CNET - Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

On the cusp of their release into the public's eager embrace, here's the blow-by-blow of how the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compare with one another. Now, fight!

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dedicatedtogamers1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Their analysis: people who bought PS3 will buy PS4, and people who bought 360 will buy X1.

Yeah, that's what's making the Wii-U sell like gangbusters, right? Those who bought a Wii will buy a Wii-U...

Over the last few months we've seen a LOT of people decide to switch from 360 over to PS4, but I haven't seen nearly as much momentum of people switching from PS3 to X1, not even close.

Other than the above, a decent analysis, but they wimp out in the end and don't even give a verdict to this "versus" match.

ChipdiddyChip1774d ago

Let the games begin!(Bane voice)

On a serious note, who cares which console you buy, get the console of your choice and be happy for other people. This fanboy war is ridiculous and is getting out of control.

OlgerO1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah why waste energy on that shit when you can play and enjoy games!

Blackdeath_6631774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

its a genuine discussion regarding the next gen of consoles its only immature people who make it into a war and the stupid article who fuel those people

givemeshelter1774d ago

You talk too much sense for N4G.COM... Expect your post to be down bubbled and possible restriction ban ;-)

chito1016d1774d ago

I switched from 360 to ps4 because I felt like they have great exclusives and I won't be using a camera to game in my room. I'll be grabbing a xbone next spring for the living room though. Both systems look great.

heliumhead20301774d ago

I don't believe you. PC has most and best exclusive period

LOGICWINS1774d ago

"but they wimp out in the end and don't even give a verdict to this "versus" match."

They did give a verdict. Both have their pluses and minuses and its up to you to decide what features are more important to you.

The XB1 does a MUCH better job of marrying gaming/non-gaming entertainment than the PS4. But the PS4 is the more simplistic, more powerful machine.

The "better" console is subjective.

yarbie10001774d ago

I love how you give the most logical answer, and still come away with more disagree votes simply for being sensible.

LOGICWINS1774d ago

Being sensible is often frowned upon here. One console always needs to be "betterz" lol.

Its funny how desperate people are to get affirmation from others that their console of choice is the best.

Hicken1774d ago

That's not much of a verdict.

Sarcasm1774d ago

A lot of the people going from 360 to PS4 are more than likely those who enjoy multiplatform titles that perform better.

Whatever it is, Sony still has an uphill battle with the U.S. media though, but they are making some in roads. The reason I say this is because back when the 360 had better multiplats than the PS3, they made sure to mention how much better it is. Now the notion about PS4 vs X1 games is "ohh there's a tiny difference, 720p vs 1080p doesn't matter, blah blah blah"

medman1773d ago

As someone who bought (and enjoyed) both the ps3 and 360, I'm buying the PS4 first this gen, and will buy the xbone later on when the price drops. That is the opposite of what I did last time, as I bought my 360 first (mainly because it had the games I had to play, like the first Gears of War and Mass Effect) and waited for the ps3 to come down in price before I bought. This time around it's Sony's stellar first parties and their ridiculous exclusives that would have me buying the PS4 first even if it were the higher priced console with the weaker specifications. It's all about the games for me. Always has been.

mayberry1773d ago

Of course cnet wimped out in the end. Cnet is notoriouse for taking sides with its parent company...

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Thepharaoh1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Oh man more flamebait.

You would think everybody would be busy enjoying their week end off time with games I'm enjoying Planetside 2 and I'm currently on a a little break before i get back in.

You would also think that Xbox one gamers would all be prepping themselves with nonstop Xbox 360 action this weekend since their next gen entry is just around that corner.

However it;s great to know that with epic next gen games coming up and a whole generation of innovation and games coming up everybody can this find time to type up these shitty worded a topic regurgitating, unimpressive flamebait articles.

Majin-vegeta1774d ago

I;m waiting for PS2 to come to PS4 :3

BobbytheBuilder1774d ago

same here man, there are so many great games that are going to come out soon

fenome1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I know right! The playstation store on ps3 has a ps2 classics section and they released crap for it! We got Fatal Frame and that was about it. I was REALLY hoping for some Dark Cloud or Onimusha or whatever, write a list. The ps2 has SO MANY great games. They gave us The Adventures of Cookies and Cream last time, WTF?!

So much wasted potential.. Hopefully they really push 'em through with Gaikai

kratos_TheGoat1774d ago

x1 is the truth & ps4 is a beast

4logpc1774d ago

Cnet should stop....

That piece is just loaded with false information. Fact check Cnet...

ABizzel11774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It's not false information, just misinformation. There's a lot of information regarding the PS4 that's flatout missing or rolled off as if it's not a big deal, while complete optimism is given to the XBO.

Cnet claims they're not biased, but they are. They're the kings of Apple bias, and frankly many of them preferred the Xbox 360 and it's as if they're making it their agenda to pick the XBO up, by shading the PS4.

I just don't get it, but I had to step in on there and correct many people, and call them out on their BS. I have no problem promoting both consoles, because as consoles their both solid offerings, but be fair about it.

V0LT1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I like all of them but I think the Xbox One has the better launch line up. I'm sure there are some foaming at the mouth for KI3.

kratos_TheGoat1774d ago

if ki reboot does well in review and sales i best believe we get KI2 or kI3 1080p and 60 per sec

Masterchief_KOK1774d ago

looking forward for ki reboot

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