Xbox One Launch Event – Killer Instinct Launch Tournament at Orlando Florida Mall Microsoft Store

Gamertag Radio writes: "Think you’ve got the Killer Instinct? You could have a chance to prove it at the Killer Instinct Launch Tournament in select Microsoft Stores on launch night, 11/21."

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mattdillahunty1492d ago

people like Flash Metroid, Nuckledu, CJ Truth, and Alex Jebailey live in Florida, so i wouldn't be surprised to see them show up and win the prize if any of them had a mind to.

GrizzliS19871492d ago

From what i read, its a straight button masher with a few tweaks to make you feel like youre doing something. I grew up with KI so il buy an xbone for it eventually, but i dont see pros or evo picking this up.


You are wrong...of course you can get on and button mash like any other fighting game, but a button masher would not stand a chance against me.

That is the beauty of this game, it is accessible for people that want to play, but their is enough skill involved in winning against another skillful opponent to make this new KI a competitive fighting game.

MorePowerOfGreen1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Not a button masher at all. Actually it's a mind game design with many layers of gameplay mechanics you must learn to beat better players.

Never heard such nonsense. Seems to be more complex than anything I've seen.


If you watch more than a few videos you would know the game is almost intimidating to learn, then compete.

Sounds like you're remembering Auto's which is just one aspect of the fighting mechanics with other parts being Manuals, combo/shadow breakers etc. etc.

GrizzliS19871492d ago

i guess il see for myself sooner than later :X im hoping youre right but im taking your word with a grain of salt

Dragonborn3121492d ago

It is definitely not a straight up button masher. I suck at fighting games, and I tend to just bash buttons sadly, and when I tried it out against a computer I got absolutely demolished (also got destroyed against someone that knew the combos and combo breakers). I have played several fighting games where I have been able to just bash buttons to a certain degree of success but this does not appear to be one of them. Im going to pick it up and try to actually learn the moves. It is a really fun game.

Belking1492d ago

If you think KI is only a button masher then you obviously have never played any of the past gams in the series before.

mattdillahunty1492d ago


thanks for the video, that was pretty interesting. it actually looks like a solid game, i just hope the way they're releasing it (f2p, but you can buy more stuff if you want) doesn't hurt it.

it's really cool to see that they're including hit boxes and frame data in the practice modes. the training mode junkies will eat that up.

mhunterjr1492d ago

I don't know what you've been reading, but the depth of the training mode itself proves that this game is no mere button masher

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feraldrgn1492d ago

Sounds like it's going to be good.

pennywhyz1492d ago

Is KI a launch title be cause I dont see it on gamestop website? Im tryin to order it.

Mexxan1492d ago

At the Xbox tour event - this was the game that was producing the most buzz from players - everybody was really getting into it.