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Take the classic gameplay of Defender and mix it with the addictive quality of Geometry Wars, and what you get is Resogun. A twin stick shooter from developer Housemarque where the mission is to save the last humans from annihilation. Resogun could be that game that will stay on your hard drive throughout the lifespan of the PS4.

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1827d ago
Philoctetes1827d ago

Awesome game. I was surprised by the difficulty. It took me five tries to beat the last level on Easy. I'll have to spend some serious time with this title to work my way through the other difficulties.

HighOctaneGaming1827d ago

It sure is. I can't stop playing it.

Tuxedose1827d ago

Cant wait to play it on my PS4... That I get in two weeks :/

Unreal011827d ago

Same man, I feel your pain :(

Bigpappy1827d ago

This is the most interesting PS4 exclusive launch game I have seen. I love these types of shooters, especially it they have lots of interesting power ups.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1827d ago

This game can't get enough praise, its that awesome.

Heisenburger1827d ago

I'm really digging the co-op. Surprise surprise the BF4 launch is disgusting.

I'm very grateful to have a game I can play with my friend.

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