PlayStation 4 'unofficially' arrives in Pakistan for $900, games and accessories cost $100+

GearNuke: "PlayStation 4 just launched in United States but this didn't stop people/retailers in different parts of the world from importing the PlayStation 4 and its games to their country. Interestingly enough, the cost is pretty high as compared to the official cost. Gaming enthusiasts exist everywhere and Pakistan is no exception here."

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joeyisback1491d ago

qvc is charging 899.99 for PS4 bundle with battlefield 4 they got 3 bundles for 899.99 bf4 than cod ghost bundle than killzone bundle smh over price pricks

bigfish1491d ago

I wish i lived in pakistan

vishmarx1491d ago

where do you live rnow to actually want that?
or is just sarcasm

hosseincode1490d ago

LOL, here in iran it's actualy around 1300 $
38000000 iran Rials

so i wish i lived in pakistan :-L

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iloveindia1491d ago

they don't even have good internet connection there!!

ReZoN1491d ago

Says the guy living in India.

FRAKISTAN1491d ago

yaar pakgamers saye mera ban tou hatwa do, 1 year ka hai

sourav931490d ago

Well, I'm Indian, though I've been living in the UK for quite a few years now. I do visit sometimes, and I can tell you that the internet ain't that bad in India. Heck, they even have 4G there! Most major cities also have fiber optic connections with speeds going up to 30Mbps. No offence to Pakistan, but they don't have such network infrastructures over there.

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Detoxx1490d ago

I aint racist, my girlfriend is Indian.

Saviour1490d ago

we do have good connection here and very cheap too. but ye wireless/3g are major problem here.

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showtimefolks1491d ago

i am from there but damn them prices lol

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