggest espn fan, but this is pretty cool.
Also go niners!

BattleAxe1854d ago

Yep, this is definitely the Xbox One's greatest strength.

P0werVR1854d ago

Me my family and friends are already prepped for this. HUGE feature and pure entertainment and fun, playing Madden and watching NFL!

denawayne1853d ago

@Jokes - Nice! I'm a Niners fan, too!

Grunt03111854d ago

@ Jokes You can watch the highlights of my Panthers D tearing your 9ers apart lol. Awesome feature just 5 days!

kratos_TheGoat1854d ago

watching this with a friend/girlfriend on Skype is a big deal

JokesOnYou1853d ago

Yeah we got our a** kick in that one Grunt but don't worry, come playoff time its war.

FITgamer1854d ago

Why do you have to be fan of my team?

SITH1854d ago


See you guys vs my guys very soon!

JasonKCK1854d ago

GO CHIEFS!!! Sorry my fanboy came out.

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

go jets gang green

Boody-Bandit1854d ago

Don't hurt Peyton.
I don't want excuses from Bronco fans when my Pats beat them next week.

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kratos_TheGoat1854d ago

killer app make a channel of kobe hitting tough shot

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

kobe hitting tough shot make it look super easy

Drewidian1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I wish they would make the app to be able to capture up to 30 seconds of a game, upload it to you tube, and share it to your friends. I could see that being killer for sports fans.

Naga1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

... cannot be republished, rebroadcast, or retransmitted in any way without the express written permission of the NFL...

That would be a problem, I think.

barb_wire1854d ago

I turn my TV on, tune into channel 1602 on my uverse service and BAM ESPN.. didn't need to wait for a console to boot up either.

Seriously, it's just easier to go through your cable box than a console (no matter what console it is)

kewlkat0071854d ago

Good for you. You never have to do it any different for the rest of your life. Ain't that something having a choice?

I Don't remember channel numbers so I will try "xbox watch espn" when my Xbox One is installed next week.

MRMagoo1231854d ago

Dont expect agrees for making complete sense lol , It might as well be "heres how to watch tv through a console even tho you can do it more easily on your tv already"

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KingDadXVI1854d ago

I don't subscribe to ESPN doesn't mean much to me in that regard but I do think that this is a great thing. I like the whole idea that they are trying to get everything under one roof for your entertainment.

To be honest the other than my Fiber Op internet and TV the only subscription that I pay for right now is Netflix and obviously Xbox Live Gold.

I know that people will say but you can watch it with out the Xbox One and you are correct. But I really find it a pain in the ass to use all of these services separately. If I want to watch Netflix on my Samsung TV I have to go into my smart hub, to watch TV I have to change to HDMI 2, if I want to play the 360 it is HDMI 3, etc. All of this is run through my home theater which means I need to keep track of 3 remotes and keep replacing 3 sets of batteries. With three kids it is a not an easy task to keep the remotes where they should be at all times.

Is it an impossible task to expect someone to use 3 remotes for your media experience? No. Should we expect at the end of 2013 to be able to do all of this stuff from one screen with voice commands? Hell yes! It is about time that someone started to put this stuff together.

Due to the inability of all these competing companies to come up with one standard interface for all of this stuff for fear of giving something away to the competition it is time for someone to come out and bring our games, movies, music, streaming, internet, and communications under one roof.

If anyone can pull this off it is the same guys and gals that birthed the first and best true under one roof online console gaming service in Xbox Live. The majority thought that the vision of Xbox Live was either undoable or that no one would want it. Look at it now.

I applaud MS and the Xbox One for making this first real stab at trying to do that. I hope that they ignore the naysayers and keep working at this and improving it and adding more apps to the mix.

We should all be telling the games companies that we want the best games but we also want the best total media experience to come with it.