PS4 review round-up: Critics Love the Console, Laments the Game

Los Angeles Times has taken the initiative to round-up all the opinions of notable critics on Sony's newly beloved home console. However, this would also highlight how critics defined the launch titles as lackluster and how these games, despite being labelled next-gen, are just sub-par in terms of graphics and gameplay to what a good gaming PC can do and the games it can offer us to play. Thus, in a chorus, the critics are more favorable for people who did not pre-order or own the console to "wait and see" first before buying it as they contemplated on the PS3's slow start. Overall, the critics admired the hardware stating that it is not a "toy" it is the gaming wallflower that was made with a "gamer's lust" in mind. Polygon, notably, commended PS4's Dual Shock 4 as the best one Sony has created yet.

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NewMonday1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

i remember the first great game for the PS3 was MGS5 and that came out 2 years after launch, Killzone is good but not perfect for everyone kind of like the effect Heavenly Sword had, but the truly promising games are InfamousSS and the Order, for those without a PC count Planetside2, also Deep Down could turn out to be a great game.

Rockefellow1649d ago

I'm sure you mean MGS4. It was arguably the first great game, yeah, but some people may make a good argument for games that preceded it, including a handful of launch titles (look at the fanbase Heavenly Sword has, for instance).

Also, not to nitpick, but it wasn't a full two years-- I remember finishing an exam and heading straight to the store to pick it up, so it was early summertime.

thisismyaccount1649d ago

Motorstorm maybe the best launch title ever to be released with any console! RR7 at 1080p/60fps ....

joab7771649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

To be honest w/ AC4, CoD, B4, Killzone, Resogun, Warframe, Madden, DC Universe and NBA 2k14, having something to play isn't really an issue right now. And these r the games we have grown used to playing in Nov and Dec. A good rpg would have been nice but a bunch are coming.

Rockefellow1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I didn't expect revolutionary graphics, which seems to be the biggest complaint amongst people I've talked to in person. 99% of these launch games are just ports that are just subjected to various filters and texture upgrades; they're not built from the ground up for the system. We'll see the same distance as we always have from the beginning of a console's launch to the end. People need to value gameplay over graphics, but we all know it doesn't work like that for most individuals.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a delicious game on the eyes, though-- no one can deny it's the best-looking game for the PS4 right now.

joab7771649d ago

Ppl forget games like GoW2, FF12 & others that came at the end of the PS2. It made the jump less than it would hav been...similar to the Last of Us and GTA 5.

NovusTerminus1649d ago

They're launch titles, they never are amazing.

that said they are good. I got KZ and AC like the both but I feel Shadow Fall is the weakest in the franchise. but it's still fun.

Though all I have been playing anymore is Warframe... I love that game.

strickers1649d ago

Critics that have either , really bad memories or this is the first lsumxh they've covered. Even if that's true , they could do a little research, and go back to loom at launch games through the ages. They could also be a bit more open minded.
How many times have you heard " I played Geometry Wars for ages on 360. There was bkthimg else"?
Now Resogun doesn't count.

fOrlOnhOpe571649d ago

As long as the hardware is good, the games will come and I expect a steady stream. Its the POTENTIAL of the console that I will buy into on the 29th.
Sony delivered an outstanding library for PS2 for many years and demonstrated its support and commitment to the platform, PS3 is no different in terms of its library of diverse genres and again, will enjoy an extended lifetime of support. Why should PS4 be any different.
These are exciting times to be a PlayStation gamer.

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