Sony's Adam Boyes thinks PS4/PS Vita Remote Play is Hard to Communicate, but Will Blow Your Mind

Sony’s VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes thinks that Remote Play is one of the best features of the PS4, but it's hard to communicate to the general public without putting a PS Vita right under their nose.

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fattyuk1855d ago

Off topic : I love the Playstation brand and my vita!!

roll on the 29th as greatness awaits for me(and others) in the uk!

ColeMacGrath1855d ago

You do realize UK isn't the only country getting PS4 on 29th of November, right? :D

trekka131855d ago

yea im sure he realizes that what of it?

1855d ago
Hellsvacancy1855d ago

"Will Blow Your Mind" I will always take those words with a pinch of salt...........thanks Kojima

Protagonist1855d ago

Yeah that was a bit of an exaggeration ;))

Death1855d ago

Still not getting it. Taking the worlds most powerful consoles and shoe horning it onto a tiny screen where you lose all the benefits of the console doesn't sound like a killer app to me. If you share a tv with the rest of the family I can see the benefit. If not, I don't get it.

fattyuk1855d ago

How's it shoe horning? it's an added feature to the vita, not required, not need but optional!!

added non required features are a lot better than Kinect 2.0 shoved in side ways!

kewlkat0071855d ago

That blue light on the ds4 controller is also an added feature..

PoSTedUP1855d ago

yeah id sacrifice some resolution to play KZsf in a hot tub, on the shitter, in my backyard, at the DMV, college in between classes, waiting online anywhere, anywhere in my house, on the train. green eggs and ham³.

KalCraig1855d ago

I think it's nice to be able to turn off all the lights and the tv at night before going to bed and just playing some AC4 on the Vita. Let's say it's Infamous Second Son and, like Infamous 1 and 2, you have to find those objects that increase your energy meter, that's something you can have fun with on your vita before going to bed, leaving the story part for the big screen. There are just different options. It would come in really handy on Thanksgiving. People are over and you can't just play the PS4 in front of them on the TV or in your room, but if you pull out the Vita and play, no big deal. Nowadays, people use their cell phones at family gatherings, so this would be no different.

Cueil1855d ago

It wont blow your mind... it's cool, but not mind blowing cool

DCfan1855d ago

The ability to play KZSF on Vita anywhere and anytime is mindblowing imo. Keep trolling.

Cueil1854d ago

the reality isn't nearly that good... you keep trolling... I've played KZ on my Vita it's not a experience that I would recommend there are other games more conducive for this though and using it as a second screen is nice

MatrixxGT1855d ago

Been playing with remote play all evening. **mind blown** even played some BF4 in the garage and it still worked great.

Cueil1854d ago

your mind is easily blown... it's a cool feature that will be useful for some people and useless to others

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