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PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Winner Emerges Via Social Analysis

Lee Clemmer in SAP Business Trends "The totals for the past three months are 1,100,327 mentions for PS4 (62%) and 669,850 for Xbox One (38%).  I've made some notes on the timeline above to put the spikes in context.  Several things stand out." (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

stuna1  +   526d ago
I think when it comes down to it, most don't realize the type of power behind word of mouth! Truth is the power of opinion, whether right or wrong can make or break the reception of any product! This is why certain things are kept close to the chest, while other things are allowed to circulate.
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edonus  +   526d ago
We are still using surveys from the broken internet.

If this is real trust worthy data I guess we can believe that he P4 has an over 40% failure rate.

Now watch the excuses come pouring in of how information from internet is different from..... well .... information from the internet.

We know it been a love affair and circle jerk for the Ps4 on the internet since its reveal but that represents a fraction of the market and there is so much more that is not factored in its stupid to use this as anything more than it is. A survey in a skewed audience.
stuna1  +   526d ago
What I stated wasn't about circle jerking, choosing sides, debasing the competition! It was about stating a fact! Word of mouth is what ultimately determines the fate of any and all products plain and simple.

If you haven't heard of it, you won't buy it! If your friends have it, you're more likely open to try it. What I stated is the way of the world, regardless of what vehicle is used to transport the message! Be it internet, magazine, flyer, or face to face, it's still word of mouth.
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loulou  +   526d ago
Lol wtf is this sh't???

Mariahelfutura..... Enough said
THamm  +   526d ago
I never really liked my PS3 but I'm loving my PS4 even without online
AceBlazer13  +   526d ago
if you take the number of ppl complaining about failed ps4s to the ones saying it's working fine you sure as hell won't come to 40%. so put that figure back up your ass, where it came from.
RickHiggity  +   526d ago
Okay, two things. The first thing, calm down. And second, I"m really only rebutting "If this is real trust worthy data". No one said anything about trustworthy data, It's a survey type of thing. Obviously not everyone who is buying the new consoles took the survey, and they really only exist to get a general idea of things. That being said, 62% of those people chose PS4. I'm guessing you're on the side of Xbox One, and there's nothing wrong with that. It may perform well, it may not, but you can't get mad when others don't agree with you.
Pogmathoin  +   525d ago
I think Maria is somewhere saying PS4, maybe about 400,000 times.... amazing what you can do when you have no life...
UltimateMaster  +   525d ago
I would not base a future prediction of that poll on Neogaf.
Neogaf is mostly made of Xbox Fans. People wanting a PS4 is far greater. And the Wii U isn't as bad as what this shows either.
thereapersson  +   526d ago
Well considering it was a crap-all-over-the-PS3-fest for much of last gen, I think it's just the cycle of things. Funny, too, how people complained about the PS3 having no games, XBox having all the games, etc. as they are now. If launch software determined the fate of a console, no system would be able to get off the ground.

You sure seem to invest a lot of emotional stock into this, edonus. BTW, the amount of disagrees you will receive? Mine isn't one of them.
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Rabid_Tadpole   526d ago | Spam
Concertoine  +   526d ago
those are pretty good odds considering the xbox one hasnt even launched yet.
this will be a good generation i think ;)
CalibriSerif  +   525d ago
the diffrence is super massive.

i dunno how can microsoft recover from the bad decisions they made with xbone. they better start planning now for the next generation.
ELpork  +   526d ago
Internet research, it's always right... nooo wait, the other thing...
Half-Mafia  +   526d ago
Wrap it up folks, consoles are dead. Only 1.1m buying PS4 and 670k buying XB1.
Erudito87  +   526d ago
What utter bs.
Half-Mafia  +   526d ago
Come on, are you taking this serious?
ShowGun901  +   526d ago
officer barbrady: move along nothing to see here!
ChozenWoan  +   526d ago
Great satirical piece Half-Mafia... too bad most gamers are not old enough to get the reference and thus the sarcasm.
HammadTheBeast  +   526d ago
Lol. Welcome to N4G.

In the future, I recommend putting a /s at the end of your sentance. It shows sarcasm, or satire idk.
DevilishSix  +   526d ago
It was sarcasim I got it but based off disagrees, no one else did. Bubble up for your bazinga.
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ELpork  +   525d ago
Boody-Bandit  +   525d ago

You have to spell it out for most here. Without a /s you stand a good chance of all sides wanting a piece of you. Yup, I always include that /s no matter how obviously the sarcasm. SMH

Welcome to the twilight zone.
fattyuk  +   526d ago
ps4 ftw
GentlemenRUs  +   526d ago
Correction: PS4TW ;)
azshorty2003  +   526d ago
I like it!
alexkoepp  +   526d ago
Almost all n4g top stories are always Xbox one, until the last 3 days for obvious reasons, not sure where this article got its figures
Hicken  +   526d ago
That happens when you have LOTS of bad news.
lawgone  +   526d ago
Two Maria articles approved today. Nice job mods. Nice job. /s
MarkusMcNugen  +   526d ago
Three actually. Its just getting sad and pathetic now. Im not sure how much longer Ill be coming to N4G if stupid articles keep getting approved by the community.
MRMagoo123  +   525d ago
Oh no dont go /s

Seriously tho, i havent seen any complaints about made up hardware failure articles tho huh.

I am guessing most of the ppl that have a ps4 now are too busy playing, so that way all the xbone fanboys can get the even more worthless articles in.
MarkusMcNugen  +   525d ago

Im not exactly sure how to take your comment. I try my best to be impartial to all consoles as I just love technology. You are more than welcome to read through my comment history to corroborate my claim.

MariaHelFutura is a fangirl. She disses anything Xbox/MS related and talks up anything PS4/Sony related. Clearly evident through searching her article submission and comment history. That makes her, just like any other person who blindly follows brand loyalty, a sad individual. As if a corporation really cares about anything other than your money and continued investment that nets them more money.

Hence why I said "Im not sure how much longer Ill be coming to N4G if stupid articles keep getting approved by the community" as the community on this website has just become pathetic from both sides. I can understand an opinion piece here and there, but when the majority of the top news stories are nothing but opinion pieces, it makes me lose interest in a news aggregate as they are no longer actually posting news and have been taken over by two sides of the same fanboyish coin.

Apparently its too much to expect gaming news on a gaming news website anymore. I seriously learn more about whats actually going on in the gaming world from softpedia now than I do from my frequent visits to N4G. Mark my words, the community will be the downfall of N4G without impartial mods who actually moderate submitted articles. This entire website will devolve into a fanboy f*** fest if a better regulation system for articles isnt found.
GoPanthers999  +   526d ago
This is like preseason rankings in College Hoops, totally worthless.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   525d ago
sdf is in full attack lol

im glad i fixed my bricked console. i would have been super pissed!!

getting me an xbox one next spring hmmmm
that OS is so sexy

i hope they ship with a kinect less box soon

any BF4 playas add me

psn: flexstation4
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JackB99  +   525d ago
PS4 is most typically called "PS4". Xbox One is XB1, Xbone, XboxOne etc. Lot's of ways to screw up the data.
coopman300  +   525d ago
Both consoles havent even released yet, way to early to declare a "winner".
SpinalRemains138  +   525d ago
Vast majority of gamers know which console has the most under the hood, bang for your buck and quality studios.

This may be the first generation in history that was decided before it began.

Even still, the One is a good machine and it will sell well too. Hopefully MS can start to build a bigger base outside the US & UK. Although the TV stuff says it isn't interested.

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