Has Microsoft Lifted The Console Ban For Early Xbox One Users?

Recently, Microsoft came into limelight once again for banning users who have received their retail Xbox One which they pre-ordered due to an error on the retailer’s side. One user, Moonlightswami, took to the internet to address the ban issue, in which he stated that the console was banned and not his gamertag. He later received recognition and Major Nelson then took notice and assured him that his console is temporary banned and the ban will be lifted once the console officially launches.

Now another user, CJ aka cjcool804, who received his PlayStation 4 early and has supplied everyone with enough information on the system ahead of its official launch, has also gotten his hands on the Xbox One early. He took a chance to update the console with the Day One update despite knowing that the console stopped working for other users who updated. The update is 500MB in size.

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Mikelarry1855d ago

he got his xbox one early as well , no-one is that lucky he must be using some voodoo :)

hopefully he can release some more info / surprises we can expect on the 22nd

Watari3211854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Why don't you ask them?

heliumhead20301854d ago

They are just letting people get their direct comparisons early. 5 days out is much different from 3-4 weeks out

Watari3211854d ago ShowReplies(3)
MasterCornholio1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I thought it was only one user who was banned for posting youtube videos.

"Day One update despite knowing that the console stopped working for other users who updated. "

Wait a minute that doesnt make any sense. Are they saying that Microsoft temporarily bricked Xbox One consoles? Why would they do that? And was it ever confirmed that they are the ones behind this?

P.S In other words it sounds like a software issue with the update but i dont want to make any conclusions until the 22nd.

ShowanW1854d ago

Are you new to the internet?... Microsoft put the ban on the console because they didn't want any leaks of the main dash, Live Store, on the internet before launch...

Trying to stir things up more than they are I see...

MasterCornholio1854d ago

Yeah i know how a ban works. Basically it prevents you from using the online services of the device but your still able to play games and use any other offline feature.

Wait are you telling me that Microsoft bricked these consoles on purpose?


heliumhead20301854d ago

Nah your hella late. He got his console early, started leaking hella info and they banned his console until launch. No firmware issues he just stood out when the only gamertags on there say dev09999909474775

MasterCornholio1854d ago

"they banned his console until launch"

But i thought he couldn't access the Xbox Live because of the ban. I didn't know that it prevented him from using his console.

jackanderson19851854d ago

It was theorised that the consoles were running on a dev os after he did the update and that those os' are time locked after a certain period of time.

beebap1854d ago

Is nobody concerned at all that microsoft can brick your console, they taking away more of your consumer rights. I hope people are giving them chance til launch then give them hell if they do this to any consumer that paid for this product, not only that I could this in court. Either way I find it disturbing that microsoft can do this seriously think how they done this and what else could they do.

Masterchief_KOK1854d ago

lovely the fact that gamers who got the x1 early are tellin other gamers not one of their x1 console brick. hater is going to hate

Nocando1854d ago

I suppose you believe that there is a monster under your bed as well. These MS rumors have pretty much become urban legend at this point.

mhunterjr1854d ago

They didn't brick his console. They blocked his console from accessing Xbox live. It's really no different from how Sony made PSN unavailable until closer to launch.

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