Why Xbox Fitness Will Not Be Enough

On November 22nd the Xbox One launches worldwide with a new Kinect 2.0 sensor and the ability to improve your fitness. Gamerz Health know what you are thinking, a games console that will improve my fitness? Gamerz Health have tired the Nintendo Wii and that didn’t really do it for us, there is no way that ‘fitness games’ will work!

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ArronC071470d ago

Eat less, train more- the only sensible way to shift weight.

Naga1470d ago

Eat well, rather. The quality of calories we take in often matters much more than the quantity.

qzp1470d ago

thank you for educating him

SpinalRemains1381470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


Less cake
More situps

nukeitall1470d ago

Less games, more exercise.

That is unless you own an Xbox One and use Xbox Fitness!!!


Chris5581470d ago

eating less ahaha confirmed for knowing nothing about diet you should calculate your calorie intake it depends on weight right now i am bulking so i go 1000kcal over my maintance but from january cutting phase so maintance -500kcal ez

Loki861470d ago

So the article doesn't saying anything about the technology, just that you need to eat healthier, got it..

Bigpappy1470d ago

I am quite sure that there is also an eating guide for Xbox fitness. I am sure I read that recently.

AgentFlash1470d ago

Unfortunately as you train more you have to eat more to replace the energy you have used, otherwise your metabolism slows down leaving your body with less energy to repair itself. This will eventually cause injury and illness, until you start to eat normal amounts again.

As long as you are eating nutritious foods you can eat as much as you want, train more and you will need more nutrients.

Bigpappy1470d ago

It really isn't about how much you eat. It is all about what you eat.

PimpDaddy1470d ago

It's actually both. The quantity depends on your age, weight, height, gender, and the amount of exercise you do every day. The quality depends on what your fitness goals are and other health factors...

RevXM1470d ago

well you have to fill a certain amount of everything to funtion properly though.

I workout at the gym 5-6 days a week. Eat a solid breakfast and dinner, drink 4-5 protein shakes and take ZMA and creatine supplements. But Im building mass and strenght, others might just want a lower % of fat or just keep in shape. Exercise is good for the mind too.

Used to run a lot, initially to loose weight, but I kept doing it to put my mind to ease and beat my own "lap times". My last record is like 40 minutes at 10km.

But most people dont have to work to hard to get in better shape, truly does something just to walk more, sit less and eat a variety of decent food most of the time. Doesnt have to be a meager salad. just proper food.

Dlacy13g1470d ago

If you are serious about fitness then Xbox Fitness will be a great tool. There is not "one" solution to getting in shape and being healthy. Its diet, exercise routines, mental strength, the right kinds of tools / exercises to achieve your goal, and diet again! And by diet I mean eating the right kinds of foods, and the right amounts...which as AgentFlash pointed out doesn't necessarily mean skimping on meals but instead fueling your body correctly.

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The story is too old to be commented.