My love and hate relationship with PlayStation Network

Tanya Valdez writes: This is actually a bigger problem than I thought it was. I can see, by just going through my friends on PSN, there are many subaccounts. This is bigger than just little ol' me issues. Go through your friends and try to request their real name and it will indicate that, since it is a subaccount, the name cannot be released. So these friends cannot stream their games, connect to Facebook, and everything else that is being enjoyed by the main accounts. I don't think I can stress how much of a mess this actually is, and to know that it's not only a handful of us going through this, it is just sheer chaos.

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EskimoPress1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

A lot of controversy surrounding the release of the PlayStation 4. I completely understand the author's frustration. Though Europe has not seen a release yet, we certainly hope that Sony make an effort to iron out even the smallest issues before then.

It is usually the things that people find irrelevant that end up becoming a nuisance later on.

On behalf of Europe, I'd like to thank the United States for beta testing the PlayStation 4 for us.

Beatboxtaun1772d ago

lol We took one for the team.