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Kaz Might Disappear from Western Metal Gear Solid V: GZ’s Cover due to Peace Walker’s Poor Sales

The beautiful Japanese cover art of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (that you can see in its entirety at the bottom of the post) features Snake and Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller, but the western version of the artwork could see Kaz removed, as Director Hideo Kojima said himself. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

adnanriazVGUTV  +   237d ago
Oh man! That art cover is awesome.
Abriael  +   237d ago
Yeah, IMHO it'd be a pity to see Kaz go.
adnanriazVGUTV  +   237d ago
I thought he was a pretty cool character in Peace Walker.. He look's even more badass in the Phantom Pain trailer.
PSjesus  +   237d ago
Peace Walker didn't sell well because of piracy on PSP not because it was a bad game in fact it's my 2nd top MGS after snake eater
Eamon  +   237d ago
It didn't sell well because it was on psp period like most other psp games regardless of piracy.

It would have sold much better if it was a console game. And both Wii/360/PS3 have piracy too.
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nidhogg  +   237d ago

I see you are ignorant of a wider perspective. Peacewalker did not sell just because of piracy NOT because it was on the PSP. As such, it would have sold well had not those damn homebrews existed. PSP hardware sells, softwares did not. Open your coconut and don't be narrow minded.
Eamon  +   237d ago
It's easy to call others narrow minded and ignorant whilst providing no factual evidence that piracy is the sole reason.

If console sales are higher than software sales, that doesn't mean everyone is pirating. It simply means that consumer interest in PSP titles have dropped. Whether it's due to lack of interesting titles or just down to the price.

I have a PSP and I've hardly bought any games for it. And I have many friends who are just the same. We also spend much more on console games.

There is more piracy on smartphones than on portable consoles yet apps and games are selling like hotcakes on those devices. Because they are cheaper and digital.

Also, I shall repeat, Wii/PS3/360 have a lot of piracy too and it doesn't effect game sales. Numerous studies have shown that piracy has little to no effect on sales. It's a myth created by the media industry and their paid lobbyists.

What does have a significant effect is used games. The amount of people who pirate is only a fraction compared to those who buy second-hand copies.
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dcj0524  +   236d ago
Yeah. I hope this doesn't stop them from making MGS. On VITA. Guys come back! Please! We got rid of the Pirates!
Timesplitter14  +   237d ago
Personally, I very much prefer the stylized illustrated MGS box arts

Eamon  +   237d ago
Yeah definitely agree. Really love Yoji Shinkawa's drawings.
DarkLordMalik  +   237d ago
The boxart doesn't look good to me. I prefer the old school artistic MGS boxarts.

For example:


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The collectors edition of MGSGZ has a Yoji Shinkawa art cover on it. I bet The Phantom Pain will have a cover made by him on the regular version of that since it's the main game.
DCfan  +   237d ago
Ikr?? I forgot the artist's name, he always drew beautiful MGS artwork
admiralvic  +   237d ago
His name is yoji shinkawa. He also does other things, like the Pacific Rim movie poster.
N7KIRK  +   237d ago
Perhaps it is Kojima's way of making his games feel more in sync with a movie. It looks like a movie poster. People who were curious enough to follow Kojima knows he's wanted to direct movies his whole life. I think it also attributes to the success of MGS. He works on his games like he's a director of a film, and his games do turn out to feel like an awesome action film. As convoluted and complex his plots can get, it never ceases to be believable. We'll just pretend Raiden didn't throw a metal gear rex in the air and jump half a mile to slice it. Revengeance just did not feel like Metal Gear.
admiralvic  +   237d ago
I also like the older ones, but this is still better than some things like Metal Gear Solid collection on the Vita ( http://www.armature.com/wp-... ) or Legacy ( http://ecx.images-amazon.co... )
Blacktric  +   237d ago
Covers with Shinkawa's artwork are always the best. Definitely better than the generic look this boxart has for sure. I really have no idea why they'd change it from what we've got with MGS 1-2-3 and EU/JP 4 cover arts.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   237d ago
I understand that.

PW was my best MGS game in my opinion.

Can't wait.
ANIALATOR136  +   237d ago
kojima going after a more core audience again it seems
Soldierone  +   237d ago
This should only be for Xbox.....

Peace Walker sold well on PSP, thats why it got an HD release, and its poor sales could be related to the fact it was pretty much bundled unless you wanted it digital....
HammadTheBeast  +   237d ago
Not really.....

It had poor sales because 70% of people who played PSP at it's release were by then pirating every game they got.

I'm not going to lie, I did too, but I bought the good ones in the late cycle of the PSP.
admiralvic  +   237d ago
@ Soldierone

According to VGchartz it did okay, though Japan still outsold NA and EU combined, with enough remaining sales to match about half of the NA or EU total sales. So while it might have "sold well", it didn't sell well in NA or EU, which is the key thing here.

@ HammadTheBeast

While piracy probably played a small role in this, I would suspect this had a lot to do with lack of a second thumbstick. It made games like Monster Hunter a lot worse and resulted in people calling the set up "The Claw". If it had released on the PlayStation Vita as an exclusive (even with the same level of piracy), I strongly suspect it would have sold a lot better.

Lets also not forget that Metal Gear Solid Collection was announced a little under a year of Peace Walker releasing. So while someone might have been thinking about getting a PSP for it or was waiting for it to drop, this news probably killed a lot of the remaining interest in it. Not to mention, the Vita version not getting Peace Walker.
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Eamon  +   237d ago
No the biggest reason why sales for almost all psp games were bad was because of the price.

PSP game prices were generally higher than most, if not all DS games. And people do not want to fork out that much cash for a portable game.
cpayne93  +   236d ago
@Eamon uh, don't know where you live, but here in the U.S psp and ds games are released at the same price, and psp games drop in price much faster than ds games.
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cpayne93  +   237d ago
It sold well in Japan but nowhere else. Shame really, I loved it.
ShadowKingpin  +   237d ago
This catering to the American audience thing is starting to really annoy me. Where is the logic in this? THIS GAME IS A SEQUEL. If you haven't played Peace Walker, why are you picking up a game that deals with all of the characters from the previous installment? Removing such a vitally important character from the cover is a terrible decision. Kaz is obviously a huge focus in the game, so shine more light on him!
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admiralvic  +   237d ago
MGS is a generational / cross platform series, where a lot of people haven't played or finished every title, but still might be a fan of it. For instance, some people might not have played Portable Ops, but are still excited to see The Phantom Pain or Ground Zeroes. I mean, I agree it's wrong to remove him (I don't even see how him being on the cover would affect sales... it's not like I refused to buy a game because I didn't know someone on the cover), though I also think it's wrong to call out anyone who hasn't played every single title or even Peace Walker.
nevin1  +   237d ago
I thought the PSP version sold 2 million?
HammadTheBeast  +   237d ago
And got pirated probably double or triple the amount.
CocoWolfie  +   237d ago
so the reason peace walker didnt sell well was because you assumed kaz was on the cover, yet you take him away and everyones as happy as larry, therefore kaz is the deciding factor?... i see.
chrissx  +   237d ago
It looks cool with kaz tho. Let's see how the new cover is
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ZombieGamerMan  +   237d ago
Kojima how about you instead of worrying about making your already shitty box art less or more shitty you fucking put the game on disc for PS4 & X1 outside of JP.
WeAreLegion  +   237d ago
KonsoruMasuta  +   237d ago
Only one part of the game is digital in the west, Ground Zeroes, and it's one mission.
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ZombieGamerMan  +   236d ago
Yeah and we want it physical like japan and secondly seriously you people need to get informed on what is in Ground Zeroes. It's not just one mission, there's side missions as well.
KonsoruMasuta  +   236d ago
It's still just a small part of the game, side missions or not.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   237d ago
But publishers put characters we've never heard of on covers and people still buy them.
feraldrgn  +   237d ago
I would have preferred the usual art style we got on all the other cover arts tbh.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   237d ago
You could import the special edition from Japan if you really wanted to. I'm kind of disappointed other regions aren't getting that bundle localized.
souljah45  +   237d ago
What? i thought peace walker did well. The best handheld game ever deserves better than this i clocked 89 hours into it and another 40hrs once it came out on ps3.
Spore_777  +   237d ago
Remove the guy from the cover that's in the game.

Seems legit -_-
ZBlacktt  +   237d ago
Been saying it for over a year here..... the game is not the same and the diehards ( yes thank you very much ) are not taking to it the same. No more David Hayter anymore further killed it. We can see it's more some random put together action game. The emotional connection is not the same anymore. It's going to get lost in the realm of awesome graphical games out nowadays.

The cover is not bad bad. But I'd rather have them back some to see their bodies more exposed.
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Eamon  +   237d ago
To be fair, this is a very 'different' type of mgs game because Hideo Kojima wants to change the direction of the traditional MGS formula. It may well turn out to be amazing.

We've never had a proper open-world MGS games. By open-world I don't mean simply freedom of movement, I mean having multiple objectives/side-missions at the spot. For example, MGS1-4 were linear missions because you simply get from point A to point B or fight this boss. Peace Walker had side missions but they weren't in the same area nor were they available on spot. You had to pick them from a menu then load screen, and when you finish a side-mission, the level ends and you're back in the menu.

Hideo Kojima said that in the Ground Zeroes mission, there are several side-ops available in the map. So you can pause your current objective to go and do side-ops.

Why this is interesting is because this is one of the only (if not first) strictly-stealth action games that gives you this gta-like mission structure. As far as I know, this game design is untested. There have been similar (like Deus Ex or Dishonored but they were first-person and featured super-human abilities).
ZBlacktt  +   237d ago
Good reply and yes, I will be trying it for sure. That and we all loved MGO. So that is a given for myself to go back to!
d4sholil1  +   237d ago
Keep Kaz on the cover Kojima...He is going to play a big part in the "Phantom Pain" anyway!
ELpork  +   237d ago
IDK that it's the WORST decision ever made... I think the way the F'd up the Mass Effect 2 cover (the original was so much better) was a true affront to cover art kind.
assdan  +   236d ago
It's such a shame Peace walker didn't sell better. That is hands down the best PSP game.
Knushwood Butt  +   236d ago
Peace Walker was / is amazing.

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