PS4 Auto-Eject issue appears

Since the launch of the PS4 there have been numerous complaints coming in of the different errors that some people have been getting. Some consoles have been DOA, others suffering the Red Light of Death and now there appears to be another.

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DoomeDx1677d ago

Another issue? :/
My PS4 arrives in 2 weeks but my hype is really going under

ragequitcast1677d ago

Indeed same for us, however HOPEFULLY in that time Sony will have fixed all these problems.

dedicatedtogamers1677d ago

No-name websites jumping on the latest rumors with hyperbole statements like "numerous complaints"?

Looks like Redmond's biggest marketing firm is working overtime today...

xPhearR3dx1677d ago

I bought my from Amazon. So far, everything has been flawless aside from some network issues with BF4. Can't seem to get into any 64 player matches and under server browser, every sever is empty.

The only issue I really had was during set up. It kept saying USB not detected (tried 4 different one) so I decided to download the update instead. I installed 1.5 and on start up it made me redownload and reinstall 1.5.

Other than that, it's been flawless. Loving it so far and the DS4 is such a MASSIVE improvement over the DS3.

Only wish we could change the background on the PS4 (unless I'm missing something) and the screenshot resolution was a lot higher and less pixelated during sharing.

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gaffyh1677d ago

It has a 1 year warranty, why the hell aren't people just returning the console and getting a replacement? Seriously, wtf, it's clear that NOT all of the PS4s are having issues, so just get a damn replacement from the retailer, and if not, then ring Sony. There are bound to be console failures, but the fact that this is the first you're hearing about this issue, suggests it is isolated. If it's happening to everyone, then it goes into RROD territory.

morganfell1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Numerous? Four out of over four thousand consoles prior to launch. Somebody that supports a certain console is feeling desperate.

AlexanderNevermind1677d ago

The only issue I have had is also BF4. Its unplayable for me at this point (Haven't tried yet today). Most times I can't connect to a game. The few times I can I take 3/4 steps and it crashes. Everything else has been fine including how easy it is to swap the hdd.

Kryptix1677d ago

Hopefully most of these problems can be fixed through a patch. No console or game launch is flawless since 2005 but if it's fixable through a patch then it won't be long till Sony takes notice and makes it a priority to fix the bugs.

morganfell1677d ago

Itisn't the PS4 with BF4. That game has been a mess on every platform. It's obvious they pushed hard to meet the CoD/Next gen console launch.

malokevi1677d ago

If your consoles are working, why are you posting? I would be gaming my heart out if I were all of you.

I know one guy with a PlayStation and that's exactly what he's doing. Sometimes I feel like nobody on this site is a gamer and you're all just here to bolster Sony's image.

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GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Don't let the internet get to you mate, i know it creates doubt but hundreds of thousands of people are playing completely fine without any issues....that's the part people fail to report on the internet.

Call it damage control if you wan't but it's a fact that the amount of people with issues is totally dwarfed by the amount of people without issues.

Im getting it on day one, if it has issues (fingers crossed it doesn't) then i will just send it back to Amazon, it has a 1 year standard guarantee.

MasterCornholio1677d ago

You know whats amazing? That when the Xbox One releases fanboys will be trolling Xbox One users with reports of faulty consoles. And then the two groups are going to argue over which one has the highest failure rate.

As much as i love the release of a new console i hate all the crap that spawns because of a few defective units.

The_Villager1677d ago


LOL well said.

TenBensons1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Don't forget if you live in the UK you are also covered by the sale of goods act and the distance selling regulations. Know your rights, I have used them several times, I just wish I knew them when I had my four seperate xbox 360 failures, as I would have gone to town on GAME UK.

OT: you're right that the number of people without issues is far greater than those with. It will take a year to see the real failure rate of both consoles once all territories have had them for a sustained period. Until then if you are an XB1 or PS4 user I wouldn't be worried at the current sensationalist media coverage.

n4rc1677d ago

Dude.. I get your point, I do

But where is anything stating otherwise? An issue has popped up for a few people.. That's all.. I don't think anyone is assuming its widespread

But you get people like dedicatedtostupidity that want to paint it like its some ms conspiracy and nobody is having issues at all.. that doesnt help anyone.. But if it makes you feel better, x1 will get the same treatment in 6 days lol

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Have you not seen the comments on this website? Some people believe its a major problem and its widespread. Focusing on the rock on top of the mountain instead of the mountain itself.


"buudy it is reported 50% of amazon users around the world"

50% of people who gave feedback not 50% of people who bought ps4's from amazon.

My my other reply to your comment. Misinterpretation at its finest.

HammerKong1677d ago

buudy it is reported 50% of amazon users around the world and may other sites users who all have buyied the console and many are willing to report these problems ,does it looks to you that its very small number to you. many people are in troble with their ps4 and i'am also having these problems and we cant deny the fact it is one of the worst console launch history have ever seen ,xb360 was only having software problem of rod(ring of death) and it is having bulky harware problems it is triple the xb360 buyers and most of them cant be even solved throught the lifetime of consoele which includes overheating and sounding like jet and many crashes it can only be reduced on other versions ,and we found a new kind beast blue line of dead(blod) which have arived on many systems and returning of rod ,these problems may can be solved as it was on xb360 ,but it was not in such big mass ,it was around whole 10% of buyiers and it is told to be around 40% or more who all have buyed the on launch ,this can be counted around 5,00,000 this is an big number which will have to be repaired by sony and you can understand by yourself that what will be the loss to company and its future,when many of them cant be solved throught the life.

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WalterWJR1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

PS4 most hyped piece of equipment for 8 years.

One person get's an issue and it goes up in flames. The human race is full of worry.

Mikelarry1677d ago

same here. i am trying to stay away from all the reports about broken ps4 and just wait till i get mine and if it breaks call Sony to get it replaced.

Ketzicorn1677d ago

Its not as bad as people are making it seem. If you think about it the 360 had a 40% failure rate. That is almost 1 out of every 2 systems is faulty. There is probably around 500,000 units so far in the open and at most around 500 reports of broken systems(factor in false reports and that number could be lower) and that's still a .1% failure rate. There is a lot of people playing flawlessly. Failure rates are part of the electronics industry and this one so far is not as bad as the world is burning reports people are making it out to be

Boody-Bandit1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"360 had a 40% failure rate"

I think it was higher than a 40% failure rate in the first couple years. I bought 3 at launch, as I have the past few generations, and all 3 went bad with in the 1st 18 months. I don't know a gamer that purchased a launch 360 and not have it fail on them.

These are only miniscule problems until an authentic credible tech sites go on record saying that they are serious issues with the PS4 and that they are over the acceptable failure rate percentage.

Mine are working flawlessly (all 3 of them). Most of my friends that got theirs are not experiencing any issues other than trying to log on PSN to transfer their user information over. That is an annoyance but it was an intermittent problem and eventually they were all able to complete the transfer yesterday.

Those that would make this into something it's not might want to take a breath. The next console is about to be launched, and if anything, they are the ones that have something to prove when it comes to reliability.

As you said all electronics have a failure rate. Until it's a known fact what the percentage ends up being it's a moot point. Personally I don't think either side should rub salt in the wounds of a gamer going through hardware issues. We gamers are like kids on Christmas morning when we get our shiny new consoles to welcome the dawn of a new era of gaming. You have any idea how discouraged the people having these issues must feel? I've been there and it's nothing but frustration. Anyone that gets enjoyment out of another's dismay has issues they might want to go see a doctor for and get checked.

Sayai jin1677d ago

My PS4 is working well, just the occasional software lock-up, nothing a patch can't fix. My son's PS4 has had a blinking blue light followed by a pinkish red blicking light. He came running down in our theater askingme what to do. I had to stop playing KZ. We turned if off foe a little bit and turned it back on and it playedfine. Not sure waht the blinking light was for though.

elmaton981677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Same thing happened to my 360, I though I was doom but I turn it off and back on and now my cousin is enjoying it fully without a problem.

HammerKong1677d ago

wow a whole new kind of issue i hope it is an software problem because alredy ps4 is having may hardware issues.its is reported that almost 50% amazon customers are reported to having multiple issues and more are to be reported ,sony will die repairing all of these devices ,they will have to stop making new ps4's but repairing alredy distributed ps4's ,my is also having multiple problems this is the worst lauch history has ever seen ,every body in every country is found talking about these issues ,it is relay creating very low image in the eyes of the people .

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

See what i mean? This is why misinformation is dangerous because you get clueless comments like this " 50% amazon customers are reported to having multiple issues", when as a matter of fact the article was talking about 50% of users who bothered to give feedback (205 people gave 1 star ratings, 239 gave 5 star ratings).

It wasn't saying 50% of ENTIRE Amazon PS4 purchasers have problems with their PS4's. You really believe only 444 people bought PS4's from Amazon? Cmon use your head before spouting BS everywhere.

Ketzicorn1677d ago

And if you actually read through the reviews which I have done a lot of them aren't verified purchases, a lot of copy and pasted one star reviews from one bundle to the next, a lot finishing by saying well I'm just buying an X1 next week. Are there some bad consoles? Yes but it's nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be.

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Take a look at this and actually pay attention this time:

See? its not even 50%....more like 40%....and its only talking about people who have given feedback. If it was 40% of people who had bought a ps4 there would be more than 205 1 star ratings lol. Cmon people, you're smarter than this surely?

Ron_Danger1677d ago


The main thing to look for on amazon user reviews is if they are a varified purchaser or not. If it's not varified, it's a troll

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wsoutlaw871677d ago

they are touch buttons, they probably just needto whipe it off.

UnHoly_One1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

This is a non-issue. Even if there were TENS OF THOUSANDS of consoles effected, most would never know about it because they don't stand their console vertically.

I have never understood the whole "vertical" thing ever since the PS2 started that back in the day. Entertainment centers have horizontal shelves. I just don't get the point of standing a console up on it's side.

I've never in my life had a setup where it would even be possible to have a console standing vertically, unless I put it ON TOP of the TV stand, or on the floor, two things I would never consider doing.

Jaqen_Hghar1677d ago

don't. These are a SMALL percentage of incidents. What you're seeing is the result of a more connected world and a really large number of units being delivered. A man wouldn't be worried. Also they offer a 1 year warranty if it is DOA

brometheos1677d ago

I got my PS4 on launch day and I haven't had any of these issues. The media makes it seem like every console is a guaranteed fail when in fact I or any of my other friends for that matter haven't come across any problems aside from an occasional network problem, which is to be expected. Nonetheless, I hope any one with an issue gets taken care of.

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bub161677d ago

seems like more of a software error, software errors i can handle cos they can be fixed. hardware on the other hand....

jamsam3601677d ago

Faulty hardware awaits????? PlayStation.

FlunkinMonkey1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Yea? How did the faulty hardware work out for you last gen? over 50% was it for 360? that's right, be quiet.

No name websites and users jumping on anything that seems potentially harmful to the PS4 will have a serious amount of egg on their face once the Xone runs into its inevitable problems upon release.

Either way, failures on a large scale for any product are unacceptable and if these claims hold any credibility, i hope they get sorted for anyone who spends this kind of money on a product, same goes for MS products.

Volkama1677d ago

If the one has issue as well then those websites won't have egg on their faces. They will have smiles, because it will be another opportunity to post articles like these. Scaremongering for clicks, with the added bonus of fan-troll arguments.

Pintheshadows1677d ago

Funny, I went on the PS blog to try and find these threads and found the exact same copy and paste complaint about 6 or 7 times so I don't believe some of these rumours at all. And i'm sorry, of the genuine complaints, the percentage is tiny. It happens with all new hardware. It really sucks, but it happens.

HammerKong1677d ago

keep dreaming ,ps4 is doa(dead on arival)

Majin-vegeta1677d ago

Playef warframe for 9 hours straight and then Black light retrebution for another 3 hours problems.So you're full of it.

forcefullpower1677d ago

The mods on this site really need to start banning or being back the open zone or what ever it was called