4J Studios Working on Transferring Saved Xbox 360 Minecraft Games onto Xbox One

If you’re one of the many players on Xbox 360 worried about what will happen to your Minecraft games once Xbox One releases, here’s some potentially good news. According to developer 4J Studios, Xbox 360 owners may be able to transfer their saved games onto Xbox One. While nothing it official yet, the studio tweeted a reply stating the company is working on it.

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HolyDuck1854d ago

I've read that the worlds are larger does that mean you're stuck with the smaller worlds if you transfer them over or will you be able to explore more?

Cueil1854d ago

no... it will simply generate more world based off of your seed... the pc version doesn't generate the whole world your file gets larger as you explore more of the world

1854d ago
Ulf1854d ago

Awesome. I got a world I would hate to lose in the transition.

Pogmathoin1854d ago

This will save me weeks.... Excellent news...

omi25p1854d ago

Yay for Achievement City.