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Do We Really Need to Choose Sides? – An Open Plea to Fanboys/Girls

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''If there’s one thing that E3 shows us each year (or any new generation for that matter), it’s how competitive people get. I’m not talking about companies or industry figures, but the consumers themselves. There’s an odd feeling of tribal warfare that sprouts up after each and every E3. ”Sony won the battle, Microsoft will win the war!” has been something frequently shouted out across the internet in the aftermath of E3. But the last time I checked, this was not a war. I don’t recall anyone from either company commanding their consumers to attack the rival company’s fans. Remember that moment Jack Tretton mounted the PS4 and raised his longsword screaming ” DEATH TO HOUSE MICROSOFT! AMASS MY FELLOW SON’S OF SONY”? No, me neither.'' (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

ATiElite  +   651d ago
Do We Really Need to Choose Sides?

Because the Fanboys/Fangirls on N4G keep the lights on at several web-sites that supply Gaming news.

Without the Fanboys/fangirls N4G would fade into Oblivion or just loose a TON of ad revenue and close down.

So to keep "OUR" favorite site going strong.......

XB1 = Teh Cloudz and Lame Esram
PS4 = Teh Exclusives that no one buys and Red Line of Death Awaits!
PC = NO Games and No Couch Gaming
WiiU = WTF is a WiiU

So enjoy your games on your system of choice and don't forget to ridicule the other guy for being different because being different is against the law in some sci-fi Utopian world that WE do NOT live in.

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xHeavYx  +   651d ago
Nothing wrong with choosing sides, as long as you have a reason, not just a "I hate the PlayU360 for no reason other than my blind love for my console of choice"
pixelsword  +   651d ago
(I'm not directly responding to you, heavy, just the concept of not having a choice)

No one even needs a reason, It funny people can have a "side" when it comes to politics, war, soft drink, basketball teams, cigarettes, colleges, shoes, clothes, food, and whatever; but when it comes to games, you can't have a choice?!

Hey, if anyone is that sensitive about the machine they play on, either buy the machine you actually like and swallow your pride or deal with it and accept your perceived shortcomings.

Or basically, grow up.
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JokesOnYou  +   651d ago
Agreed. I chose a side, if by that you mean I prefer one console over the other but I don't hate the other. Actually if you are really satisfied with your chosen purchase then theres really no need to "hate" the competition, sure you may engage in harmless questioning of pros and cons but this whole "attacking mentality" I believe is merely from those who NEED to justify their purchase by bashing the other brand so that they convince themselves they made the right choice. Ironicly, the more you know, the more you learn THERE IS NO RIGHT CHOICE....there is only what works best for YOU.

I genuinely think mainly sony and micro just flat out make some bad choices sometimes (don't really follow Nintendo much) and I WILL SAY SO, but generally I don't ever really think those mistakes come from some evil master plan to screw the consumers, NO they're not saints either just bad planning happens from time to time and in this day and age the internet tends to blow, irrevelant, minor and yes some concerning problems out of proportion, that's good and bad, but very rarely has any of these problems been as serious as most fanboys want to claim they are or were.
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zeal0us  +   651d ago
I'm not choosing sides not until one of them start sending me a paycheck. When that happen I won't mind becoming a mindless cheerleader that will defend their console and company until the bitter end.

Until then I will continue enjoy my games and not align myself with either side.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   651d ago
Ahhh yesss...both systems FTW!
Sarcasm  +   651d ago
Choose one side, leave the other one alone. Enjoy your system of choice!
Snookies12  +   651d ago
I love Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's gaming consoles. Although I'm primarily a PC gamer.

Sides are lame, people would be so much happier getting a piece of each pie. You're only hurting yourself by limiting your gaming options. (Not talking to you exclusively or anything ATiElite, just in general.) :]
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yewles1  +   651d ago
Remeber when it was okay to bash Sony for the past 7 to 8 years? What happened now? Oh yeah, new targets...
ATiElite  +   651d ago
I remember bashing Sony for the first 3 years of the PS3 life cycle but then things CHANGED

(Devs learned how to push the Cell to do 720p while Xbox360 was SUB 720p)
zeal0us  +   651d ago
What ever happen to be being better than your enemies and not stooping to their level?
Dehnus  +   651d ago
Sony wasn't bashed for 8 years, that is selective memory. In fact I am pretty sure the whole Wii60 movement was simply because of Sony and their fanboys being completely unbearable. They send specsheets after specsheet.. even counting USB ports and adding the cost of live to the initial cost of the console.

It wend on and on, bashing the Wii for looking like an adult toy, the 360 for not having a "1080p output!". MS was very annoying back with compared memory bandwith in a really dishonest way... But nobody really bit the bait and things calmed down.

It then took about 3 years in, with both systems still getting great exclusives. Before we retroactively wend back in maturity. The Digital Foundry Pixel counting started. MS stopped really making exclusives or getting them for their system, Sony still made them and pulled ahead (Kudos Sony). But the specsheet wars began... that year.

Why they even counted the greases in the shirts of the protagonist, to indicate which one was more powerful. The whole crap about Final Fantasy being multi platform with Sony Fans having a real meltdown and making death threats. MS fans behaving like utter wankers on Xbox Live, where your Mother apparently is very well known to all of them intimately and you are a Homosexual of African American origin.

That is what happened.... People got really anal and annoying!
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Axe99  +   651d ago
Totally agree - I personally prefer gaming on Playstation and PC, and with War Thunder out on PS4 at launch (in Australia) the PS4 is easily my preferred choice of next-gen console, but I very much hope all the gamers who get into the XB1 have an awesome time as well, as do the Wii U peeps and the PS3/360 peeps who won't upgrade for a year or two, and even those PC elitist types :).
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theWB27  +   651d ago
I chose the side of Xbox. It doesn't stop me from wanting to own a PS and play their exclusives. When you let your bias for a company get in the way of enjoying games then it's a problem.
Manio31  +   651d ago
I'm in the same boat as you. Just because PS4 won't be my console of choice, doesn't mean I'm going to openly shit on it, or the people who are buying it.
TheGreenMan  +   651d ago
@ theWB

Completely agree. I'm a Sony guy because, growing up, my best gaming memories were on the PS1 & PS2. Still, that doesn't stop me from admitting that I dig the X1's UI, multimedia capabilities, and some of the exclusives. If anything, I hope MS' focus on the broader audience will lead to more multi-console owners this generation. Maybe that would stop some of the fanboy hate.
tagan8tr  +   651d ago
If we are dreaming my dream is to play the games I like without companys buying exclusive rights forcing me to shell out 900 bucks on two systems to be able to play them. I don't feel sorry for companys just my wallet..

While it may not be a war the company's lead their fans by example

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jessupj  +   651d ago
I absolutely love gaming, and unfortunately MS tried to utterly ruin it with their DRM. Maybe if MS changed their policies when literally the whole internet was full of hate for them, I could maybe forgive them in the future, but that didn't happen.

They only changed their policies when the pre-order stats came in and they realised they couldn't get away with it.

And because I love gaming and want the industry to flourish, instead of being turned into a police state where the publishers would dictate whatever policies and set whatever prices they want, I'm branded a Sony fanboy.

So yes, for me sides to need to be chosen.

Unfortunately that means initially I might miss out of some games, but I can always buy a second hand xbone in the future.
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Manio31  +   651d ago
Everyone needs to get along, and realize we all have different tastes. Choosing PS4? Awesome, I hope you enjoy the console. Choosing Xbox One? Great, I hope you have a great time too.

Really bothers me that some people can't have discussions about the next-gen consoles without having to throw in insults about someones gaming preference.
Godmars290  +   651d ago
no one is actually choosing, but rather are defending their choice. This becomes extremely problematic when considering the mistakes one of the console makers have made.
Popoffboy187718  +   651d ago
Ps4 works like a charm!!! I bet if u fanbois get one you will see its lives up to the hype...::.bots are scared right now, the only thing to stop this console is fanboys. The ps4 is fun more fun then I thought it will be after reading reviews!!!!
GodGinrai  +   651d ago
LMAO!! cute.
Pillsbury1  +   651d ago
People choose to be on the side they are on, right or wrong it's an opinion that many people like to defend.

Us gamers are passionate people, passion that turns into flame.
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GodGinrai  +   651d ago
Yes. I just want to have a console fight. who cares about just enjoying the games? I dont want to be happy.

PS. mines is better than yours, and you will never live it down if you let me get away with saying that.
Gamer666  +   651d ago
Depends if you can afford both consoles...

I can and get the best of both worlds. I feel empathy towards true gamers who do not want to choose sides but cannot afford both consoles...
GodofPlaystation  +   651d ago
We don't "have to" choose sides. But the fact of the matter is Microsoft showed their true colors at E3. Their console just didn't appeal to me or anyone I know. Its not about the gamer. That's where Sony had them beat. A console for the folks who like to game and like to play unique games, with unique ways to play them. Its not about choosing sides it's about what is better for the gamer.
NateCole  +   651d ago

Look, none of this is personal. We love to debate and root for ones team side just like anything in life.

It's only bad if you take it personal.

I am a PS droid through and through but if i meet an xbot in real life i am sure we will laugh it off and have a great time gaming.
MidnytRain  +   651d ago
Nothing will ever change. Stop making these articles.
SoulSercher620  +   651d ago
I choose the side thats supports my gaming needs and doesn't try to screw me over. That's why I'll always be a PS gamer because Sony does that. The Xbox 360 has some good games and the Xbone will too but Microsoft's policies and practices keep me from buying either one. Hopefully they'll get their act together early in this new gen. Hopefully.
bmx_bandit  +   651d ago
atari 2600 vs odyssey
apple 2 vs. ibm pc
nes vs.sega master
64 vs. atari 800xl
c16 vs 600xl
mega drive vs. snes
mac vs. pc
lynx vs. gamegear
neogeo vs pcengine
atari st vs. amiga
ps vs. n64
360 vs. ps3

why should it stop? when will cancer be cured?
answer to both: never.
Pixelgate  +   651d ago
Never makes no sense as a answer to 'Why should it stop?'
bmx_bandit  +   651d ago
sorry too late here.
"when will it stop" of course. :)
Pixelgate  +   651d ago
;) figured as much ^^
Objective  +   651d ago
It is not about choosing between Sony Playstation or Microsoft Xbox for me since I can prefer one without hating the other. I do however choose to align myself against the fanboy community that I think is most hypocritical, unreasoning and mindless.
AceBlazer13  +   651d ago
why do people choose sides in sports, politics, religion and almost every other thing in the world? we're competitive by nature of course we want our idea of what is #1 to be imposed on everyone else.
Pixelgate  +   651d ago
Sports = Often regional based on place of birth...same can be applied to religion
MidnytRain  +   651d ago
HumanAfterAll  +   651d ago
*Gets on computer*
*Looks at N4G comments*
*Looks at Playstation Facebook page comments*
*Looks at Xbox Facebook page comments*
*Looks at every gaming news website ever made*
*Looks at PS4*
*Looks at X1 on internet*
*Looks at self in mirror*
*Looks at floor*
*Looks deep down inside*

Searching soul…. loading… 80%…90%…100%

Results: No.
Max-Zorin  +   651d ago
I don't know about any other site but on N4g if you don't pick a side you will be thrown in a pit full of Black Mamba snakes.
MightyNoX  +   651d ago
I never chose a side in a console war before but this is the first time a console maker went out of its way to insult me and my intelligence. Repeatedly.
jmc8888  +   651d ago
Choosing what companies to support with your dollars based on their policies and intentions is not fanboyism.

If anything asking people to not choose on these things IS.
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