New Gameplay Footage and Alternate Costume Revealed for DOA's Marie Rose

Hardcore Gamer: Those not into the whole "gothic lolita/french maid" thing can be relieved that they don't have to experience her in a cutesy outfit. They can now experience her... in a blue skintight body suit with maid accents.

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admiralvic1852d ago

It seems Team Ninja has sexy characters down to a science.

Are_The_MaDNess1851d ago

hope this comes out to PC at a point.
would love to play it.
i can always get it on the PS3, but i cant bother to play on that thing.

tarbis1851d ago

I think she'll be my new main. Her moves look similar to Lili's. Gothic Lolita French gurl FTW!!! Tecmo Koei! Please update the PS Vita version. T_T

Rodent851851d ago

i would like to see her in santa costume ha-ha

d3nworth11851d ago

Do my eyes deceive me or do I see a female Dead or Alive character with small breasts? Never thought that day would come.

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