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Submitted by dieforgame 811d ago | news

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Installation Of Hi-Res Textures Will Take Up To 30 Minutes On PS4

The Infinity Ward developer revealed via Twitter that their new shooter game ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ took long time to load Hi-Resolution textures on PlayStation 4. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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dieforgame  +   812d ago
30 minutes is too much.
GraveLord  +   812d ago
You can play while while its installing.
Comnnsence  +   811d ago
It depends on your connection. Mines took 6 minutes.
OrangePowerz  +   811d ago

It says it`s installing in the background from the disc, so that`s not the Patch.
aceitman  +   811d ago
did not take long at all now if there talking about the update then it can take time depending on ur internet speeds , 5-6 minutes is what it took to install for the game the longest install in 2k14 17 minutes . updates are faster and are done in background. I have 11 games and some can install as fast as 45 seconds and the longest is 17 most have installed by 5 minutes or under. except the one 2k14. hell even the downloads on the store are so much faster and it u can start the game in a matter of seconds to a minute.
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Boody-Bandit  +   811d ago
How do you update GHOST on the PS4?
I don't recall having to install any updates and the only time I had to wait was the 1st time I put the disc in the PS4. Took all of 45 second to a minute before I could start playing.

I hate to admit it, only because I have COD burnout (picked it up as a lack of options at Targets 3 for 2 deal), it looks really good on the PS4. PC quality. Haven't tried it online yet. I bought too many games. I haven't even opened them all yet.
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joab777  +   811d ago
Not online u can't...but mine took like 11 minutes.
mrmarx  +   811d ago
how long does it take for xbone?
Utalkin2me  +   811d ago
Wow, COD has high rez textures. Who would have known....
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   811d ago
"We estimate it takes about 10-15 minutes. And possibly 30+ if you're playing while it's still installing. "

Title is misleading.
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jimmyateham23  +   812d ago
this system will take long like the ps3...terrible, it needs a hd texture pack like the 360
jimmyateham23  +   812d ago
playstation360....40 left to make it to 4.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   811d ago
The Xbox one will still need to install the high res 720p textures lol and will roughly take about the same time
OrangePowerz  +   811d ago
background install beats having to wait until you can actually play the game like that one here
CGI-Quality  +   811d ago
It's clear you've never used the PS4.

OT: Even on PC, Ghosts was a mess, but 30 min to fix an issue is better than no fix at all.
Fireseed  +   811d ago

I'm guessing you don't know much about modelling and texturing...
jimmyateham23  +   811d ago
even with if the xo does have to do all that it doesn't say much for yall super powerful machine that should render that off the jump no patches or what ever.
OrangePowerz  +   811d ago
It says background
HammadTheBeast  +   812d ago
Confirmed: High Res textures are just a folder titled "Kitten pics" but IW had to put something in there to make it seem next-gen.
Masterchief_KOK  +   811d ago
1080p and still trash halo 5 will be better then ghost
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kratos_TheGoat  +   811d ago
even in 1080p cod ghost is no bueno
Masterchief_KOK  +   811d ago
343 is gonna prove the hater wrong
kratos_TheGoat  +   811d ago
indeed open world 1080p 60 per sec better story and online
JasonKCK  +   811d ago
I do my gaming on a PC but I have to say when you compare Halo with CoD, Halo wins. Halo isn't the best game out but IMO it's by far better than any CoD.
hellzsupernova  +   811d ago
yes halo is better then cod, i think even the most diehard playstation fan would admit that
dazzrazz  +   811d ago
2 bad game still looks like pile of shit from 2007
MidnytRain  +   811d ago
I can only imagine what it looks liek without the "hi res" at 720p.
kratos_TheGoat  +   811d ago
knack is 1080p native and still trash.... I rather get 720p where the game is fun in both story and gameplay
MidnytRain  +   811d ago

I don't think that's related, but okay, lol.
aceitman  +   811d ago
knack is not bad at all while not the best it is fun and different and good for a new ip . now if u take deadrising 3 add a lot of zombies its is a frame rate wreck at 720p, and most of the time u just kill zombies throughout the whole thing I like to see what the game that's framerate busted get in scores.
MizTv  +   811d ago
I think it looks ok on ps4
And plays good also
I was surprised
cell989  +   811d ago
I also found out that all those videos online showcasing the PS4 graphics do not do justice, you really got to see for yourself to believe
PS4isKing_82  +   811d ago
I agree. Just played 30 mins of the campaign and it's very good so far. The graphics and controls are very good. I'm actually loving it right now.
OrangePowerz  +   811d ago
Uncompressed direct feed is the way to go for next gen videos. All the streaming videos are crap to watch next gen or PC game videos. The streaming videos run in 1080p but they are nowhere near of what you actually see on screen.
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aceitman  +   811d ago
correct nothing on video comes close to what the games look like in 1080p native and sharp graphics hell cod ghost shocked me on how clear it looked , and the rest just blew me away and battlefield looks so dam good high end pc quality .
cell989  +   811d ago
Stop bitching guys, it installs in the background while you play!! One of the awesome features I'm loving about my PS4 :)
strigoi814  +   811d ago
all those who complain doesnt even have a PS4 thats why they have no clue at all
Masterchief_KOK  +   811d ago
ghost is trash in ps4 x1 pc 360 and ps3
Salooh  +   811d ago
It's not my fault that i don't have a ps4 T_T
Majin-vegeta  +   811d ago
Yup im watching someone on twitch.While downloading Resogun in the background :).
gamernova  +   811d ago
Why is this on the PC section? Lol..
Sniperwithacause  +   811d ago
Well I upgraded from the ps3 to ps4 version and it took damn near all day to download the there was no option to play while it downloaded in the background. I will say I am loving the remote play!
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chaosdemon09  +   811d ago
Dang must be your connection brotha I downloaded 22gb of dc universe in 30 mins.
ZeroX9876  +   811d ago
well you got a good connection. Mine was very fast too, but not everyone gets the same services and speed.
ironmonkey  +   811d ago
It looks good to me. I still can't beleive I'm playing a ps4! Xboxone will come later when they fix the 1080p issue cause right now I'm not wasting my money on a wack ass 720p games.
ZeroX9876  +   811d ago
well, a lot of PS3 games were 720p when my PC was running in 1080p for every game that supported it.

didn't stop me from enjoying the last of us, uncharted series, killzone series and so many more exclusive!

same for Halo 3 and gears of war.

I know were entering next gen on consoles, but I'm not denying a game because it's not in 1080p.
RedDevils  +   811d ago
That because the last of us, uncharted series, killzone series is not on the PC! If you have the money and pay something that cost more and still doesn't on par or better than a console that cost less then you gotta have to get piss
neocores  +   811d ago
Ghost looks amazing on the ps4 i was lown away and for everyone saying it looked Ok either your blind or just hating on it the graphics are amazing on the ps4 huge upgrade from the ps3
MRMagoo123  +   811d ago
Thats the thing , the ppl judge the games via youtube vids, the ppl that have actually played the games on consoles live know the games look amazing, i saw both the xbone and ps4 playing cod ghosts and PS4 has a massive gap on the xbone version.
cyclindk  +   811d ago
Which version did i play then??
RedDevils  +   811d ago
The 360 perhaps? :p
piffyd  +   811d ago
brother got a ps4,,,,he picked up ghosts and shadowfall, i got ghosts on pc for $45 on gmg

i must say....ps4 version of ghosts looks pretty nice

still not nearly as crisp as pc nor as high of fidelity of textures and way too many jaggies

but the textures are way better than the awful ps3/360 versions

its a step up, just not a very big one

killzone shadowfall looks great, runs pretty good, the network is an absolute mess, sony needs to get their shit together with that

but had fun playing at brothers house with single player, but the jaggies on that are still annoying....literally almost every straight line is suffering from a lack of quality anti aliasing

hopefully in the next few months devs can wrap their heads around using proper anti aliasing, not trashy fxaa and tmaa like kz sf uses

all last gen the games were covered in nasty artifacts, hopefully they can get it right soon

personally I'm in no hurry to buy a ps4, every multiplat is way better on pc for less money

killzone and knack getting 7's and 5's isn't really motivating either

once uncharted/infamous/ff15 and some worthwhile games are out and the production bugs are fixed and the price comes down ill jump on board
Visiblemarc  +   811d ago
You figure Killzone has horrible aliasing? Wow must play on a very large TV...or be used to playing 4k on a 22" monitor. To me, it looks sweet. Though as the gen goes on, games will improve.
ninjagoat  +   811d ago
120mb broadband from Virgin Media here in the Northern Ireland i should have no issues.
Ohai  +   811d ago
It looks really good on my tv. People saying otherwise either don't have it or judging from YouTube videos.
MRMagoo123  +   811d ago
100% AGREE !
cyclindk  +   811d ago
I played at least two hours... Seen some reeeeeeaaaallly horrifyingly bad textures so.... Yeah.
Sevir  +   811d ago
Battlefield 4, Killzone:Shadow Fall and Resogun look incredible on a big clear 1080p screen I'm really surprised at how big of a jump the graphical fidelity is over the previous generation!

I also love being able to switch between my last app/game at the touch of a button!

However, The network instability of the PS4 is rough right now as it's getting hammered, My "What's New" Section takes for ever to load up even on my 80mbs connect where I get 65-70mbs down and 45-50mps up.
This is an issue as even the PS App isn't functioning properly as it's experiencing the same thing!

Once Sony completes the maintenance on their side it should be smooth... Part of the risk of going Day one on Console launches is you get a brilliant machine with real world bugs that still needs a few months to work out the kinks...

Absolutely worth every penny... The PS4 is a hell of a lot better at launch than the PS3 was 6 months after it launched.

Resogun is addictive, Warframe is surprisingly good, Battlefield 4s Single player melts faces, Killzone is MindBLOWING, and I'm loving party chat and the overall experience, ease of use, and responsive and speedy UI. Gonna get the PS4 camera in around Xmas so I can start my live stream once I master Resogun!

I <3 PS4. Best $400 I've ever invested in!

be sure to add me! PSN:SEVIREDgamer
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iceman600  +   811d ago
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Installation Of Hi-Res Textures Will Take Up To 30 Minutes On PS4"

lol pc games do this right out of the box, and at 1080p much for next gen.
Lulz_Boat  +   811d ago
so, you are telling me that your PC instantly install 40gb from the disc??? oh yeah :D

PS4 version require no installation, you can play the game while installing the game, and it require 30min, if you do not play the game it require 10/15 min, EXACTLY THE SAME TIME OF YOUR PC.
iceman600  +   811d ago
lol complete with inferior visuals.
lawlesdweller  +   811d ago
Need to look to COD designers for this issue tbh
kingPoS  +   811d ago
As I understand it, PS4 games cache & stealth install. IE: You won't feel the wait. The larger you're HHD's cache size is, the better off you are.

This for example would considerably speed up the PS4.

Gateway MT6706 2008
ninjahunter  +   811d ago
Ah yes, it takes me back to the PS3, it only does everything, including unjustifiable installs.

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