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Xbox One Problems | Trusted Reviews

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s next-gen console. However, it’s not without problems. Here are the main issues with Microsoft’s answer to the PS4. (PS4, Xbox One)

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MorePowerOfGreen  +   554d ago | Well said
Problems? LOL should have known after seeing the DON M. pic Never fails
fattyuk  +   554d ago | Well said
Why don't you find another site to troll?

JokesOnYou  +   554d ago
Weak. Nothing he covered is a long term "problem" and things like a powerbrick aren't even a problem. I mean both won't have every damm feature working at launch, but we know that, lol he just sounded like he was reaching hard, might as well threw in batteries, and the "OMG its too big" -"problems".
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CryofSilence  +   554d ago
I don't know; a fundamentally less powerful console seems to be a long term issue, ne? I suggest you read to the end (it's the last point).
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True_Samurai  +   554d ago
You're the one to talk
pixelsword  +   553d ago
Well, I'll say this:

Let's wait until it comes out, see if there are any problems then complain.

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Docknoss  +   553d ago | Well said
Just a troll article trying to slander the One after the Sony dropped the ball. I figure we will see a few more of these false articles within the next week.
JokesOnYou  +   553d ago | Well said
CryofSilence, I read it and first I don't agree with your "fundamentally less powerful console" statement, second last gen aside from a few exceptional ps3 games, by far the games I like most were on 360, so the games I want now are on X1 and coming to the X1 in the future, the online service I like most by far is on XBL/X1, the direction I like most with games that use Kinect, all with dedicated servers, the one that uses Kinect for total UI integration, the one that aims for TV integration and the one with the overall better software implementation/functionality are all on X1. So even ps4 being more powerful doesn't mean much to me based on my preferences.

Furthermore, its not like ANY of the quick ports for the X1 look really noticeable from the ps4 versions and surely they will get better for both but FACT is ps4 being already at 1080p is closer to the ceiling, where as those 2nd iterations on both will be 1080p as I'm sure most games a year from now will be....but for now when X1 has games like Ryse at launch, which so far looks better than any game launching for a next gen console= NO, there will be no long term issue where graphics are concerned for X1, lol in fact I'll take a lot more 900p games if they all look as good or better than Ryse, more importantly though I hope for new gameplay options, new gameplay mechanics, new assets/shaders/tech, new environmental effects, smarter AI, etc than just the same games with 1080p printed on the box, as you can see that standard didn't make KZ SF according to most of the critical reviews better than even COD Ghosts or BF4 and it sure as hell didn't make Knack a better game.

Maybe one day, when you take a step back from your "POWA TRIP" you'll understand what I mean when I say a lot of gamers would take a great 720p game at launch that throws everything it can into an open world game over a boring uninspired game that was more focused on hitting the 1080p bullet point than the devs were on making something truly special for a worthy next gen launch game. Therefore enjoy your 1080p while I get the great games I want AND for the reasons I explained above I get the BEST overall console I want.
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DragonKnight  +   553d ago | Well said
@Jokes: "I don't agree with your "fundamentally less powerful console" statement"

Then you're not agreeing with fact. It's a hardware FACT that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One and currently has better development tools. The fact that the Xbox One can't get a weak game like Call of Duty at 1080p speaks about the hardware differences. Ignore fact if you want, but you can't disagree with it.

"overall better software implementation/functionality are all on X1"

You have nothing to substantiate that claim at all.

"Furthermore, its not like ANY of the quick ports for the X1 look really noticeable from the ps4 versions."


"but FACT is ps4 being already at 1080p is closer to the ceiling."

Firstly, lies. Secondly, even if it were true, you're making it sound like A)That's a bad thing for the PS4, but the Xbox One being weaker is a good thing because Xbox One fans can look forward to the day that the games for Xbox One finally match the PS4 and B)You're ignoring that Sony's studios produced games like The Last of Us with only 256MB of vram and 256MB of system ram. You really think that they can't do a lot with 6GB of GDDR5 unified RAM?

"but for now when X1 has games like Ryse at launch, which so far looks better than any game launching for a next gen console= NO, there will be no long term issue where graphics are concerned for X1."

Killzone looks better, and it's not hard to push great graphics like Ryse when you're focused solely on character models in a linear, on rails game with shite A.I. and no real need to use resources anywhere else in the graphics department. And again, X1 is fundamentally weaker than PS4 and is already starting at a position of less than half capability compared to PS4. So unless Sony devs rest on their laurels and decide not to improve, the difference will be consistent throughout the gen.

"I'll take a lot more 900p games if they all look as good or better than Ryse, more importantly though I hope for new gameplay options, new gameplay mechanics, new assets/shaders/tech, new environmental effects, smarter AI, etc than just the same games with 1080p printed on the box,"

PC gamers have heard this argument used against them from console users. You're justifying weaker hardware by making a compromise and saying the weakness doesn't matter. You know if the X1 was in the stronger tech position you'd be doing the reverse, stop lying.

"as you can see that standard didn't make KZ SF according to most of the critical reviews better than even COD Ghosts or BF4 and it sure as hell didn't make Knack a better game."

And when Ryse is reviewed by the majority of the press, prepare for multiple 3 out of 5s, 7 out of 10s, etc... due to it being incredibly linear (a Crytek speciality), on rails, and riddled with QTE's designed to make the game accessible since it started out as a Kinect game. Ryse is going to tank in real reviews and you know it. You're desperately holding on to it being good because you need it to be.

As for your final paragraph, all I have to say to you is inFamous Second Son. The beauty of 1080p in an open world that doesn't exist on the X1. That's the beauty of the PS4, there isn't a need to ever say "I'd rather have a 720p that does ______ over 1080p" because with the PS4 you can have both.

I shudder at the fact that I just used a PC elitist argument, but sometimes they apply.
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CryofSilence  +   553d ago

You don't seem to comprehend the term "fundamentally." There are certain hardware specifications that are undeniably more powerful in the PS4. Arguing against fact portrays an ignorant fanboy sticking his fingers in his ears while mentioning irrelevant tangents. ;) Try not to get derailed by your preferences; I'm really not critiquing them. :3

Edit: Dragonknight is far more verbose than I am, but his points are mostly* accurate and well put. I endorse his message, even if it is a bit more charged than I would put it. ;)
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SITH  +   553d ago
This article is nothing but a pathetic attempt at misdirection given sony's PS4 failures. The title screams that much alone.
1OddWorld  +   553d ago
I also endorse DragonKnight statement. Loving the charged post with accurate info to boot.

DragonKnight  +   553d ago
@SITH: What failures? You mean the "less than industry standard" 'failures' likely being reported on largely by troll accounts? Those failures?
JokesOnYou  +   553d ago
"Then you're not agreeing with fact. It's a hardware FACT that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One and currently has better development tools."

-Uhm seems you read a different post, I did not say ps4 was NOT more powerful I said X1 was not "fundamentally less powerful console", because its not even close to the 50% more powerful BS as some would like to believe and I'm sure upon the final tech analysis taking into account the whole of both systems will demonstrate in bench tests.

-The software is easy, its funny you speak of dev tools which micro will once again excel at moving forward and they have done software updates, new functionality, downloading updates far better on 360 than ps3. Even as we move on to next gen their platform has better UI and software implementation, once again most review/previews speak to the point that X1 platform does better at this than ps4, ps4 is an improvement, yet still behind.

"Firstly, lies. Secondly, even if it were true, you're making it sound like A)That's a bad thing for the PS4, but the Xbox One being weaker is a good thing because Xbox One fans can look forward to the day that the games for Xbox One finally match the PS4"

-NO, you entirely missed the point, the point was that 1080p is the full expectation this gen as far as resolution is concerned, unless you believe devs are actually going to be making 1840p or 4k games lol. NO, so what I meant is exactly what we have already seen ps4 has more 1080p games now as the X1 is slightly more difficult out of the gate but both will be more than capable of 1080p so therefore ps4 is closer to that bullet point(the ceiling) now while X1 with more time will do the same.

"PC gamers have heard this argument used against them from console users. You're justifying weaker hardware by making a compromise and saying the weakness doesn't matter."

-Not an argument when its true. Show 100 nonbiased core gamers Ryse with all its flaws and Knack running smooth but boring which they rather play and I'm 100% sure the vast majority would take Ryse. Now pretend otherwise and you're only lying to yourself. Case Closed.

"Killzone looks better"

-lolz I just stop right there, again its all opinion but we all know which ones receiving more graphics accolades, even the haters seem like they try damm hard to say it will suck in everyway but so much praise for the graphics is not made up. We all have eyes.

"And when Ryse is reviewed by the majority of the press, prepare for multiple 3 out of 5s, 7 out of 10s, etc..."

-See you only proved my point about Ryse, we were specifically speaking about graphics/resolution in terms of what each console has the raw power to produce, yet you turned it into a conversation about everything else, which btw although I know Ryse is flawed I believe its a lot better in terms of gameplay than most of the haters think.

"As for your final paragraph, all I have to say to you is inFamous Second Son."

lolz, again there you go with talking about specs of a game that comes out in March 2014, lol which anybody with a general knowledge of gaming development knows has a significant advantage of more development time, which again further makes my point about how both will have games improve over time, especially launch games that are specifically subject to the tightest deadlines with the least experience with the hardware.

IF micro remains focused like they did with the original xbox they have the deep pockets to make up the difference in quality exclusive content in house and 3rd party.
CryofSilence  +   553d ago
Ok, chief.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   553d ago
I'd make articles like this after the PS4 launch too. Disastrous all those PS4's bricking out there.
DragonKnight  +   553d ago
@Jokes: "Uhm seems you read a different post..."

Nope, didn't. Xbox One is a fundamentally less powerful console than the PS4. That's not dreams, or hopes, or magic, that's fact based on the tech inside. You can pray to the Xbox Gods that it will measure up to the PS4 in benchmark tests, but it won't. The fact remains, on a hardware level, the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. For every bit of optimization you think the Xbox One can have to equal the PS4, that same amount can be used on the PS4 to remain ahead of the Xbox One. You can't argue the hardware Jokes, and you can't argue the amount of PS4 games that already have a leg up on the Xbox One in terms of performance, and the consoles just launched.

"The software is easy..."

Incorrect. You're basing this off your hopes and opinions, not fact. PS4 was designed by developers and already has better development tools than the Xbox One. Your appraisal of the UI is strictly opinion and not fact. Again, you're ignoring facts in favour of your desire for the Xbox One to exceed the PS4 in SOME area since it's been failing to do so thus far.

"NO, you entirely missed the point..."

My bad then.

"Not an argument when its true..."

It's you trying to justify weak hardware and games who can only look good at the sacrifice of more dynamic content. I laugh at the fact that you choose to compare Ryse to Knack given that you'd still lose an argument anyway. Ryse looks graphically better than Knack, but Knack is nowhere near as limited as Ryse. Knack is also leagues more difficult than Ryse, which you'd know if you paid attention to the reviews on how hard the game is. Ryse is a linear, on rails game originally designed for the Kinect. It HAS to try and look good because it it's sorely lacking in the substance department. But when you take a limited, on-rails, QTE game like Ryse and pit it against something less limited like Killzone, or inFamous, you then see that Ryse doesn't measure up. The PS4 has games that don't only look good, but aren't so limited and lacking of substance.

"-lolz I just stop right there..."

Killzone looks better. The best looking part of Ryse are the character models, and it's easy to praise the graphics of a character whose had the most attention and resources put on it in an on-rails game. Conversely, Killzone has better graphics in general, not limited to staring at a character model with high polygon counts or a linear environment where the developer chooses what they want you to see.

"See you only proved my point about Ryse..."

Actually no, you did. You tried to use the flawed argument that Killzone's graphics didn't help it in the gameplay department and with the reviews, I merely threw your argument back at you with better accuracy. Ryse will score, at best, an average of 7 out of 10. It's pretty character models won't help it overcome it's handholding gameplay and linearity.

"lolz, again there you go with talking about specs of a game..."

Ryse began development on the 360 years before Infamous Second Son, and we're talking about 4 months because infamous comes out in March. Nice try. PS4 can have both, Xbox One can't right now, fact based in hardware and available games.

"IF micro remains focused.."

Deep pockets haven't helped them bring the Xbox Division profit, deep pockets haven't helped them surpass Sony's quality first party games, and deep pockets have never been used to maintain long term support of Xbox consoles.
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ChrisW  +   553d ago

Ugh! Seriously?!? The X1 being less powerful is NOT an issue in terms of the console not being able to work properly. Yet you act like it's a technical problem that is worse than RROD.

SIGH! There is a reason why you've been on my ignore list for quite some time. But why did I read your comment? I occasionally just like to see what arrogant fanboyish crap people, like you, spew from their lowbrow minds. True Sony Fanboys are getting a bad rep because of the few people like you!
N4GDgAPc  +   553d ago

"Ugh! Seriously?!? The X1 being less powerful is NOT an issue in terms of the console not being able to work properly. Yet you act like it's a technical problem that is worse than RROD."

U must be reading something else because no where did he mention x1 not being able to work properly and no where did he mention RROD. All he is saying is PS4 is more powerful than the x1. Your just trying to add words to make him sound like a fanboy. And I garrente that Microsoft is going to make sure they don't make the same mistake like they did with RROD. But like ps4 your going to get vids of x1 bricking saying its happening again which is just the minority.

Yes x1 over time will improve graphicly and will be better than the current ps4 graphics. But PS4 will also improve. With better hardware it will always have that edge better graphicly than x1.


As it stands I will not buy a X1 anytime in the future but if Mistwalker decides to release Lost Odyssey 2 only for x1 then Microsft can take my money^^ Just felt like I needed to get that off my chest.
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DragonKnight  +   553d ago
@ChrisW: Looks like you were already told this, but allow me to rephrase it so you should be able to understand.

Learn... To... Read...

I have no idea what you were reading, but it certainly wasn't my post.
ChrisW  +   553d ago
To understand what I wrote, I guess you'd have to understand what a SIMILE is!

But I'll quote where I was referring:
"Then you're not agreeing with fact. It's a hardware FACT that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One and currently has better development tools."

The implication is there. Tooting it in all of his haughtiness. Making it sound like X1's inferior power will be its undoing just like RROD was for the 360.

And to be honest, learning to read DK's rambling, magniloquent rhetoric is quite a challenge.
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DragonKnight  +   553d ago
@ChrisW: And where in that quote do you see me saying that that fact means the Xbox One doesn't function properly hmm? Nowhere that's where. I stated a fact that the PS4 is fundamentally more powerful than the Xbox One and always will be, I never said "so that means the Xbox One doesn't work at all."

I also never brought up anything close to an implication that that was a problem worse than the RROD. Get your Xbox fanboy goggles off because they're making you blind.
ChrisW  +   553d ago

Damn! Look up the f'n meaning!!!
CryofSilence  +   553d ago
You guys like arguing about perceived implicit meaning. Try not to assume anything beyond the literal meaning of what's been said; we are on the internet where tone is impossible to distinguish. Time to drop the argument. ;)
ChrisW  +   553d ago

Wise words... and I concur!
Magicite  +   553d ago
JokesOnYou - The Ultimate Defence Force of the Xbox One.
DragonKnight  +   553d ago
Hahahaha Chris busted open the dictionary and edited his post.

Chris, you know that you originally just posted a quote with no context given and then edited it to try and make yourself look intelligent. It didn't work. You literally don't know what you're talking about, so I suggest you stop talking.

"It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
4Sh0w  +   553d ago
DragonKnight Ryse is the best looking game on either next gen platform. You can spin all the reasons why that is but fact is we know that just producing those kinds of visuals takes some sheer horsepower and tech.(Cryengine). Doesn't mean ps4 won't have better, but nor does it mean X1 won't have better, still whats on paper and what we'll see this gen isn't going to be a huge gap. If so why didn't the 50% more powerful, easier to dev for show an exclusive game out of the gate to demonstrate this? COD and BF4 are rushed games, hardly demonstrating each consoles power but more devs choices to make a deadline, and we're even learning that the ps4 version of COD wasn't 1080p and is going to be patched??? OK whatever but those games are botched. The exclusive games that are purpose made specifically focusing on 1 hardware, show X1 is quite capable so yes jokes is right not to think its a "problem".

Also although yes sony has better 1st party, micro has so far proven the naysayers wrong at E3 when they swore for a month after the reveal that micro was going to reveal a ton of Kinect kids games, so I see no reason with them beefing up in house development as they've done, and those deep pockets to buy more 3rd support as they've done that they can't keep the flow of games coming throughout the life cycle of X1, actually the original xbox had plenty of great core IP's and besides a low with more focus on Kinect games for the last 2 yrs plus of 360 they have always delivered some great core games, sony also started slow that gen and finished strong hopefully both will change that this gen.

So while many of you want to attack jokes his first comment was spot on, those are not problems, but the haters want them to be a problem badly and ultimately he gave some very valid reasons why he and plenty other gamers like myself prefer X1. I sense a lot of anger because those reasons are perfectly valid to many consumers.
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Skizelli  +   553d ago
"I don't know; a fundamentally less powerful console seems to be a long term issue, ne?"

Is that why the Wii outsold both the PS3 and 360?
ZodTheRipper  +   553d ago
^Worst discussion ever. You guys should seriously chill the f*** out.

Who cares which one is more powerful? What matters are the games that stand out on each platform. And that's where one console seems to be more promising right now.
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Pogmathoin  +   554d ago
Nice post Maria troll.... Had to put this up because PS4 is having issues? Grow a life. I searched pathetic and your avatar came up.
JunoDivided  +   553d ago
Not to be an ass but the ps4 problems are only .4% compared to the average amount of defects of a launch at around 3% not saying i doubt the xbox, i want to see a good competitive launch.
Docknoss  +   553d ago
Actually juno the .4 was before the launch. Sony even stated that they don't know the actual numbers yet bc social media creates problems with people just saying they have problems but don't even own the console. The .4 is definite but the numbers could be much higher or lower.
DOMination-  +   553d ago
This mythical number is made up. Nobody can know the failure rate right now a few days after launch, even Sony.

But I bet it's more than 0.04%.
At least the 360 failure rate of 30% was based on a year of use. The PS4 is based on a single day and it already seems like it's what.. 10%? Maybe they shouldn't have made it so small with an internal power brick.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   553d ago

So 0.4% is made up...

Despite it almost matching the dozen complains when 4,000 PS4's were released early through Taco Bell promotion (12/4,000 = 0.30%) or how from the around 100,000 PS4s Amazon just sold you have some 350 1/5 user reviews claiming problems (350/100,000 = 0.35%).

Oh yeah, THIS is completelly made up. Contrary to your down to earth observation of 10% fail rate... Based on how it "seem like".

I'm not saying 0.4% is a precise or reliable number, of course it isn't, it'll take YEARS (plural) to know for sure what the average PS4 fail rate is. But please, if you're going to try and BS everyone, at least respect our intelligence and try harder.
Chevalier  +   553d ago
Issues? My store has sold over 200 PS4's and we had a whole 2 units come back. How the hell are people coming up with this crap? Based on a bunch of trolls? It is honestly far too early to come to any conclusions it's literally been ONLY 2 days.

Also a minor comment on the article. Seriously how is MS going to compete with so few units available? My store is barely getting 60 in our first shipment where we got 270 PS4 units in our first shipment.
3-4-5  +   554d ago
Some of these aren't even problems...not for PS4 or XB1.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   553d ago
10% sounds made up.
TAURUS-555  +   553d ago
why am i not surprised ??

tagan8tr  +   553d ago
Why do you always write a book Jokes no one reads it wow..
ShwankyShpanky  +   553d ago
The only "problem" is that they still won't let devs access the three hidden dGPUs, amirite? Stupid NDAs!
showtimefolks  +   553d ago
i will say it again give both consoles about 6-12 months before everything starts working and all features that were promised are delivered

people are in a hurry to judge systems which are planned for 6-7 years not just launch
JustPlay4  +   553d ago
Dumbest article ever!!! Its like wtf did I just read?
drsfinest72   553d ago | Bad language | show
N4realGMRZ  +   553d ago
LOL, reading about PS$ issues all over the web.....come on N4G and the lead article is this! lol Classic!
parentoftheyear  +   553d ago
I pray there is nothing wrong with Xbox console. I'm getting a PlayStation moy and Xbox. But reading about the people from amazon getting the bad consoles makes me very sad as a gamer. As gamers we should realize how this would feel to us instead of rubbing it in each other faces. I admit I do favor the ps4 more. Just because I love Sony. I have owned many xboxs and I know I got one out of the box for Christmas that immediately red ringed and I was devestated. As silly as it us. I am praying for everyone during console launch. Gamers unite.
Magicite  +   553d ago
PS4 is stronger than X1 = long term problem.
fattyuk  +   553d ago
But X1 is built for the future! lol :D
Sitdown  +   554d ago | Well said
Posting this article is a really sad attempt....officially rock bottom.
Kryptix  +   554d ago
All of the things stated in the article we already know already.

Of course there will be launch problems like any other console since 2005 but the Xbox One's launch problems are unknown at this current point in time.

Save yourself a click and wait till the 22nd.
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JasonKCK  +   553d ago
Too late! I clicked before I seen your post.
Fireseed  +   554d ago
And then we see who posted it. And all was explained...
falviousuk  +   554d ago
Exactly, has been muted from commenting in here, so trolls the internet night and day looking for websites that no one has heard of before that have posted some nonsense related to the xbox and throws it up on here.

Im now convinced that this person is being paid to try and discredit the xbox one at every opportunity, the trolling is so hard that it can only be the reason for this.
onyoursistersback  +   554d ago
If there is one problem I see is releasing two weeks later,
Just yesterday gamers all around the world spended 500 or more $ on a PlayStation4 with a game or 2

And cuz of that, buyers will not have another 500 to 600 cash 2 weeks from now.
jackanderson1985  +   554d ago
gamers in america/canada you mean... europe still haven't received it, or asia, or south america, or africa

also it's releasing one week later not two
#2.3.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report
falviousuk  +   554d ago
Not every one wants a PS4 or are waiting till later when more / better games come out, so they are going for the xob for the better line up or just want that console, the preorder numbers show this.

Both consoles will sell a lot at launch, howver as has been said before, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Who has the better positioning to drop prices, what limeups are coming thorughout next year and beyond.

Halo is still a killer title for the xobx and there will be one launching end of next year, which is arguably more important than this launch year
SlapHappyJesus  +   554d ago
More flame-bait for N4G
Half of these things can be said for both systems.

This really is rock-bottom.
creeping judas  +   554d ago
Hey Jesus, wanna go out for dinner with the gang?

Agreed, there will no doubt be some issues with the X1 release consoles. But the flame must go on!!
JhawkFootball06  +   554d ago
None of these are Xbox One "problems." Having hardware issues is a problem. Being sold out is not a problem.
#2.5 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nasnas76  +   554d ago
Things PS fanboys say when they run out of things to say against xBox:

Xbox will fail because it's sold out.
lastofgen  +   554d ago
How did this article even make it to the featured news section of this website??
Mods, do your job right.
#2.6 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
XB1_PS4  +   554d ago
Careful. I called out the mods and lost a bubble for it.
XB1_PS4  +   554d ago
Yeah, when there is a flame article about ps4 this site is ON IT. Reporting it to hell. (Which is a good thing) This article shouldn't be here, and I'm the only one who reported it. Get on it people!
thisismyaccount  +   553d ago
I don´t get it. Why is it sad ? The title is not misleading...

Are you saying that the submitter did this on purpose?
How can someone submit a legit news on purpose or with malign attempt ?!

I don´t get it.
MarkusMcNugen  +   553d ago
Its not that hard to do thisismyaccount. Just look through a few pages of news MariaHelFutura has submitted.


You'll notice that the majority are supporting the PS4, and just about every article featuring the Xbox One or Microsoft is negative. If you search long enough you can always find negative opinion pieces that can be submitted.

Or look through Marias comment history and you'll see that every comment is pro PS4 and bashing the Xbox One.

thisismyaccount  +   551d ago
Ok, got it. Question is why would i bother with doing that ?

Everytime some news appear, im forced to check their post-history first, before commenting on it?

Can we not just take it as it is and move on, who gives a f... if the news is pro Xbox or Pro PS or pro Nintendo, at the end it´s just a news (worth a read or not...)
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iamnsuperman  +   554d ago
BBC get on it. Iplayer is my most used media app on my PS3. The BBC is fairly crap when it comes to its apps but they should get a move on on this.

After that rant at the BBC the biggest issue for Microsoft is this "Several features won’t work in the UK". They need to sort this quickly (I know they said 2014 but when?). It is big selling point/reason for the Kinect integration
#3 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Livecustoms  +   554d ago
The Ps4 has BBC iPlayer day 1 right ?
iamnsuperman  +   554d ago
Last I heard it is meant to
OrangePowerz  +   554d ago
That's not the fault of the BBC but MS putting the apps behind a paywall. The BBC content is legally not allowed to be behind a paywall and has to be free to access for UK residents.
iamnsuperman  +   554d ago
I thought they got round that issue with the app being on the 360
LonDonE  +   554d ago
Yes and this is because as u.k residents if we watch tv we are forced to pay for a t.v licence every year which is basically because bbc channels dont have advertisements or add breaks and so they charge a fee, microsoft cant then put bbci behind a paywall after people like me have paid for access to it already!

Funny thing is a few years ago i cancelled mine since i onky watched tv stuff online and at the time u didn't need a licence for online viewing but they soon ammended that greedy buggers! hell i dont even watch their crap online anymore but because my kids watch the cartoon channels i am forced to buy it!

Either way tv,digital, and satellite which is called sky in uk which i have need to be on board with xbox if microsoft want to succeed in uk which last gen xbox 360 was market leader in uk.

Dont understand why, my Playstation 3 consoles were more used and always better for streaming netflix, four o.d, itv player, bbci etc
OrangePowerz  +   554d ago
For the 360 they manages to get that sorted out, but since it's a new console they need to.sort that out again for the X1.
falviousuk  +   554d ago
Agreed, iplayer and sky tv need to be on the xbox one ASAP, without these, the marketing of the machine is kind of off when the main TV apps are not available for it on the UK, second biggest xbox market i believe
SpiralTear  +   554d ago
I don't care if you're a fan of the Xbox One or not; this is a pretty pathetic excuse for an article.
ArmrdChaos  +   554d ago
Check your submitter...no other explanation needed. I am rather surprised they were not the first one to comment in order to chum up the water. Evidently there are some on this site that do enjoy social games...trying to drive up that user score...not going to be contributing past this comment.
Elit3Nick  +   553d ago
Maria is banned from commenting last I heard, it really was tiring seeing him on every xbox article a few months ago.
Silly gameAr  +   554d ago
There's been pathetic excuses for articles being submitted all morning.
Unreal01  +   554d ago
To be honest I can't wait for the Xbox One to be released, because no doubt it'll have some hardware problems, maybe these overhyped articles about the PS4 problems can shift onto the Xbox.
Mr_cheese  +   554d ago
Ideally, we don't want to wish issues on either console. Success for both is the best outcome because it will lead to a stronger market and heavier competition against one and other.

Don't be a gamer with a bad attitude...
Unreal01  +   554d ago
That's true man. I apologise for my terrible attitude.
jessupj  +   553d ago
I definitely don't wish anything bad to happen to my xbox gamer brethren, but the PS4 FUD being spreading lately because of a few bad reviews and a handful of isolated console failures is a bit annoying.

It's just a late ditch effort of desperation.
#5.2 (Edited 553d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
hazardman  +   554d ago
Xbox One is just fine, tired of all these bs articles! 22nd cant come soon enough. Got my PS4 yesterday awesome is all i have to say!!! Xbox One will make me feel just as happy next week!!!!
Unreal01  +   554d ago
I get my PS4 on the 29th, I think I'm going to hold out for the Xbox One until around April when I get more monies :) It's a great time to be a gamer.
hazardman  +   553d ago
Oh man i cant wait for you and the others waiting to get it. PS4 is a cool expirience!!
lawgone  +   554d ago
Talk about trolling. This is pathetic. It's obvious what the author is trying to do.
timotim  +   554d ago
Articles like this happen so often on the site...a fanboy writing a fanboy opinion piece to give "balance" to the news day when he/she thinks the opposition is "winning" at the moment. Sad.
gamertk421  +   554d ago
Flamebait article is bait, with flames.
#9 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
HammadTheBeast  +   554d ago
And fire.
lawgone  +   554d ago
Oh, I just noticed who posted the link. Good 'ol MariaHelFutura! Ha! I should have known. That he is able to post articles is laughable.
Thepharaoh  +   553d ago
I should have known. That "SHE" is able to post articles is laughable.
Maria a girl we all need to have accurate information on trolls in order to properly avoid them bro.
lawgone  +   553d ago
How do you know it's a girl? Can be a guy's name too. I just assumed it was a guy because usually most girls aren't as dedicated to trolling about a game console.
Elit3Nick  +   553d ago
Indeed, I was always curious myself, it doesn't seem right that a girl can be the biggest troll on this site.
Elit3Nick  +   553d ago
That awkward moment when...
jmac53  +   554d ago
Well with a name like "Trusted Reviews" there has to be an agenda. Kind of like how Fox News says they are "fair and balanced".
True_Samurai  +   554d ago
Had me thinking it was actually HARDWARE problems nice try though
Funantic1  +   554d ago
Even the article title leads you to believe that the X1 has hardware problems. This is a troll article for sure. I can't wait to the 22nd for the X1. I just bought a PS4. I haven't had any problems so far other than it taking forever to download and install games. It doesn't run hot and it isn't too loud. Sony should allow the PS4 to download games one at a time rather than try to do a few simultaneously. The 360 does them one at a time I believe. When it finishes one the next one starts. Right now I don't have any PS4 games because I wasn't interested in any from launch. But hopefully I'll see some exclusives in the near future.

Update: the PS4 fan was getting noisy. I had to go to (settings) then (application saved data management) and turn off the last game I was playing which was resogun. It helped a little.
#13 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
devilwillcry  +   554d ago
What a joke of an article...one of the problems that its out of stock.....omg....troll article
#14 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   554d ago
Trusted Reviews are normally pretty good. I often loom at their scores for electronics etc. I agree that this article is pointless though.
jackanderson1985  +   554d ago
anybody else notice that some of the comments are 6 months old? also clearly a flamebait article/ poor troll attempt
lifeisgamesok  +   554d ago
Something tells me the hardware problems with the 360 made MS work really hard to guarantee very minimal problems with the Xbox One

I remember them saying they tested the One with heat measurements as well as making sure the controllers will last for a very long time

I didn't even have to read this article

*Submitted by Maria* told me everything I needed to know
#17 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Nicxel  +   554d ago
Oh....Maria.....explains a lot now haha
SuicideKing  +   554d ago
Why would anyone approve this? Just garbage, submitter should be ashamed.
XB1_PS4  +   554d ago
I reported it.
SuicideKing  +   554d ago
Good job!
biRdy  +   554d ago
You guys need to delete this shit article, makes N4G look worse.
XB1_PS4  +   554d ago
Click the gear on the bottom right of the picture, and report it. Only way it get's deleted.
Nicxel  +   554d ago
Haha wow some kid was crying while writing this article. A lot of his complaints are BS. It's so easy to counter-argument his article, but I'm not gonna waste any more time as it is. Smh!
user9597082  +   554d ago
Was the author of this article a southpark character?
heliumhead2030  +   554d ago
Lool UBER troll article. Why does this get approved mod?

Anyways, Xbox one launch is going to fucking epic. My system is officially paid off. Now I just gotta wait.

timotim  +   554d ago
LOL...I find it even funnier that N4G bumped the heat up for this article to 400...its one thing to approve fanboy pieces like this, but its another to promote them N4G. This site is ridiculous.
llamaman13  +   554d ago
This is the biggest troll article of all time. lol
kewlkat007  +   554d ago
Who posted this garbage..The console comes out in a week and what's is the point?

I didn't see this kind of optimism a week ago before ps4 launched \s
Izzy408  +   554d ago
I'm going to go ahead and assume who ever wrote this article probably got a PS4 that was DOA.
hyperfire21  +   554d ago
Seriously another xbox one bashing article on N4G?

I guess its really not that suprising... enjoy ur PS4 brick Maria
JessiePinkmanYo  +   554d ago
One of the "problems" states the X1 is sold out everywhere. That's not a "problem" if you had half a brain and preordered your console. That "problem" is also rampant with the PS4. That's not a problem, that's a sign of success. Everything else listed is all stuff we are well aware of and recycled bullshit.
This article sounds like fanboyism to the max, and just like the idiot Xbot that I work with who parrots to me about how bad my PS4 is, yet he doesn't own one, (or an X1 for that matter!)
robotgargoyle  +   554d ago
The real problem with the article is, the news is "old hat".

No next generation console (besides Wii U) has backwards compatibility. Would be nice, but once New/better versions of old franchises show up, people quickly forget their last gen games. That's why I'm going next gen. I'm moving on.

1080p should matter. That is why 1080p is better than 720p. Launch games are mostly holdover last gen ports peppered with some exclusive titles. Always a mixed bag and not representative of how the system will fair. Otherwise, you'd believe all PS4's future games will look graphically stunning, but their mediocre gameplay will lead to lackluster games overall. I know that won't happen. There will be great games.

The author of this article is a meathead.
MetaReapre  +   554d ago
This isn't new and this isn't much of problems as just design flaws that doesn't really matter...
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