BioWare Working on New IP, Hiring to "Influence the Next Gen of World Class Narrative Driven Games."

An interesting ad has been published on Electronic Arts’ career opportunities website, seeking a Senior Technical Artist for the Bioware Edmonton studio. What’s most relevant is that the ad explicitly specifies that the candidate will work on a new IP.

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creeping judas1646d ago

Knights Of The Old Republic, please and thank you!!

linkenski1646d ago

That wouldn't be a new "IP"

Abriael1646d ago

That's not a very new IP lol.

creeping judas1646d ago

Crap I should of read a little better.

Knights Of The New Republic?

Elit3Nick1646d ago

@creeping judas That would actually be a really interesting game, takes place after the fall of the empire and maybe after the Yuuzhan Vong war.

mep691646d ago

Knights of the New Republic could also be a prequel, as it had been around for a long time during KotoR

DeadlyFire1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Knights of the Fallen Empire setting up around the OT ending for the new Star Wars films.

Either way I am pretty sure its a Star Wars title. As EA was clear in pointing at DICE, Visceral, and Bioware to helm new Star Wars projects. So far we have only heard about Battlefront.

This title could also be related to a Star Wars 1313 like game. Considering Bioware has good experience with Mass Effect to helm a 3rd person shooter title. :)

linkenski1646d ago

That they're working on a new IP has been known for a long time. I hope they get rid of Walters, at least as a writer.

He is the examplary hack of all writers out there. I've never seen someone so effectively destroy their own fiction.

ZeroX98761646d ago

Even if Mass Effect 3 wasn't as good as I wanted it to, I have no doubt that BioWare will deliver on their next game.

linkenski1646d ago

It can be good but not if EA keeps rushing their developers and if Walters writes it I think it'll be a lost cause. He's the worst writer after David Cage of those I know.

And their listing makes me cringe. "Hiring to influence the next gen of world class narrative"? What, do you want to influence the gaming scene into making inconsistent crap like you did with ME2 and ME3?

I swear, if it isn't the fact that the remaining writers at Bioware are hacks, it's the fact that you can't have 8 writers on writing the same plot and expect them to make it a consistent one. Each writer has their POV and unless they create some sort of ruleset or has a lore-pedia or lore-master at their team they're bound to constantly contradict each others' ideas.

The guy who wrote Legion in ME2 said "geth lack emotions because they are not human, and I wanted to take it from another angle than the cliche pinocchio arc", then came Mass Effect 3 and Patrick Weekes, Mac Walters and John Dombrow wrote EDI and Legion and the rest of the geth, and what did they do? They gave them the pinnochio arc.

Bigger is RARELY better.

mattdillahunty1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

i've played and beaten the Mass Effect trilogy, Jade Empire, and Knights of the Old Republic, and i enjoyed all of them. with that said, if they want to push narrative-driven, and especially choice-based games to the next level, they need to get beyond the whole 'here's a good choice, here's a bad choice, here's a neutral choice' thing. it's very static and contrived, and it doesn't feel as fluid as something like The Walking Dead or The Witcher. yes, sometimes those games can give good/bad responses too, but usually they tend to lean more towards 'here's a response, and it's less about right or wrong and more about hoping to do the best you can and live with the consequences.'

Mass Effect would do something like:

Do you want to help the old lady cross the street?

good--Help her cross the street, give her a hug, and water her flowers.

neutral--Help her cross the street.

bad--Throw her in front of a truck and watch her head get splattered onto the road while laughing maniacally.

gaming needs to have choices that don't feel as good/evil-based, but more towards the realistic sense that hey, sometimes we just try to make the best choice we can, and we don't know what the outcome will be. but we give it our best.

as a side note, one thing that really struck me about TWD, and i think it's something narrative- and choice-driven games need to address, is balancing the freedoms and limits the players have. for example, i'd be making all these awesome decisions in TWD, and then something in the story would happen, or i could sense something really obvious and would want to say something, but they didn't give me a choice to speak on it. part of the problem with giving players a choice is that it's awesome when you do, but it can also really stand out when you don't. it's like, "oh, you let me do all of that stuff, but why can't i do something as simple and obvious as THIS!?" it's a tough thing to balance, but hopefully developers will get better at it.

linkenski1646d ago

So far they're still not changing that. I remember in their DA:I videos they said something like "Do you want to save the villagers from the burning village, or do you want it to burn down?"

mattdillahunty1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

that's disappointing to hear. i understand that in a situation like the one you mentioned, you could boil it down to a simple yes or no thing. but in conversations, i want the dialog to feel more fluid and natural, and less rigid and structured. and i definitely want them to do away with the good/neutral/bad thing.

i know a lot of people don't mind it, but i honestly think it's one of those things where once game designers get past it as a whole and develop something much more natural and in-depth, we'll look back at the way Bioware used to do it and think "wow, that was honestly...kinda lame. it was good for its time, but we've got something so much better now."

and since something like writing dialog and giving players conversation choices isn't based around hardware like physics, world maps, enemy AI, etc, it's really something they need to be evolving now rather than later.

XboxFun1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I'm calling it right now:

Jade Empire II Xbox One exclusive!

Just watch!


I meant to say Edaj Empire II: The Wrath of Khan!

linkenski1646d ago

Jeez, another one who doesn't grasp the idea of the title saying "NEW IP"

pandehz1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

NEW= produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before.

IP=Intellectual Property

There you go.

My guess is an origin story of how magic itself came to be and the effect it had on the world.

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