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NBA 2K14 for Xbox One is Out in the Wild, Ryse: Son of Rome and Battlefield 4 Spotted

With the PS4 launch out of the way, it’s time to look at the green side of things, and while the Xbox One isn’t officially available yet, games and accessories are starting to pour into the stores and from there into the hands of gamers. (Battlefield 4, NBA 2K14, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

quaneylfc  +   151d ago
got cod this morning, all i can do is stare at it :(
wicked  +   151d ago
and me from amazon, my son stuck it in the 360 and said it doesn't work (he's only 8)
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BX81  +   151d ago
Lol, you gotta love the kids. I just hate it when you catch them sliding across the floor with them... Game side down.
quaneylfc  +   149d ago
haha why have people disagreed with me, do they not believe that i have the game?
jdktech2010  +   151d ago
I got my ps4 games on Wednesday. I don't see why it wouldn't be the same for the xbox one games.

Go get em' guys and gals
timotim  +   151d ago
Must resist, going digital this gen but the game cases look great!
BX81  +   151d ago
What is the option for Xbox one? I know ps4 u can change out the drive but I haven't seen anything for Xbox one. I don't do digital so much but I would like to know. Thanks to anyone who helps
Saviour  +   151d ago
xbox one will add external Usb, hard disk support. so u can install games, media etc on external hard disk.
BX81  +   150d ago
Wow that sux, I really don't want to attach something to my xbox. Reminds me of that hd player crap.
swerve121  +   151d ago
Listen yall do not get nba live 14. I just played it on my ps4 it's horrible. It the ugliest game ever. I can't believe each is looking 2 rip people off like that
alexkoepp  +   151d ago
Where are people finding this stuff, I haven't seen any stuff in stores yet?

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