Mercedes-Benz Teases their Vision GT project in video and photo

Today, they’ve followed up with another teaser video offering a few more glimpses of the car, and an unobscured image of the rear-quarter of the car was apparently also revealed in company’s official customer magazine, as spotted by Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog and GTPlanet user aSaNG.

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HelpfulGamer1773d ago

The MERC is in the Station & ready to Play!

Hatsune-Miku1772d ago

Another car that will never be in forza or any other car game except gran turismo. Gt6 first day

Tony-Red-Grave1772d ago

I really wish this article had been approved faster so I could have both up on the respective days they cae out >_<

Blackdeath_6631772d ago

i hope one company just goes out and makes a GTvision car just imagine how crazy one of the redbull prototypes would be

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Gamer-401772d ago

The king its coming december 6.
Who cares next-gen :D

josephayal1772d ago

I dont understand why Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 game instead of a PS4 launch title :(

MajorLazer1772d ago

Because PS3 has an install base of 80 million+

PS4 does not even have 2% of that, yet

Felonycarclub81772d ago

Well there is a lot of reasons for that, like install base. I can't wait for GT6 and can wait to see what they do with GT7 on the ps4 and I hope we get a GT7 prologue to maintain us until GT7 drops